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The Losses Of The Michigan First

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IIai.l's Hill, Va., Sept. 5. I sfnJ horewilli a list oí our killed and wounded, io the battle of Buil Hun, Aug. 30tli, togetlier wit 11 those lost iu tbo battlo on tlio previous dny. I make uo list of the missing, as sorao ( are prisonera, oihers ars coming in every . bour, aiul others are wounded and i the hospitals m and about Washington. Y our readers will noticu tliat our loss in killed uud wounded alone is ncar fif'ty per cent. of the forco engaged . The regiment went lulo battle with ' twenty offioors and two hundrod and twenty-sovon men. Of tlio fonnftt we have but four iu camp unhurt, and of the latter hardly oue hundred and fifty. In the actiou of Saturdóy ihe First was placed near tho centre and was uuder the comrrïatad of Gen Portcr. In front was a rebel battery, and so destructivo was its aud so uomuianding its position that Gen. Porter ordered i ouo brigade, (Martiudale's, of Morralla división,) forward to capture it. Ths service was desperate and so very sure were our officers of the death that iwaited them, that they shook haids with eaeh other iu farewell. Likc héroes they pressed on to the charge until, coming within range, the cnemy opened four addilimial batterics, hitheilo maskcd, and poured in a deadly lire of musketry. Thus was our regiment and their conirades expósed to. the cross tire of fice batteries at short range, tbrowing grape and canister, and to a ílauk tire of infatitry. ïhe result may bc easilj secn. Men fel! like graio. Col. Koborta was shot in the bieast by a Minnie ball and lived about ten minutes. 11 is words were, " 1 am killed. - Teil Captain to tako commaud of the regiment." He seimied to feel that he was about to fall, for, previous to lus going to his place in line, lio called me asid', and af ter lcaving some private messages, addtd: " I trust tha'. Michigan will believe that I tried to do my duty." Noble mau ! brave, loyal, wholesouled patriot ! Ask the First Michigan Infantry wliether he did his duty; ask the assocatod división; ask even the cnemy, who speak in admira ti on of lus regiui.-nt, and of the mauner iu which it was led into actiou. Capt. C. E. Weudell, of Detroit, was the acticg Lieuteuant Colonel. He was quite ill for several days b foré the biittlo, yet was UU rilling to be away from his post. Captain Alcott was actiug Major, and, being wounded in tho leg, was taken prisoner, but afterwards shot' the bodv by somo dastardly uoward. Lieutenant Colonel Whittlesey and Major Abbott w're not in the ac'.ion. - ïhe fornier is in Washington, too lame to leave his room, and the Jatter, is yet enfeebled by illness. Captain Whittlesey, of Company B, was killed by a solid shot or au unexploded shell, which tore away his shouldei' and side. Il e was in every senso a man and a soldier. Captain Pomeroy was killed by a shell. He had DO superior in the regiment as a soldier, either in spirit or military educación. Lieutennut Arnold was a brave man, and was ever foremost in an attack. Our regret for him is sincero. We trust that new men wil! sood be sent to fill up our ranks. Oarcoloia, must ever float over the " First Kegimeot." A P]nVARDS, Chnr'a n First Michigan Infantry. [We omit the list. It sums up, killed, 32; wounded, 111; entire loss, 143. - Six ofEcer.-i wero killed, to wit : Gul. IIobeuts, Capt. Charlks E. Wendell - acting Iieut. Colonel, Capt. R. II. Alcott - acting Major, Capt. Ebf.n Whit TLESEY, Capt. EüVVAHD PoMEROT, and Lieut. Ciy Arnold - comminding Co H. Six were wounded : Lieut. Bloodgood - acting Adjutant, Capt. Hopper, (both prisoners,) Liuts. Ikvixg F. Wilcox, Jai?. II. Wiibaton', John S. HatcuJ and Ouville C. Af.i-E.v. With thu exception of que cach killed aud wounded, the losses all occurred iu tho Battle of Buil Run, Aug. 30th.- Ed. Arous.]


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