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■Evur since Vin tas huv passodj many :i hoúsewife has ñís trestfttd hertelt witli tho visión of o rough Assistant Assessor raoeazking her closets, triink, bureaue, nnd turning tho contents of hor houso ttppide dawn to ascer'nin the es'iot aTiount of ijver late in her o:;se sion. Tiie feMü of such an intrusión upon the privacy of homo aro entrely groiindlnís. Oom iniss'.oner Boutwell has givon particular inslructions io.r the polka nnd douarous enforcement of the taxlaw; nnd the Assessors linve forbidden their assint anta to indulge in auy unncessary or impertinont inqnisitiveness in the perlorinance of their dut i es. In a inquiriea pertaining tu the houeehold thev will fe!y upón thö honesty cf 'ha c''.izen, rather thnn mak e thötax law odious bv a soniuh of the premisos. People who f"rtunate. enough to owa silver sponns, teu-pots, hugnr-bovvls, ct'ö.:nipitchers, truvs, and other silver varev, will be expected to asoertuin the weiglit of thom in troy ounces. Tliis (an bj in.;-' C2:ly :i;id tccurntHly dong at eome .silvei'srnith's ; "'i'i bis oortificatc ns to the weight will be accepted by the Assessor fis oorreet. It is on'v upon the oxcess of forty ouncei3, belonging to any one person, that the tas of tliree cents per ounce is chargeable. As :in enoouragemenf of tho ianaily astitntions, the framers ot the huv have exempted those silver niugs, vvhich are the peeuliar endowment nf babyhood. In faut, everything whioh does not come under the head of silver tableware " kopt for use " Í3 exernpt. - While the law is thtis tolerant of gilver ware, it puts a tax of 50 cents per troy nunce on all gold piate kept lor use. Peoplo happening to have uny of that kind of property in their hoqses must


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