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Dr. Wm. B. HuriJsT DENTAL REMEDIES, ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD, r INSOKINQ FIIVE TEETU & A SWEET BREATH, [ Curing Toothache & Neuralgia. K __ . r Do ynu wish tobeblcssed with and ad mi red ; a WniTKHnd Sound TfcfcTHf Lp Dr. W. B. HURO'S fi L'NKIY'aLLEDTUOTH POWDSR. wttiran.ed froe tuin J acidtnlkah, or anv lujuiioiib ub.-ittuice. l'ricCjfcó CtBtfl k. ler bux. f g. Beware of tho ordinary cheap Tootb Powdt, which WfaiWB but dostroy. Do you wisli to be certain that your Dreato is pure, awc-et aa i agreeablo to husbaud or wife, lovtr ot r" frienda? Une Dr. HURÜ'd CLLLB&AXLO MuUXH WAS11. Price. 38 cents pwbottle, ■ jr Tliis astringrnt waah is also the best remfidy in the wurMTor Gamcur, Bad Hkkatii, üi'HS, Sork r" SIoctu, lt bas cured huudreds I " Do you or your children sufler f:om Toom actie? Get j-i Dr. HURIVS MAÜIC T0UÏHAU1E DROHS. Price, lfi (J cents peí bottle. . i I [ Are you afflicted with NKURALGIA? Oet Dr. W. B. f HURD'rt NEURALGIA I'I. Itlllis, 'lhe most cffective kdü ddightful rtinedy kuown. f They do not adhere nor blister, but soothe and charra j pain aay. Try thein. Prke, 18 aad 37 cents. - y Maiicd on receipt ol price. Do you tab a complete s(-t of DUXTAL REMErilE-S f and a Tkeatok e Ikeüehmnü Tektu? lt Dr. HURD'S i DENTAL XRÏA.-URY. tli nviitu-t and most viüunblo f" prssent tbat (ine fnend can malte t anotuer. lJ:icc , il ent by luail Ou receipt ol pvice. Fur sale at all tUe best stores tLroughout the _ try. Caüiion.- As there are déniers wlio take advantajp of our adreitisi-mcnts to mijose upon Uiríi cuatonnra Inferior prapwitlou, it is rwMMary t msist u],cni Iiunug what you cal! fur, and you will (kt ihk bk, tl.orougly tesied,and prepnred by n und ecííuuüc Dtniist, Tri-asurer if tht Kn York Siate Dentisl's í ■ociatlon, and Vice fresilknt of th(j New Yurk City Dental Socuty. _ Addrsss . WM. B. HURD & CO , New York. Dr. Hurd's Dental Remt'div R are for sale in Ann J .Arbur by EnBBma & VUO, LDKunAuU & Co., aad OmmjaFvua. 86utf THE ilOUSKlvEEPKR'S ir NEW rURNITUREPOLISII S Prepared from an improved recipe by lhe propriitor of tha ''BKOTHiut 1'OLlsH," i cerlifled by all the leading New Vork Kurniture Dealers and JE Korte Maters to oe the best n the world for Rim.iving ; cratcbes, Marks. md Uirt. and restoring a high auJ i las! ing k!"s tu al kinds uf VaruUlu'd otk, from ' ture tu Le-ither. lt is cheaper and better thau Varnlr-h, immediately. anl is easily applied. a pleet i of Ointnn Flnneliid auiln bottle ur two of this New I Fl-UMTlRE PoLlsa. a Houípkeepcr can work magie in the w turuiture of a house and keep it looking like new. Now is thi.time CO '-sliineup" yuur Tables, Chain, Desks, wj Pianos, l'ictun.' FrameM CarrUgra, etc ml make tlini lonk 50 per cmt. be;ter. This i true ecnomy. F"r sale bv turniture Imkrsaal Stoiekeepers gin-rallj.- I-rite S auji 50 tu-ntfi abuttle. Depot Xo. 1 Spruco St , P N'ew Yoik. .Special Agents Wanted. Address. Box O 1D72, New Vork P. O The lLm-ekeeper'sNew Furaiture Polish is for bale at Ann Arbor by Great Books ia 3?ress. an ■ -■ Ar THSILLING INCIDENTS B OF THE GREAT REBELLÓN} s OB Thelleroisin ofourSoldiers&Sailors. 1 vol, Jarse 12 mo. Price, $1.25. The critics and ths public are right in predictingthat tilla will surpanSjin graphic narrativc, excitlng interest, th a-d extensive jji.piilan'.y, all other histories '„iT ar for the Union Ito tbeme will - níro( (i-1-ingpa. 6a tient suler"'i„„n üair-breadth eiCapes of our solcüers and sailoffl, uu-I its incidi-uta will ferm th h:ine oiconverfia'-í.-n at inniimerabltt f:?"::iues for years to come, lt will conuin. in a'ldilion to its stirring details, tbe philosophical Annlysis of the Causes of the War, by Juhm' Lotukup MOTUT, LL. D , Author of "Tlie liise of' tlie - Dutch Repubhc,'' etc, the dates cl' all tbe important evenu froin the Jolm Bruwn raid, and an accurate ..nd revised account ot the principal baltles, with engra v.nss. J One tbiid the proceeds of allSubscription Bent direct to us will bc eiven for the Relief of Li.-abled Soldif.s, and all persuoswho wish a copy of tbe work, an 1 also to benefit the stldie s.sbould send their name and address at once. ALso, any officer or privut", or person in any section of the country, bavinir knowlenge of a J roicactorstirrin iDcidcnt, willoblige us by ending us an accountof it. Booksel'ers, Postmasters, and Canvassing Agents will be furnished witb aSubscripüuns Prospectus, on applicntlon to the PublisLcrs . g}t. A liberal commissiongi''en to aoldiers deairing to actas agents in taking subccriptions, II. THE HIST0B.Y OF AMERICAN MANUFACTURES, from 1608 to 1860. i By Dr. J.Lkander Bishop. 2 toIs, 8 to. Vol I. now ready, Vol II. nearly ready. This is probably the Inrgest and most important work now in the American press. We hav also just publlshcd new editions ol tha following nseful and popular books ; The Business Man's Legal Adviser; Or, How to Gonducting Business accordiugtolaw as expounded by tbc liest and Latest Authorities. 400 pp , hbecp. Price $1. OPPORTUNITIES for INDUSTRY ; i or, A Thousand Chancea to Make Money. Cloth, tl This has been repubüshed in England. Every business manand clerk should have these books. ' They will pay the buyer a hundred fold. Every parent shoülü get tbem lor their bons. 1 All theso books are mniled. pohipaid, on reccipt of 1 pi-ire. We pay particular atteulkm to mailing books, wrapplns thein catefully, and will procure and f" n.l, poslpaid,any bookanjwhire, on receipt ot publlaaeM I price. Address FREEULEY & CO., s ggltf Tribuno Buililings, New York. TILlLWt rÖSALE. s' The undersignedwillsell, on ten years time if desired 80 Acres of Land In Webster, ' Adioining the tha farm "1 L Bovden. The farm is well lenced, in a line state of oult vation, has a frimed house, a younï and thrilty orchard, and is convenient tomarket. Term given on application. D. HKNNING. Ann Arbor. Fept. 18th, 1P62. 870m3 ir - ' ' Notice of -up'ts of Poor. II ]LPKR-OX.-shavmï claims tobe audited by Board i 'of Supwiatmlentl ol Washtouaw Co. Poor will " p'vase hand m ui eitlier of tli undersigneJ on or bo _ tore the Crst Tuosday in October ntVA[T " P. DA Ui, ' Isup'ka. T A.BKI.L. J '■"t AnnArhor, fept. 23. 182. 'e XT S E! SABATOGA E M P 1 K E W A T E R FOR ■e' In.lljMtlon or Py.pepsia, CatlptlM, Nfrvous Debaity, I.'.sh of Aupi-tit. C.jBro-n olds. dis.-ase6 of the, V.UDgi., lloïiache, aud F.verish st ite oí the - Soldl"by MAYNAHD, PTKHBIN? & WLÍON and KBKUBACII = CU t Aon Arbor. 13 8-"[m OvaJ Picture Frames LL IZES STYLES and PBICES just received and M AfowlctcHOFF & MILLER'S.


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