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Slavery And The Church: For The Signal Of Liberty

Slavery And The Church: For The Signal Of Liberty image
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At a regular meeting of the fust Congregational Church ot Litchficld, the following preamble and resolutions werë unanimously adopted: Whereas Slavery, as it exists and is tolerated in this our Christian land, we believe to be amoral evil and a great sin in the sightof God, and whereas, by the blessing of heaven we have Liberty, light, and knowledge with the golden rule in our hands whichinstructsus that "whatsover ye would that men should do unto you, do you even so to them:" and whereas slavery does viólate this rule, thereforewe feel it our duty, as the professed iollowers of the Lord Jesus Christ to pubicly discountenance this sin. Therefore, Resolved, That viewing lavery to be a great sin in the sight of God, and a deep stain upon our christian and, we cannot invite to our pulpit, hurch fellowship or communion, any )erson who traffics in human blood, or vho in any way, voluntarily countenauces or sustains the inslitution of Slaverv.Also, at the same meeting, the followng preamble and xesolutions were unanmously adopted. Whereas Intemperance is malcing inoads and ravages in communities, destroying the peace and happiness of families, and döoming to eternal death its vic tims, deserves a severe rebuke at ou hands as the professed followers of th Lord Jesus Christ:Therefore, Resolved, That we as a church ] will wholly abstaiu from all intoxicating drinks, and ihat we will use all laudable means to discountenance its use as a beverage. And further Resolved, That to be consistent in the cause of temperance, and that its principies may be fully carried out, we, as a church, will banish all alcoholic wines from our communion table. Resolved, That the above preamble & resolutions be forwarded by the Clerk and rmhlislipri in the Sismal of Libertv.


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