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Revival In Milford: For The Signal Of Liberty

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Messrs Becklby U Fosteb: As most of y our readers are alike intersstcd in revivals andabolition. and rejoice to hear of the proeperity of Zion, I think it would be gratifying to the friends of religión to learn, that amidst all the darkness vvhich surrounds the clmrches, and the deep sleep into which so tnany of their roembers have fallen, that Milford has been visited by a refreshing from the prcsence of the Lord. Ai though the work has not been as exlensive at present as could beexpectcd or dcsircd, yct the series of meetings which have been held there in which all denominations have ehared, have resulted in crreat eood to each church. -1 he Baptists and Methodists have received quite a nutnber inlo llieir churchcs. Tho Presbyierinn and Gongregational churchcs, which have long been hosUle to each otlier's interest and greatly at varinnce with each oiher, have amicably selllcd Iheir churcli and private difficulties, nnd these hostilechuiches are now harmoniously blcnded in one upon (erms highly sañsíaclory to all parties. There will üoon be an addilion üf oung converts lo tlieir number. Yours, SiC.


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