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Rifle F a c t oTyi Bautler & Tra ver, [-■iuceemors lo A. J Sutherland,] Manufaclurers of and Dealer in Guns, Pistols, Ammunition Flasks, Pcuihes Game Baga, and Eveijotlier article in that Line. All kinds of HEPAIRINO Jone t the shortust noticp, und m the best manner a full assurtment always kopt on hand and raade order fl, Miopun tluruu stroet. An.i Albor, ucl. B, US:. 873tf Strayed or Stolen. F RUM ihe premisos of Judge Kini]ey in thu lown of Piltsütld, on Wednead iv 0t. Ui, 1862, " A SORREL MARE, Fouryears old, had a wliiteg,ripe in the faca Any i raun giving ïnlormation where sid mare muy be lutiml will oonfer a greai. favor on the owiicr, and be lilx-rulty rwarded for the trmiblc J. HN JOHWSOX. nn Ai-b r. Oef. 8, 1862. 873w3 TflK GR BAT CAUSE O1 HU8VIAN IYIÏSERY! Just I'ubHshid, ia a Se.iUd Eneelopt. Priet Six Ceritt. , I.KfTUKE BY Dl. . CLM.VEIÏWEI.L, ON' THE CAUSE AND CL'liK of jHTinatorrhoea, CVmuumplion, Mt-nUl u] : Ph sical Itebilny, VerTOu.ncss, Kpilcpsy, Impirtd S"lr;:i.„itirth.-:.!,,Iv. llis.-.tude, Weakness of thel.iml)i and the nick, ]nlposii(.nínl Incapacita tostudr anri LQOi Dolloeaa uf Apprelinnion, Loss of emorr yeruion te Soclel. Lovc of Solitude, iinndity, Selt'ttj. trost, Dioioau, Hcadachp, ABbcUom of thf ÜTe, Pim[jlf-i ou the Kacc. Involunlary Emissionít, an I cxullncapaelty, tliu (.in.vqiiincM of Youthful Indlscrctioi í;c Set. 1)t&. Thirt arlmirablfl I.ect ure clearly prove tbat tbs aburo enumented. "flcn sellnfliicted cvila. maj be wtiijvt;! without cUneroua surgical opcrations, and hould bercad by every youtb and every man n tta htud■ient tinlrr set, in a plain onvelope, to any addreu, on !he roct-iftof .six cents, or Iwo jiustago ilampi br .. :'li BMiQf, PR. CHAS. J. C. KUXE, 127 Boivery,.ow Vork, l'ost Office Box, 4688 I am Bound for M. GOITERUM I CÖS! Dispute the fact it' you can, It tales thoTAlLOll after all to gire appearance to the outer man. If yon wis! to appear we!I You must accordiiiglj Dresi Well. Oq to SI. Gu terirnn & Co's , ïheru you will fi id tbings exuotly SO. SONDHEIJT ilways ready to take nnr mensure, GUITEUMAN wil] sell you Gooxs ith great pleasure, At figures L0WER than you will find in hc Sutta, J'uke lioed - hall early, e!" , „ ,_ too LATF, '" 0U ard Tho ixducemexts are now greater than ever, Our CLurtKS you will find obliging aDd clovor. Wo will .show j-ou evd CLOTHING of our onn ukttiko up, Füling our Store f rom Eottom to top. STUDENTS especially will fiod it to THKIR ADVANTAOB, For it taken uut LITTLE MONEY to replünish. 1500 0VERC3ATS of Cloth, Boaver, nnd liuar, Warruoted for aluiost ever to woar. CO ATS of Cloth and Cassimere of our M1 11 IMPOIÏTAT1OX. Forwarded ihrough our New York ra lations. Protn England, Bulgium, Germany nnd F'ance, Such is you can stand up ik, or wjcak, fit the dance. Fanls! Paiits!! Pantsü! Fancy C4SSIMERE3 and DOESKÏX ol everv grilde, We sel! ihetn fioin ONE DOLLAR up to K1GIII. VEÍT8, &c., of every description, You will oud it su without fiction, Furnirfhinir apparels Frotn SHIRTS to UMBRELLAS. Th;s ia all -we say now, Tiierefoie wo malee our bow. Yours tru'y. erer o, M&ÜTTfcKMAtf. 4 Co., Chancory Notice. OUÏEOF MICHIGAN, Fourth Judicial Dlntrict of til. ' ïtiteor, suit pending in the Circuit Coart rer Wa-hlenaw County, in Chancerv, VVilliam H Wá. tv, w.xnl. aml Mary Ann Wánty, .lefeodant t Aon Arhor. ..n tb ciuhth ,.f OctulHT, A D. 1882, Beri.ri) tlie Hin K Lmvivnce. at chumbera. It apuparing !■ .■.ili'lav.t that Miry Ann Wnnty la not a resident .if l!ip tile of Michigan hut i a resident of tho State ■ f UI n l, on inotion of Tivitchcll & Krszrr olicit" rtir oomplainaal, it i vrdcred tht tho a!d Mary Aan Vintyapparin tlns causo nd aswt-r th Bill of Cotaplan' tliirm irilhin alz weeks froro the dïteo' thltoFder, ani fint fliis cirler bi pubüshed as required by It m tho Mirhigan ArgVJt. E. I.AWRENvE, Circuit Juilge. TwiTCHEl!. fc Fn izt, Solicitors fur ConipUiUHiit Uatod.uct. 10,1 Si c7'.wS 150 BÜSHELS OF TIMOTHY SEED FOP SL4,lO Toy BA Olí &P1EKSON. Ann Arbcr Octotor 1, loCO. "W23 7ü"A.ïairi Demand Treasury Notes, For which we pay JI. OUITERMAÍT Co., ;'iin Arbor October 3, 18"ï,


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