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■- - ' j . ■ ■ . TUE OLÜ CORNER RENEWED! [ ■with USTE-W STOCK, NEW GOODS, &C. f FARMERS' C IW CASH STORE i pe (At the old stand of Thompson & „.,' MÜ1D.) , , 1 KW fri - . e i, W I am uow opening a caremlly 11 SELECTED STOCK OF STAPLE DRY GGDDS C0NS1STIN6 OF K DRESS GOODS, a n Dl PRINTS, v BROWN 6 BLEACHED 3HEET1NGS, CASSIMERES, OU FLANNELS, &o. so and every thing that is kept in a Domcstic IIoisc, also a fino assortraent of .Al BOOTS SHOES! J AND of th YAJYKEE JVOT1ONS. lm tu dr A ful! stock of ' ÍS OROCERIES S Ni constantly on hand. at FARMER'S PliODUCE'. C Bonglit and Sold. Thankful to old friends and rustomers f oí piist favors, I hope to merit a aliare I, of their patronage, hj dealing justly with all. C. B. THOMPSON, (formeriy with J. H. Milico & Co ) Arbor, Oot. 1, 1862. 872tf L NEW FALL GOODS! BACH PIERSON a. fa Dave just opeoed a u Hl V Cllüico Stock T Of ï WOOL, COTTON& SILK aooxsf: for a 1 a Ladies' and Gentlemens Wear, also a stock of ' Best Family Groceries, which will be ueld CHEAP FOR CASH. Gold, received at 16 per cent. prem. Silver, f " 14 f " Canada, " " 14 l OM demand Treasury notes, at 10 per cent. prem. BACH & PIERSON. i Ann Arbor, Sept.22, U62. CÏTC ifCi MALE or FEMALE Agents DUUJJUU TO SELL LLOYD'S NKW STEEL PLaTB COÜNTY COLORED ( MAP OF TUK UNITED (TATB3, CAÑADAS, AND NEW KBÜNfcWICK. From recent surveys, completoil -ug. 10, 1862 ; cnst SÍO,OQJ to cogiave it and unoear's tim'1 Soprior to anv $!0 map evw msM by Calkon or Mitcbell, fimi sellsatthe Ivw price of flity cents; S70.0G0 ñames are engraved on tbis map. # It ia notooly a County Map, but it is aluo a COUNTV AND RAILKOaD MAP of the United States and Cañadas combinad inone,givng EV1-KY RAILKOAD RTttlCtf aud distanees betwec-D. Gaurantee any womaa or man L3 to $5 per day, and will take back all in.tps that caunot be sold afi 1 refund tbc mouey. Srtrf for $1 worth to try. Priiitf'l Instructions hüw to canvass wcll, furnisheil all nur agems. Wholesale Agents for oor M'pg in every Ptatejíalifornia, Ganada, Kngland. Krance anl Cuba. A fortune m y be mude itb a few huudred dollars capUal. No Compe'hinn. J. T. LLOVD, No. 16 Brodway, Xew York. TbeWar Department uses our Map of Virginia, Mary . land, aml Pennsylvunia, cost #10íí.01)0, on wbicli is marked Antietam Cnif!k..súarp8buij{. VV iiiiiimportKerry, Hburi r-vilie, Noland's Kor-i.antl all otbera on the Poto1 la.ic, and every placo in Marylatid, Virginia, and i'enn Hylvania, or mooey relundfld. I LOYD'S TOPOGRAPIIICAL MAP OF KENTUCKY, 1 OH1O, INDIANA, and ILLINOIS, i i the only autnority for Cien.Buell and the War Dcl p.ii'tmeut. Monfy refunded lo any oneüuding an orior ia it. i'rice 50 cents. Krom tho Triruiic Auc. 2. " LT-OYD'd MAP OF VIH'.INIA, MARYLAND AXD Pí NYLVANIA.- This MHp ja very larpe ; ite cot c 1 but 2ó cents, and it is tle. btst toh'rk can be yuic.hascd?' 1 LLOYU'St.REATMAPOV THE HISPÍS IUI RIVER- From Actual urvtyH by Capta. Bait and Wm. L'owtn, M:s-i(iMl)pi üivir i'üots of St. Louis M,, ihowi every mun's plÁotfttioD and owner's :avm frim tft Lóala to tiio (iulfof Mexico- 1 -öOmilefi - every Kand bar, Islario, town, landine, and all ulaceR 20 m leis back fi rm the j river, colortd incnuoiieband -t-ites Price, $1 in hPts. 7 $2, pocket fí.rm, and $,50 on l.nnen, vith nllcrs. 1 lteady ept. 2t. Navy DKpARTiitxT, Washington bctpi. 17, lí-62 J T. Lloyd - ÍSfrí Send mo our Map of the Misig d Bíppi KivtT. with pree per hunHred copies. Rear-Admil_ ral Cliarles Hi MlWi Cumman'iing tbo MisfiisRippi fivutdrim ia authori)!1 m {iurcbate as icany as are re t tiuired for th orí of tliat squadron, y 87'Jw3 GlIhuK WQ4Ö, Secrctaiy of the Navy. id WÏLLIAM ACIÓN. CITY BILT, POSTER. Orders left. at th Argus OÍIice ,, promptly atteaded to,


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