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The Battle At Newtonia, Mo.

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Spnngfield, Mo, üct. 4. From a private in tlio Sixth Kansas Cavalry, who partioipated in the fight ut Newtoniu on Tue.-day last, wo learn the following partícula ra: Col. Solomon, on Monday, learoillg that thoi) wan a robfl force, tliought ti be about 500 stn ng, ;it Newtooia, sent about 600 troop, 175 infantry, ond the balanee cavalry, undor command of a Miijor of the Ninth Wisconsin, whoee name we dii nol learn, to drive them out, They clinrgüd into New toni a Tuesduy morning, and f'nund th;it the rebels had been bcnvily reirfore-ed, having a forcé estimated at 7,000, and six pieces of nrtilleiy. Our men lmd to get oi; t the bust w;iy they could, the nfanlry fighting thein hand -to hitnd foi three fourths oí' an hour. As they ful liack oiit of Newtonia, eompany Ii, 6ih Kansas Cavalry, about 40 strong, were purrounded, but cut tlieir nay out. - The Federal troops feil back three miles, followed by the rebelts, when the former met rcinforuements of about 300 cnvalry nnd fourpiuces of artülery, making six in all, and in turn di ove tho rebels back into Newtonia, Considerable cannonadiug was kept np lor eome time between tho two annies onr men now Piaving thruo or fonr regirrents. - About night our troops comtnenuec! fallinur biirk to camp for the nieht. The rebels followed them, when our troops turncd ujion them drovg thum bn;k intoNewtoniii, nnd held the fiuld. Our loss was about 140 killed, wounded and missiüg, probnWy most of them taken priaoners. Sucli of our wrounded as feil into the banda of tho robéis were ] treated in a most barbnrous maniier, ■ The rebel loes is not known, bat is thotight to be larger than nurs íd k : ] 1 -_■ d woanded. Tlicy were slill at .Newtoiiiti at last necounU, b'jt wil] pro'önbly not remain there lmig, as u few d'ay will detid-ö who ar niasiors in tliü Soutlnvest.


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