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Petit Jurors

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The fwlloffiog persons have been dra tra as Petit Jurors, tu altend llie term of the Circuit Court for this County, to be held on tlio Fjurili Tuesday of Ootober nest : 1 Micbaul Clanoey, Aun Arbor City. 2 James J. Purshall) Ann Arbor town. 3 WiHiain Cross, Ypsilanti city. 4 Lee Yost, Pittsfield. 5 John O'Keiff, Ann Arbor city. 6 Aluxander Kerr, Lodi. 7 W. W. Johnsan, Sulem. 8 D. Almiindingur, Scio. 9 James F. lloyce, Ann Arbor city. 10 Abiam Waters, Saline. 11 S. II. Ball, Webstor. 12 David Wilsey, Pittsfield. 13 Justin D. Bjnnctt, Superior. I-t Joseph Marriott, Pittsfield. 15 Samuel Bernard, York. 1G E. Heuriqucs, Ann Arbor city. 17 George Kishler, Ypsilanti city. i 18 Edwin O'Feil, Freedom. 19 James O wen, Scio. 20 Martin Clark, Ann Arbor city. 21 Samuel Killpatrick, Ypsüanti city. 22 John E. Mitch.ell, Salino. 23 Aaron W. Cali, Manchester. 24 Absalom Pidd, Northfield. t5P lo to day's papor vvill be found the orders of Adjutant General Robertson relativo to the drift. Tho defi(siency ot this connty at tlu; diitü ol the order was 468. Twonly days is given to fi!l up tho döfioieooy by erriütihenta ior old rogiment?, ut iho expiralion of which timo i special driift will bo orderud for tiloso townhips or waivjs Hlill bcliindliand. Hon. James McMaiion has been oppointed drafling coihrnisafoner fnr this jiünty and Drs. E. Post and E. Wklls exarnining sur joons. - As soon as the comtnissioner sha]] apportion tiie deficit among the severl tinvnships of tho county vo .shall givu hia apporlionment place io our columns. jfóL The surrender of Harper's Ferry is being investiguted by a military Court iu scssi.m at Wasliingtoii, M;ijGon. IIü'nter preaiding. We hope that thcre will be no halfway work and that tho partics to blame, whoevcr thoy may be, T11 be held responsible.


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