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A fier the rcsult of llic President al clec tion aas knou-n, llc wise urnnnr tiic vhig pmlictcd tlic üjv cdy óvë'rlhrów nnd denth of the Liberly party. This prophecy, unfortunatcly for the fnme -' tlic propliets, is nol in the fuir road to iulfÜmenl. Tlic Lib rty Conveniion held n Albnny, in thecarly part of December, gave si?ns inrheuting nny thing bul a dying condition n or liltle party. - The Unce great pro-plavcry partios received manifest proofs tliat it waf 'aüveand kicking.' Smce that Conventicn, others liavc been held in different sections of the country, nll of which hnve priven tokf;n that Liberty men every where were more antmated, zcalous and persevcring than ever. The Maesachnsette Liberty Convention wop tlm Lirwnst and most efficiënt ever held in thattate. The meeting for wpstern Pennsylvanin, leldhereon the &id Snutiatf last, v;vs the argest meeting ot the party ever held in the State. Tlie most eifectivc mensures were aken to spread tho leaven of trulh through he whole rnnss. Vermant and New Ilampshire liave also ecenily held Conventions, which were ex remely well attendcd. Michigan held a state gnthering this week, ind eastern Pennsylvania speaks oul on the i 2d instunt. IJesides iheee, cminty convenons without number have been held, and efcient plans of organiznt ion formed. There ia one rercarkable feature nbout all hese meetings, which, we trust, has not eaaped the notice of ilie wh g prophete, to wit, hat though they were held in mid winter, when the roads were bad, and traveling dangeious, yet tliey were more numerously ateneed than any ever held before, even in rjood 6easons, and in times of high poütical If thrs bedymg, let us die on. -


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