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- - ■- - - - - - i o ._ CC g g 2 Í 1 1 ! h r R ft j 2 s I i a) 4 o - 1 è ï i S i-f ■ . I 1 1 _= :: THE KEBELtlON ï os men prices rot clothiso. HASCUMUENCEDATTHE iir 0L0 & RELIABLE w C L O T H I N C Í EMPORIUM ! ' No.3PHCENIXBLOCK, MAINSt. A, - si T AM now opening a lnrge and varied asortmpnt of 1 s.rmgnnlStimmerUoods.andin view of the rebellion !n high pnces genmlly, will offer tl.em to my fnends an.l custom. r at the vcl-y l.iwcst figures tor Ai Those in want of a superioi artiele ot Cloths, Cassimeres. or Ready-Made Clothing, -will cali onm WM. WACNER,! who has ju3t retumed from the East, with a large assortintnt of SPRING & SU MM ER GOODS whioh have bien purchaecd at tbe late LOW PKICES! and can offer them at a Inwer figure than evtr before. Aruongmy Assortment inay be fouud BROADCLOTHS, CASSIMEKES, DOEtíKTNS, VESTINGS of alldescriptiona, tnfcetti'r vitli a superior assortment ot Ueady-IUude ClutUlug, H}1 LMBRELLAS, and ESÏÏlieniIcnuMi's Fiirnisliiiig withnumciousothcrarticlos uaually fouud n similar . eatablishmonts. As an EMPORIUM OF FASHION. thp suV-iioer Bnttcrsliimself, that hls long experience and teïitralsucceas.will euablehim to ivc the greatest satisfaclion toall who may trust him inthe way ol Manufacturing Garments to order. WM. WAGN'ER. . AnnArbor, Aplil 9th 1302. _ 84;ilf "■ GLOBIOUS News from "Dixiel" The Rebeliion about Crushed ! - A. C. LOEB, é OF THE ' CLEVELAND CLOTHING HOUSE Retaru their sincere tbanks to their numerous FRIENDS AND PATROiNS, I For the liberal raannev Ín which they have hereiotofore patronized them, and hog leave to announce that tbny ai e AGAIN ON HAND With a Large and well solected Stock of SPRING & SUMMER CLOTHING! GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS, Hals, Caps & Truaks, which they will sell at Astonishing Low Prïces ! For further particular ! Oall and SoO 1 for yourselves, and you will not goaway didsatisüed. A. & C. LOEB, Hurón Streot, a few doors west of Cook's Hotel. Ann Arbor, May. 18W8. 3ro851 "Próvido for Yo r Family." , KNIOKBRBOCKEB LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY. Westtra office, Ivingsbury Block, Eandolph St.( Chicago. Asscts Jan.let, 1S62, $276,223.44. Policies are issueil upon the Hvfs of debtors, and for all business purposes, either for üfo nr tor a term of ! inn on as hwnth term' as by any otlv r Company. Marriert ladies raav insurc the lives of thoir hadbmóf. 3 accordingtoa lau ofth 8tt,MCarlnf the arnouu. of the insnrancc to themselve-5 or thi-ir chiklren, Irco tja the claims of thrir liusbands' creditors ; also, miirna lïdlen c:in insure their n livcs for the benefit of their chiidroQ or trustees. Polleen on live are ssued for aoy lum not eeeding By the term of the charter. tb.s -ompnny tl prohibítert iiayingmn.e thin 7 per ernt. annually in divulenrts on its capital to tockholders ; anl it receive that sum Í n int. est fr the uso of it oapital, the surplut bcinK .lividcd unnng the Mutual Insurers ; henee it will appi-ar that it combine the adtantages of a Jlutual with the secnrity nf a Stock Compuny. us Wlun the premium anmunt to $40 or over a note es be (rivcn lor four tenths of tho amJunt. Ratcs as be low" a6 any olhorgood company. nd Now is the time of Rjoare a competency for ycm _ family should deiith üni". your homestead oncumberod and basines, Mri, president_ nd B. F. Johnion'. Vke Tresident and Managev of Weltora Br aacij office, Cbkago B. B. POND Ager.t f ï. IEWITT, . T. , Mt=l Exiaiai


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