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NI'EER'S SAMBUCI WINE, B PURE, AND FOUR YEAliS OLD, _ Of Choicc Oporo jiuit, FOR PHYSICUNS' USE, FOK FEMALES.WEAKIJ PERSONS & INVAUD3 DS - ïj Kvery fumily, at this season, should use the BAMBUC1 WINE, Celobratedin Enrope for in niidicintil nnd beneficuU cjuiililics iip a gentle Htimuliint, Tmic. Iliuutic and Su rl' rific, higlily eeteemed by eminent physicians. used in Kut fjjiean anü American Hospüals , and by eome of the f liist lainüies of Europe and America. V AS A TOKIC, It lias no equal. cansina nn appetitc and building up of the sy.stem being entireiy a pure wine of a niost _. valuable fluit. w AS A DIÜRETIC, Ki It hnpartsa healtliy action to the GÍandsand Kidneys, Li' and Urinary Organs, very beneñcial in Dropsy, Gout, and Rheumatic affectioDS. to SFEER'S WINE L Is not a mixture or manufactured article, but is pure, of from tbe juiceof the i'ortugalï-'ambucusgrape.cultn'ated Di in Ne Jersey, rccornmended byC nemists and l'hysicians or U pusstssinx medical propertii superior to anv other ne Wine in use, and a excellent article for all weak and In debilita ted persoiis, and the aged and infirm, iniproving lo' the app"tite , and beaefiting ladies and children. CL A LADIES WIXE, , Because it will not intoxícate as other wine, as it L( contains no mixture of apirils or iiquors, and s adniired foritsrich, ]eculiar flavov, and nutritive properties, to impartlnga healthy tone to the difrestive orgnns,aud a co blooming, soft and'healtby skin and complexión. lo; WE RErER TO st A few well kuown gentlemen and physiciana, wlio have cL tried the Wine:- by Gen. Winfleldïcott, U.S. A. Dr. Wilson, llth st .. N. Y. in (iiiv. Morirán, N.Y. State Dr. Ward, Newark, N. J, Vb Dr. J R. Chilton.N. Y.City. Dr. Dougherty, " " mi f), l'arkcr. N Y.City. Dr. Parish, Pmladclphia lis Drs. Darcy anil NichoU, of Newark, N. J ! And many othera too numerous to publish. ce LgNone penuine unless the aignature of "ALrRF.D SI'tER, I'assaic, N. J.," s over the cork of each bottle. ƒ, SMAKE ONE TRIAL OF THIS WIN'E. For Fale by Maynard, Stebbliis & Wllson, Ann Arbor. ' Trade supplied in Detroit by H. k L. ?IMONEAU. A. SPEER, Pioprietor. to VIN'EYARD. Paasaic, New Jersey, bc OFFICE, S08 Broadway, N. Y. ot JOHN LA FOV, Pana. G S31m6 Agent fur Franceand Germany. RISDOÑ&HENDERS0N, in Havo lla.o th pr BUCK.EYE S of di CRAIN DRILL, S cc and st Grass Seed Sower, u Manufactured al SpringSeld, Ohio. THE VERY UTEST IMPROVEMENT, and better than all others; adaplej to sowiiy iVheat, Rye, Oat, Barley and Grasd Seed . x,-t. n has a Rotary Feeder. 2d. Will sow all kinds of Grain and Grass Seed. 3d. JVever lunches the Grain ilh. JVever Ireahs the G-rain. 5th. Sows Grass Seed broadcast behindfhe Drill. Qth. Has high wheels and long Hoes. Ith. Jlas long and wide steel pointsSth. It has a land measurc or Surveyor. 9tA. Tt has doublé and single rank d'ills. IQth. Il has a self ad justin g s7tut off ilide. It is neatly and substantiallj made, There is bardly a. Drill offerod in the markut but can boast of more or lesa FIRST PREMIUMS." They are bout as iudiscrimínately bestowed as the titlc of ' Profctor," which is sometimea pplied to the lijiddler" or '' bootblack." They cease to convey the idea of mnrit. The tíuckeye Drill has been on Exhibïtion at quite a nuraber of state and County Kairs, n seeking favor at the hands of any Commitiee, has received ittí full share of rremiums, TESTIMONIALS : We give the following pames of a few Farmers in th;s vicinity w jo have bought and used thefiuckeye Urill : Godfrey Miller, Scio. Jacnb Poüieraus Jacob Tremper, " Thomas White, Northfleld. John Brokaw, " Christinn Kapp, " Edward Boy den, Webster. James Trcadwell, Ann Arbor, Daniel O'llara, " , " John G. Cook, Lodi. O. A. Marshall, L. Kdmon s, Saline. George Cropsey, Green Oak, Liv. Co. Wo are also Agents for the _ Ohio Keaper & Müwer, acknowledged tr be the vcry best in use. "We are just in receipt of 100 Grain Oradles Whicli we will sell clieap. Also alargeassortment o G-rass And the largest and best selectcd stock of BJEISTT STTJFF 1 FOR CARRI AGF.9 ever before oflered in this market . We also keep a large and full 5 NAILS, GLASS, PUTTV, PAINT, au'3 UNSEED OIL. A completo assortmcot of i STOVES, TINWAE.E, ii T AND EAVE TROUGnSalways on hand and put up at the g RISD0N & HENDERSON. Ann Arbor, June ath.l8íi2 8ú9tf Is . . 1 } Howard üssociation, b lili LA DELPHI A. PirvtaU and Cnrnnir. DlmM, and !spnr.iallj)ar the Ciirtofri-?n"s''ftl"s""al Organt, MEDICAL ADVICt, given (U, i the Acting Sur. jd Bev'lX'ABLE RESORTS on Sperma'onhcea. anrt olhrr Dlwa-enof tlieS'ialOrgani!,nnon tl KEW REMEDIES ompWed in tho Difper.-avy, sf-ct in soalo.l 1 nveíones free nf charSe. To or thrc stamp frr p"I.age ic'centaMc. , Or. J. SKU.LIN HOUGH.


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