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Shut Your Mouth

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I heard an nneodote of Jarvis Ibe witty portrait puin ter, meniioncd so favorably in the late " Life and Letters of Washington Irving," which I think worth perpetuatiiifr. So writcs "S. C." and this s. bis anecdute: Jarvis was painting Jiishop Moore, of Virginia, nnd whilu he wassitting to thát distinguishcd ñrl'ist, tlio venerable prelate observed - "Mr. Jarvis, I am told that yrtQ are not a believer in the Chriitian religión, and I am very eorry to henr it." Jarvis, with his eyes partly ulosed, ns was his habit while painting, made a motion with his hand for the Bishop to cbanue his attimde, and Faid - "Turn your hond a littlu the othcr wpy, bishop, and shnt your mouth." 'Tho thought neverstruek me," en id the bishop to a ii'iend soon ifter, " unlil I lelt tho studio, that Jarvi took that tnethod to turn the conversatinn, itnd put an end to rny homily. I could not help Inughing at tho ruse all the wa, home." L22" Have ten talents and fa il in th use of one of theni, and depend upon it somo oue of your compeers, w'ulj two talents, both used with admirable mediocrity, will be ready to flaunt liis superiority and to point out to eooiefcy your exceptiooa] defaloutian.


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