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■Business HMmhTn. C A.RDS! CAHD8! ! Ó AHDSÜ! TTivine nurchased a Rugóles Rotary Piamos Card -,„cationsand;rreSion, Rail. Wedding, and 1 Mt in r-ds, etc.. etc. CU,g u yours orders and see how it ia ucno. All Losses prompt ly adjusted' MERCHANTS' INSURANCE CO,, OF HARTFORD, CONN. Cash Capital, ' $200,000. Total ASets, Jan. UI , 1, T íRTi II Liabüitics, - - ' ' ' MARK II0WAKD, Preridtnt. E, Tuos. Lobdeii.j Secy. The un.lcrsicncl lias been appemtfd Agent for the o r"liableg Company. and will eEfect msurance agaiast losses by Ore at reasonablcmtes P0ND. Ann Arl.rr..Tnne2. 1SM. 855'f Agent for tlie Phcenix Insurance Company OF HARTFORD CT., AND THE CONWAY INS., COMPANY OF COSTÓN MAFS. I.ossos Honorably adjuftc'l and promptly pnld at tliis tam,, OfTiiC Corner Ma!n urn! Hur.iU Slreet, over the Stcre of Bach & Pikbsox , Aan Arbur. Ann Arbor, Sop . ia, 1862. RAYMOND'S Pliotogiapliic and Fine Art 6ÁLLÉRT. Noü. 205 and 207 Jcfterson Avenue, DETROIT. ■l.otoír!.pVis.LifcS2e,!Oloied or plain, cabinet, mSurveyor & Civil Engineer. W WEEKS, Surveyor and Civil cr.ccnUn . uc to Bive ïmmcdiate attention to all orders.- Office at l.i residoncu at Ibe corner of Callierme and TUaver streets. i.o-q fW Arior, Sept. 10,1802. 1-'8a ï. O. O. F. WVSIITEJC-VW '1 'ifJGE No. E. of the Independent ".i'rl.ü-of O..lVeil.i-smet at their Room, vtrv Fridjiv evening. at "}L o'clorfi, 11-; Fte#A"(lI'?;Oi-', f S. So.pni;i, Sec y. L. SïOBDS. rVTarnxsax ano BUil Iteato In Tobacco ga fcc., W MaioSt,-sgf ■!.! ." IVaoklio ÍUock, Inn ArtxT, - " " ' 3. G SUTHEKLAND & SOK, irHOLESAILF AKi C.raAal Coawis&io . rV Uerchantn, Ehíí wie Hato rtneil. Aan Müor jTïl sixrrT. inoivri e'(!Tns AEritns, in tJie f .Totmerly occiniicdliy Core.v,wre toieof pefuy fcllooreferfoct satisfaction guaranteed. ÊïfiDON & aÊNDËRSÓN, DEALEBfi In Hn.rfare.StoTCsJi'WXrK'urmsiw.ïSOMis, Tiu Ware fcc. te, New Block, Stain Street. DïiijK 1b fcapk Mfe, GT-aamcs, Boots and Show ad Bea'ly S1 iljiaig, ■Huronbfewt Ann I1IRAM. J jto.- - 4 TT0BXEV8& Cocxstn.oRS jt, aud SoHcnoi. - f Chane'èry. Office in City Hall Koek, over Webster ÍCo'h BoosStor?, Ann rlior ■ .■SUBIÓLES & MORGAN, 4 TTOR.VBVB, CwuweUnu, SuVicitors, and NoUiiesPub lic, have Books aud 1'la.ta showing titlos of all lands it the jouiity,anlatleiii toconveyancingan'! collecting maiids nrt to payin;; taxes and school interest in auy ,art of the State. Office east si.'e of the Square. Ann Artor. Wh. LEWITT, M. D., Pbtsioan k ScROEoy. Office at his residcnce, Nortli side ofHuron suuet, and 2d uoiase WestoflJmsion itreet, Aun Arbor. O. COLLIER, TANl' Boots and Slioe. 1 IVl door West of Uie Posti.ffico. mu Arbor, Mich. MOORE & LOOMLS. lí ínufactüRR8 ani iealer in Boots and Sboos, VL 'phojnix Block, Jtaia Street, one door North o( Varhington. M. GÜITERMAN & CO-, tTTnoLES_lB and Rctail dealers and manufacturers of VV Ready Made Clothing, Importers of Cloths, Cassioercs, Ooeskius, &c. No. 5, New Block, Ann Arbor. C. B. PORTETl, -poaA SuRflKOX Dextist. Office corner of Main ■K Sg nd Huron strect, over P. Bach's store, TTWUÖ_4 Aun Arbor, Michigan. "AlXU April, 1869, Wm. WAGNER, Dealer in Ready Made Clothing Cloths, Cassimeres and Vesting, Mats, Caps, Trunks, Carnet Iíags, &c. Main ti , Ánn Arbor. BACH& PIERSON. D calero in Dry Goods, Giocerien, Hardware, Boots k Sltoes, &c, Main street, AiinArbor. SLAWSON &GEER, "1rockrs, Provisión & Coniinieaion Merchants,anddeaj Iers in Water Limk, Land 1'lasteb, aod Plahteu of ariSjOBp door KastofCook's Hotel. C. BLISS, DEiLERiaClocks, Watches, Jewelry. nn5 Fancy Goods, at the siga of the Big Witte!), No. 27, Phcenix Block. J.C. WATTS. DEALKRinClocks, Wat ches, Jew.-lry anclSilver Ware Ko ü, Kew Block, Ann Arbor. T. B. FREEMAN. BUfJMt and Fushionable ilair Dresser, Slain Stroct Ann Arbor, Midi. Hair Fronts and Curlu kep onstantty on nand. ■HO F F & MILLËR. DKil.ERS in Misccllaneoua, School, and Ubnji Books Sta tionery, I'aper Hanginge, ice., Main reet Ann irbor. D. DkFOREST. lyaoisSALE and Retail Hcalerin Lumber, Lath Shin 'T gles, Sash, Doors, Büiuls, Water linie, (Jrand Rlyer r"Uster, l'laster I'aris, and Xails of all ams. A full anil perfect a-isortmcnt of the above, and all othrr cinds of buiMing materialfi constantly on hand at the I iwcat Dossiblc rat8, on itetroit Street, a few rod from ttje Kauroad Depot. Also operating extensively in the PaUttt Cement Roofini?. WtsfrËpW CÖÜNTY B115LE SOCIETVT DSfO.-iTORY of Bibtf k and Testamcnts at tbc Society pnces ;it W. 0. Voorhris'. CHAPÍN, W00D & CO., SV:CKS1OB[ TO rXJrrx, cHAPiud! cc MANOFACTfiKERSÜK 3Fiiixt, DEtools., AND - COLORED MEDIUMS, ■Wjra-jprjisag; Iapor,i!o. A.V AÜIiOH MICH.


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