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Proceedings Of The University Senate On The Decease Of Prof. Fasquelle

Proceedings Of The University Senate On The Decease Of Prof. Fasquelle image
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At n meeting of ;lio University Senate, convened Oct. 2, 1862, Jiulgo Campbell in the Cliair. Prof. Winchell announced in feeling terms llic (lecease of Prof. Fasquelle, and moved ilie appointment of a conuuittee to report resoluüons cxpiesshe of tle tenso of the Señale in lespeet tliereto. Professor Fiieze, Palmer and Cooley ere appoinied ancb eomniitlee, and repoited tlie following, which weré niiaiiiuioiily adoptcd : Wheieas, It ha picased Almighty God to remove liy di-all) our fi end and colleague, Prof. Louis Fasquell; tliereforo, Itesolvitl, Tliat wliilc we liow in snlimissioii to lilis dispensntion of Divine Providence, we foei called upo;i pultlicly to expres our senliinents of lief in th is liereavement, and our liili eslimation of tlio worih of the !eceased. Resolved, Tltat in the death of Prof. Fasquelle, wliether we considcr bis Ion" and faithftil service to tliis institution, diirfng a connecllon wiih it hlch lias coutinusd uniiil(;rnptcd froin lts fimndation to Uie present timo, liis long relilencé in this Siaie, and liis acquaintance with is h.i&tory, his wido and ue'.l eirned roptitation as a scholar, amlior and teacher, or hls uprialitness of cliaracter and lutegrity of life, this University bas sustained an irreparable loss. Reiolwd, Tliat in tolccn of respect for our late colleaaue, the niembers of the faculties and Hip stiidents atiend the funeral. R?L"!?Jt T ïi u. t we ïospectfully present to the üfflicted faniily óf Professor Fasqnelie tho assurance of our IjCarlfelt sympailiy in their bereaveinent. On motion of Prof. Palmer the reotutions were ordcred pnlilishcd iu the Aun Albor and Detroit papers. And on like motion a commiitre, consistina of Professors Williams, Saaer and Cooley oio appoinied lo make arranaetnents for the of the Faculties and Sludents at the funeral.