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Garibaldi Aud Victor Emmanuel

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A letter in the Parw Patrie give.s tl3 foilowing eircumstatitial account cif Garibaldi's refusul to obcy tho Kiug's proclaination : " On the day after takÍDg posaesaion of the préfecture of Palertno, Gon. Cuiji: hujt tue líuke Della Verdura, Mayor of Palerino, and M. Laloggia, deputy, aud lormeriy miuister of tho Dictator, to sec Garibaldi. Thsy wcre iusíruotcd not only to reuiit to the Goneral the King's proclaiüuiiou üiiJ tho Jliüister of Vru"rs uddrcB3 to thö army, but also to crdeihiin froni General Cugiu to break bis Fieazza caiup wuhiu twentj-fnur boors, and send bis volantrfers to Piilermo, where the goverament would takc charge of them, and undertuko to sce tlicm to tbeir homes. MM. Dolía Verdura and Laloggia wore alsi bearers of a letter from the commandant of tho National Guard at Palermo, General Medici, earueatly entreating Garibaldi not to forcé I upou him the sad neoessity of represüing the disorders whicb inust ariso ii !io persisted in maintaiaing bis hostile .attitude. Garibaldi reoeived General Cu gia's envoys with perfect cnurteey. il o was surrounded by bis stuff, ajd refused any privato interview, boggiog tlio envO3'8 to say what they had to say beforo the assem bied officers. ' Tho Kiug's proclamation bavïiig beca baDded to Inm, Garibaldi, after reading it, shruggod hia shoulcrs and b.lid it Wás a document ma-.le up fur diplomicy, and that lie knew all about Victor Emmanuel's intentioas. Ui? Majsty had been mado to sign tiiat inauon in cenaequence ot tno scrupiea ot liis ministers aud out of ccüsideration for foreigu powers, just as two years bo í'oru he had written to bun not to cross tbe Straits ot' M:ssina becausu negotiations wuro going on with tho King of Naples for an allianeo betwcen tho tvro States. The situation was precisely tho name aa now, and as itfl had taken no account of hu Majesty's lelter at that timo, so he should now disrcgard this proelauiatioa. Iiaving ufterwurds read tiio order of the Minister of War, Garibaldi feil into a violent passion, declaring that whilu he recognized tho authority and supremacy of the King, he did nol care a fis for liis miniaters. As to Goneral Medici' letter, he refused to open it, and begged the bearcrsto take it back to htm. ïho Duke of Verdura, and M Laloggin remaiiied sora.) time at Fienzza; and, aocording to the latcát íntoll ittencc, there was a rumor that the Dictator had becomeinore moderate and conciliating. Uut the sittuiiou is terribly ' strained-,' and from 0:10 mstont to anotlier a telegram muy bring us the disastrous uots that civil war has comuténoed." Tho following statement in the P;irig Etpirit Public givoí" color to tho rumor that Garibaldi inteuds to help the Hungarinas fírstj and go to Rome aftcrwarde. " The General never intenued to hond Tn expeditian agaiust Home, but only wauted to coticeutrato the uttentiou of Europe 011 tho state of things there, ai.d to show tho ueeessity of an immediato solution of the Roman question, as well :is to conceal lus veritablo pbm, erhioh uoosists in crossing tho Adriatio and putting himself at the head of a Slavouic insurreetion.


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