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Died on the Held in ihe memornblo reven days baulu, before Hichmond Va , Jtily 1862, l'iivato Josepu Stakfield, of tlio IGtli Michigan Infaniry, also a nie.nbcr of the Uuivcrsity of Michigan, class of '61. At a nicotina of Ulo Junior Class of tlio University. the fbllotrlng pratttnlile and rosolutions vera unanimonsly adopted : Whereus, In tb e providonce of God, a 1eovcd and Honored nieöiber of our class bas fallen upon the battle-field w,il biave!y flgliting In defenco of bis country, tUereforoRaolved, hile wc bow with bnmblo loverence to tlie Divine Will, and jiuM sub missive obedience to the decrce of Him ivbo lias aid " Be still and know thal I am Qod," we (vepy mourn the death of our cheihhed brotbcr, tlms suildonly cut down as bo was piepai ing himnelf soon to go foith to engaso in tfio active duties of life, and to pioecute plans carefully formed, aml to realizo bopes bi'2ht and sl"rious. Resolved, That whlle we lament his death, which he met without a moiunlta waniins' theroby rendeiir Impossiblé a dying Cs[inmny to the laith ho hal lonysince profAsséd in the Savior, it is with sincero gratitude to Ood that we can testlfy to thal preparaten of hoart, which will ïender our loss bis infinite gain, and cause ua to mouru nol as thoso wlio have no hope. Rmclved, That in lbo death of onr classinate, we have lost a mcinber, who was - as a fiiend kind and tnie, uliose name e sluill ever liold lu afltctfonate rcincmbrance, and as a student, fauhml and assiduoua,- a a acholar, tbórotiuli and efficiënt,- as a chilstlan, elncwre and eaniest, - as a soldier energetlo and biave,- fired wltli a patriutisju wliich abated not until he lind olluitd bis üfe upon the altar of lij country. Resolved, Tliat as niutual Mitfeiors we liereby tender our lieaitfeli sympathy to the bereaved parents, broilieis and sisteis f tbo lecease'1. in tliis Ibêir dark liouf of trial and orroiï. Ittiolved, Tliat In V ken of reaard for our ale companion and aiumclaie, ire wil! wear a jadge of mouriiina for ihe spaaa f ien dyk Resolved, Tliat a i:opv of tlie-e resolmioüs ie tráukiniUed to ilie relativo and l'ilends of he dcpaited, and to the press for pobllcatioé n the papers of the cily of Ann Arbor. A. A. SMITH W. S. BREWSTER W. B. HEXDKV. ' Copiruitlee A nn Arbor, Octobor 7lh, 1863. Mn Editor:- Eelow you will flnd tlic quota tliat cach Towiisliip and City of Wastuenaw eounty bas to farnicb, uiider llie c-nll of the President for 600.0ÜJ men. Tlic flrst column sIiiiïïs tlie nuniber oriinanlly reqüfred. Tlio secoml column bbows llie uumbor alieady furuUlicdi E. L. MAYNARD. Ann Arbor Town 46") Aim Aibor City, lst Waid, 43 " M " 80 Í m " '■ " 3d " 28 f " " " 4'h " 34 " " Clh " 19 J Auansla, SG 32 Biidfiewatcr, 41 0 Dexter ..27 13 Fieeilom, 42 7 Lima, 3t 10 L.xli 42 17 Lymlon, 26 17 Mnncliester, 61 Cl Norilifield 43 12 Pitisfield, 42 1!) Saline, G2 47 Salem, 43 38 Siio, 58 23 Sliaron 32 31 Superior, 43 20 Sylvan, 50 08 Webster, 35 13 York 50 24 Vpsilanti Town, 43 " Ypsilanti City, lrt Ward, 10 " 2d " 21 ( pr " " 8d " 2H f üd " 4lh " 23 " " 6lli " 31J Total .1,131 L5P We have eondensed for our columns the proeeedings of the Union or no party convention huid at Jii'-ksnn 'ast week, ind wduIU invitethe especial íHtenüon of oor ruaders to the resolutions and to the patriotic speech ] Bv kon G. Stout the nominee oi the convention lor Governor. That gfntlernan plantod himelf squarely upon thu Constitution, dec) uring it as important to save that indtrutnent as to put down the rebell:on. There is no doubt tbttt !iis ground is the riht one.