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Taxation In Illinois

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The people ofIllinois, oral least the Legislatura, to once more estabïish and mnintain their solvency, have reportcd a bilí, which will-no doubt pass, laying on the taxes pretty Attorneys and physiisiaíwj in addit'iontO'a nsual tax, arerequircd to pay $10 a year license - which if they do not pay, the deTinquency incnpacifates them from collectingTees or practising. Brokers pay $100 Ifccnse-- pedlers, for the State S-00, fop a county 10. The personal properfy and assets of every person in the State, consisting of pleasurecarriages, horses, slaves, neaï calfle, salaries and cmohments of office! commissions, shipsand vessels, stocks, money on hand and at interest, houschold furniture, and every other description of personal propertv; all capital êmplöyèd eacli year in merchandising, adopting as a criterion the vnlue of the greatest amount of gootls on hand at any time during the year, are subject to taxation. The rate of taxing for State purposesr is ftxeil at thirty cents on the for the year 1845; at thirty-five cents for the year 1816, and at forty cents for the year 1847; and forever thereafter. 'J'wenfy cent.s of this ratc is set apart for defraying the contingent expenses of the State govermnent, and the residïie is p.Ieáged as a fuña for the payment of interest u'jpoh the public debt.- Free Press.One cent a day careiully saved Prom the earningsof the pooresl classof our", would be inore than suíucíent to pay the whole expense of thc most . use fui newspsrper in the country. - Such a mensure would ensure Por hisóhfldren a ireasure cf knowledge, which could never be spent by them, however poor in vulgar weallli, and would cnable them to becomethe most uscful of all tho inem bersofow republican fawiily." A yowig lady rcinarkcd to I)r. Johnson tritst she was yery glad he had omitted all; iMiprofcr words in his dictionary. Yes, ititidain, rc-plied thc Dr., 1 have endeavored to áo so- but I perceive you have been tookiug fov tlicai.


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