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The Sheep Story; Or, William Ladd And His Neighbor

The Sheep Story; Or, William Ladd And His Neighbor image
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I hod,' the Apostle of Peaco used to say, id relating the anecdote, 'a fine field of grain, growing upon au ont farm at some distance from the homestead. Whenever i rode by I saw my neighbor Pulcifer'a shcep in the lot, destroying my hopes of a harvest. These sheep were of the yaunt, long-legged kind, active as spaniels; ihey could spring over the highest fence, and no partition wll could keep thom out. I comploined to neigiibor Pulcifer about thetn, sent hiin frequent messages, but all without avail. Pèrhnpa ihey woukl keep out tbr a day or two, but t.hc legs of his sheep were long, and my grain inore tempting tlmu the uiijoining pasture. I rodé by ngain- the sheep were süll there; I became angry, and told my men to set the dogs on thera, nnd if that would not do, I would pay tbeniif they would shoot the sheep.'I rode away nmich ngitated, Tor ï was not fo much a peuce man then as I ara noy, nel I fok literally full of fight. All m once a light fkshed in upon me. I asked nvyself would il not be wcll for you to try in yonr owr. conduct Ihc peace principie you nrc teaching to others? I thought it all over. opd seltlod down in my mind as to the best couree to be pursued. 'The next day I rode over lesee ncigiihor Pulciter, I found Iiim chonping wood at his ({oor. 'Good inorHing, ncighbor.' No answer. 'Göod moruing' I repcatcd. He gave 'a kind of grunt, without looking up. 'I cume;'continucd I, 'to eee aboui the sheep.' At tliis, he threw down bis nxc, and oxcloimedin an angry manncr, „'Nov aren't you a prctty neighbor, to teil your men to kill my 6hecp? - I henrd of it- a rich man like you to elioot a poor man's sheep!' (I was' wrong, neiglibor,' said I; but it won't do to let ypur sneep cat up all thai. gram; so I came over to say that I would take your sheep to my homestead pasture, and put them inwitli mino, and in the fall you may take them bock. nad if nny one is missing, ou niay take your piek out of my whole flock.' 'Ptilcifer looked confounded- lie did not know take me. At length he stammcredout, 'Now Squirc, aieyou m carnost?' 'Ccrtninly I am,: T answered, 'it is beüer for tne to feed your sheep in my pasture on grass Ihon to feed tlicm hero on grain, and I ece the fenoe cuirt keep them out.' 'After a moment s silenen- 'The sheep shan't trouble you any more,' exclaimed Pulcifer. 'I wil 1 fetter them all. But 1MI let yu know lliat wlien nny man talks of shooting, I can shoot too; nnd when Ihey are kind and neigbborly, ! can be kind too.' The sheep never again trespassed on my lot. Mnd my friends,' he would continue, addreseing the andience,'remember thal when you talk of injuring your neighbors, they will talk of injuring you.- When nntions thrcaten to fight, other nntions will be ready too. Loto will bpget love; a wish to be at peace will keep yon in peaco. Vfou can overeóme evil with good . There is no other way.'


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