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Drying Pumpkins

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"We love pumpkin pies, more 08pecially wbcn there is not an abundance of treo fruit. Wc have tried all modes of drying, but no plan is equal, we think, to the one we recommonded a year ago, and which we havo recently tr'md on a largor scalo ilian hitherto. It is this: Taka the ripe pumpkin, pare, cut into smal! piceos, stew soft, niash and struin through n cullender, as if for nvakjng pies. Spread this pulp on phttes in layers not quito halí in inch tnfcir; dry it down in the Btovs oven, kopt at eolow a temperatura as aot tu scoreh it. In about a dav, it wiTl bocomo dry and crisp. The sheets thus mado can be stowed away in a dry place, and thoy are always ready for uso for pies or sauce. Soak the preces over night in a little milk, and they will return to a nico pulp, as dolitious as the fresh pumpkin - we tliiuk much tnoreso. Tbe quiuk drying aftcr cooking prevents nny portion from Blightly souring, as is always the eiisii irFien tho uncoofced pieces are dried ; the flavqr is much better presar ved, and the aftci' cooking is saved. Thi plan is quite as little tronble as the old modo, to say nothingof the suponnrity in the quality of tho material obtaincd. Try it, and you will not ruturn to the (ild methad, vve are sure, and you wül nlsobeeome a groat lover of pumpkio pio " tho year round," and fcal lesa the


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