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Chicago Boek, Tradc. 7ietJ'lace to JBvy Scitnvl Boot WHOIJKSAMS JJnok & Stationt i y House. 3. C. GR1GGS & CO. FLULISII Sanders Progressive Readers, ll Kl?cirotyped, wKh new a rol riginnl il.uitratroM, l' tbs Bao.-t beautilul 13 well as the beat booki txUM . I. Snr.dc-i-s' Alphftbtt (Jarás, 6 in ti et, $ ?# II. Sanders' I'iimasj Sch'l Omrt, 8 uu curdü 1 Sn llf anders' Trimurj gpelling Book, 1 IV. Sanders' Ne PBU and Dtflner IS V. KanJe.s' Analvmsof KngHsb Word, 30 VI. Sander's Pictdrial Primer, (bound) 12K Vit SnderJ Gerrrum aud Knglish Primer v 'III. Sanders' New First Reader, ,. }J IX. Sanders' New Second Reader SI X. Sanders' New Third Reader, M XI. Smders' New Fourtli Reader, Ct XII. Sanders' New l'ifth Reader 7S UU. Sanders' H-igh Schco! Reader, go ÍIV. Vouag 1-adies' Reader. XV. Suden' School Speaker.., J (o ÍVI. Sanders' Eloeutionjiry Chart, % % These 1 cadera are Jhtirtntshed for tlieir itrictlv pr'esgivt ckaracttr and practicalilaptation to tb y'ounj. ïey have been receite witk wnTf4atefl ütTr. and' r no class more favorabH tfwn by Practical Ttichrri Ijo have te.sted their mertta in the school room. Lobinson'8 Course of Mathematica. EY HORATIO N. ROBINSON, LL. D. Lnte Professor of Mathematica in the II. S. Navy I Robinson's Progressive Primary Arithmetï, II. Robinson's Progressive Intellectual Arith, III. Robiason'! Kucl.raents of written Aiilli. ( IV. Robinson's Progressive Practica] Arith. 8 V. Robir.sou'8 Y.ey to Practical Arithmetic, K VI. Robinson'n Pr:gi Qssire Higher Arithin.iitic, ?it VII, Rjbinson s Ky to riigher Arithmetic, 75 f'ÏU. Robinson's New EhmenUry Algebra, 7& IX. K..bmson's Key to Elementary Algebra, 75 X. Robinson's University Algebra, 1 SJ XI. Robiuson's Key to University Algebra, ICO XII R'jbinBtmN Geometry and Trigonometry. 1 50 XIII Robinton'g Surveyiugand Navigation, 1 5 XIV Kob ni-on'fi Aualytical Geometry and Conlo iections, 1 54 XV RotinHan'nHLirercntial andlntegral Calculo 1 60 XVI Robinson's Eleiaeatary Astrontmy, TS [Vli Robinson's t'nivcrsitj A.stronomy, 1 tS VIII P.obinson's Matht-matital Operations, 2 2S XIX Rob.nson's Key to Algebra, Geometry, Surveying, &c, 1 59 Forminga FUIX MATHEMATICA1 COÜRSE 'em■acing Arithmetic and Text Books d the Highei Matbnaties. For of research, facüity and aptnni of ustratinn. and practical uselulness, the author of thi ■rie issurpassed by no malhematical wtiter In thil )untry. 'ï bis series has been rccuinmended by the best athematicians in all sfctiitnsof the country. ray's Series of Botanies, six boots. litchcock's School Anatomy and Phjysiology, 1. litchuock's Geology, ono book. Vell's Grammars, two books Vell's Soientific .Series, including Chemistry, Phiiosopby, etc. Tbree books. Vilsons Series of Histories, five books. "iisquelle's Frencli Series, eight books. Voodbury's Gemían Series, seven booka. iryant & Sti-atton's Series of Book-kceping, three books, iptncerian System of Penmansbip, niu books. And othcr Valnable Bookg. Wholesale Dealera and Eetail Purcliasers nu fiad at our store over FourThousRna different ardes of Stationery. and Three Hundred Tbousand Vol mes of books, Irom which to mnke tbeir ielectioa, omprisinir au assortmer.1 not rivaled by any othor boo ouse ia the Uni'ed States. S. C. GPJGGS & CO. Are Special Agent3 for Jessrs. Harper & Bro's Publications. " D. Appleton & Co's " Tieknor & Field's " " Gould & Lincoln's " " J. JJ. Lippincott & Co'i " .nd furnish all their Books at Eastern pricej for oaab. iote Papers, Letter Papers, and Cap Papers, Blank Books, Pass Books, .nd all kinds of NTATIONERV, at the lowost pricM . SLATES by the dozen or case. K3-S1rangersnnd travelers visiting Chicago wül Unit : interestingto ünger for an houramid the interminable, les of literature at 39 and 41 Lake Street. S. C. GR1GGS & Co. Agents Wanted. i-For alloostly and valuable Subscriptlon tforka, r any noble work upon Religión, I.iterature, Scieaco, oc irt, iddress S. C.URlüLiS CO. PLEASE REMEMBER 'hatthere is no bookstore in this country kr.l-. . Bf er or „ .iJlTfrJ!,, t 89 and 41 Lake str. - " M Iwï" 'UB REMEJIBER. 'bat Public or Private Librarles can be upplied with irst class Standard Works by S. C. G. & Co. upon better erms than to send Kast anc pay Ireight 1K5,We3tern Literary and Professional men,Tcacben, !hoïan in all departments of of the world of letters, ire invited to make 9 and 41 Lake street their place of esert o momentsof leisure. S. C. GRIGGS & CO., Wholesale and KeUil Bcnkselleps and Stationera .39 & 41 Lake Street, Chicago. S. C. GKIGGS 84Sm3 K. I. MHSKX. DO YOU WANT WH1SKERSI DO JOU WANT A MOUSTACHE i If so, parchase one bottle of E. E. Champion' EXCELSIOP. INVIGORATOR l'he world renowned toilet,- the ODly article of the kind ïverotferedthe peoule of the United States. Tie above ïrticle is the only one used by the French ; in Londvn ind Paris it is in universal use. THE EXCELSIOR WHISKEK INVIGORATOR ! I ts a Beautiful, Económica!, Sootbing, jet Stimuiaticf Compound, acting as if by magie upon the rooU, cub ing a beautiful growth ot Laxuriant Beard, If applied to the will cure Baldssss, and if applted ac cording to directions, it wil] cauae to spring; up in bald spots a fine growth of soft fkesh hjir. The Celebrated EXCELSIOR IN VIGOR ATO H Is an indispensable Article in every Gentleman's Toilet( and after one week's use they woutd not, for any cnDstderation, be withnut it. Tbe above article will, io from Four to hight Weeka, bi-tug out a thick set of Wrikkb or -Voustaciie. The subscribers are the only Agenta for the abore article in the United States. Thpy would also announce to the publio that tliey are agenta for Napoleon's Hair Toilet ! The only article over offered to the Fiench people thet wouM ct'ML stb-aight hair f the above Toilet being diídufactured for the sole benefit o Louis Napoleon I which article a now indispensable in bid Toilet room. The subscribers teéling conflilent tbat this Toilet must necessarily takt tbe place of allothers ever offered to the public", they take ple;tsure in expressing theii confldence in the article, gaining it from practical uso. THE NAPOLEON HAIR TOILET Will Curl traigiit ÜAinin Soft, Silken.FIowing Curln, vhat will remain inshape for one day or one Week ifde sired,ori.ny longur per'od,if tho lUrections are fltrictlr follnveri, which are very simple aud easy . Tliia Hair Toilet does not in nny manner'iiiverferewith the Natural Sof tn es s of the Hair. ft neither acorche uordyeiíít; butgivea i he hair a soft, thrifty appearance. !t alfio prevenís the hair from falliug oü and .urninggrav. THE NAPOLEON HAIR TOILET las been beforethe publ'c kot a sh-rttime, and hs al■eady been tested by over one üiousand persons 1 and bey testify that the Napoleon Hair Toilet is the greatñt lïciiutifïer ererofftTed to the American people. To prevent thle Toilet Irom being counterfeited or imtnte'l by unirincipled persons, we do not offer it for salo at any i'rugfjisls in the Unitet States. Therefore an Lady or Gonth-man who desires Soft, Iixuriant Hair and Cuils, and Long, Poft Whiskers or Moustache, can procure the Invigorator ;r Toilet, either one, for on enclostd in a letter, with their addresa. Addresfl, G. F, SPENY & CO., Box ie3,CollinsvilIo, Hartford Co. , Conn' And it will be carefully sent by retura mail. iaea. ïeoa. NEW FALL GOODS ! Now openini?, a spienrtid stock of New Goods fot tho Tall Tradc at O. H. MILtiEtTS Ann Arbor Sep'ember IS, 18 .Í2. '7Otf dÏssÖlütÏoFnotice. T ol Z by mtl consent. C. II. H " uthori,ed to settle all business t.Ui c'b.thokpbos. Ann Arbov, September 15, 1863. COTICE. ITAVIN'GpurchEC the inter-M rf C. B. Thompson, H n 1 lato nrm of C. H. MiH-ti kC.. I hall mmmmm CoTd 'S wil. Picase cal. and-W.Jm-lïgi,


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