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3C1Ï0FF & MlLLEUj1 A jtF.STII.l ÜN i; I N I) ;r. ■]..■., oíd Stand, No. 2, Fianklin Elock, ivith thf T!Hí.--t cmnplctv aVuortir.ent it' ' Boolrs and Stationery, peífiímeries, f anc y güods, waí.i. and window papers, a SHADESj KOLLEIÍS, CORDS, TASSKLS, GTI.T CORNTOT5R, CUUTAINR, IIOOKS AND PINS, , STEREOSCOPES & VIEWS &c. i Ever ofíbwd m tliia Márket ! aii'l tl.cj wtml.t - uuk'-fl tuthofwlnpurtluttcfanj'tliingln II SÁ NT A OL A US ' LIN E % % tlii thej' eau secure a t( ai Doublé Christmas Present ! 'i b.v purchuíiiig trom tliis Mock, a eaeh purchaser jjetf un ilhiional nt-sent of Jewelry, &o., 0] ]í:mging invalue íroni 50 ets. to $50. Thvtni-t that ttafoíong sporience in selectíng joods fortliis miLik-t, :in-l utuict aüention to tho .walste f Cu. tornera, may ontitU tbtm to u liberal share q Í':l' : üllligd. Aun Ailjnr.Pro. ,V I8G0 777tf Li L.IFK INKaNCE. I The Connectictit Mutual Life Insuranca Coxnpany. Accumulated Capital, - $3,500,000. JTTTJï.LïNSl EU U" ES fot any amooní not exeoedliip j V ih.'O: r tln uhole tcrm of l.ifc oifor a term ot yenrs. oo fbemósi favo ,;iótimR c N. Q Tho Company la purcly mutual and thc policy f-, holden go,t nll thp atirplu oyer thoexact cot I Lnsurn anee 1 1 fcecomodate s iho n--nv"l in ihe fletllfmwnt of tlicir i tN ],HK ]")! iriK-, i" iK'sirod, by taWng C( note tur ond litftuo amount, boaring intere.-it at six por roni, per aujiv.iji . , g BividhhSs are Declared AnnnaUtjf L .mmI -ii oo they pow amount to fiftt ji?r cent on the prev i ;tnJ note, aud art; incrcasittg thcy may bfl n el o i I ■ ratea ol premiums arefwlow as any ollicr ro■' mpftiiy and tbélawe accu'mulatec fond of a $Ü,ñOü,0OU is sectnvly nvrstí-l, as muy i.-.' aecn by j q euct l thcstrJomrm i:v,ulo ;rort1in to fetv, .m file in tho office of the Cuunty CIeTiï,at Ann Arbor.-tl u JAMEB G0ODW1X, Prest, firTU.ViiRLPS.í-y. a For particular applyto JAMEfl C. WATPON, 7O3 l Agpnt " Ann Arbor, Ulch. w J Great Beduction in the Price of ' SINGKR & COS Standard Machines. ' IVell knount to be Üic Best for Km ufactuH.ig Purpose. No. 1, SUindanl Shuttle Machine, l merly Bold al 90, reduced to 70. No. '2, of same kind of Machino, for mcily sold ift $100, redneud to S5. J SINGELÍ'S LETTER A MACHINE íji Lhebest íínchiuc ín tbe worltl for Family Sewingand ! : tfanufitciaring Purposvs : (icith Hcmmrr,) n-l f bfeautifuHy ornamentad fcöO. íhe Nos. 1 ifnd 2 M.kIiíui-s are trf .íreat cnjüicity and f; abpicaiioQ for manufacturiog purposes, lur No, 3 Mapbyica are epeeially adaj)ted t' rtll kinds I of iight ati'l beavjf beáthec Vork, in Catric Trim o rning, Bot and : Matting Hafnesa iMakin,otc.. etc. i lliev areof exi ra Mr, nul nitli ■ n arm long euotigh to cikt" ander it and .- 1 1 1 1 1 l&rgest taedaanes. 'i here is scarcely any part ofairimnvtV atMMiiñg tbat caanot -1 be bt'ttcr done with tliem ilum by baod ; BO, ton, thc 1 sávlng oí time nl labor is vy ireat. Tbetabtoof s tbese inacbínes ib 21 inebes lnn,í, and tbpshuttlo will hold six timosthe usual qujmtit.v'ot tlniaü. Thelarge c niacbine wortaj :s fat aa nipiall ones. . We would ank for our l.cttvr A Machines, Uie 1 cial attent ion of Vfet Makers and Dresa tfakers, and all tbosfl who 'v;uií Hacbinee for Hgt't tnannfaeturiug pur pote. TIm-.v embody tbe prtdciplefl f tlie standard machine, mftkíH Hkctliem thcintci'l'x-koil .sitch, and ui' áestined to be as celcbratet] for Family SwwiKfl ni ; Ufiht mariuTacturing purposea as{our standard macIíiik-s are for inanutuciuriiig parpóse. in geaoral. We have alwayson band, hruuikg gaices.sii.k tvist Iivi:. and COTTQ.N TRRBAp, on SPOO1S, BEST MACtllNR OlLin bottle8,ptc. etc. We manufacturo onr own Xeedlcs, &ad rrouM trars = 1 L i perrons usiiig cur machines not to buy tny others. ïïe ' kuow that Uiere are rcedls sold of thr most inferior ' qttaíity a 'sher pricW lh:m we cliary for tlie best. ' The needitb W b ua r mftDufacturccl utpeolalljr for ourma híne?. AbadnwdUmay rendir tht íL machine ] .■. ■.tfiirs may rest atsured that al. rttir 1! ranch , i.i t;ase '■■' ■ :■ ': ' '-'■:■■■■ i. ■ . i ■. tn.iy l)fi ípv !'■' ' ■■■ b ml n ppsLare , ■■♦- u"i:n?s distlpoi GorrespoudcaU wiUiíleasowx,.. nnast, ' y It is all iupnetant th-d we bonidj ineso the Pwl Office, Coum v . - } StatO, ( o M jJ3 Al persona rcfuiring iaformalion &dou .7 - ■ " Machines, tlic-ii' si-e, piices, woi-kimc capaitius, and tfic ] best metboda of i urchasing, cwi obtaln it by Mendiog to ' un, or any uf our B'-.mch Ollices t'or a copy of i ' I. M. Sínger & Co.'s Gazetto, Whit-h i- :i bwiutiful ricloriíú Paper efitirvly devoted to t&Q aubicct- Ii wiil (c sent gratis. _l ÍST We have niidü tbe Uve UKDUCTION IN PKICE3 with the two-Toid view ol benctlting the public andour BUTOS. Thfl pobflc hasïèboon Bffíodledbj spurious machines made in imitatlou of ours. Tue metal in thero, írom the [ron castiug t- eice, is ol poor qpUty. Tbeír makot nave not the means to do tnsjr work vréll. Tlit-y aro bld away In noret ptaoot, irheze it v.. ,.l: h 'ii; ■ :b!c tu llave ul their conimaud tbe prooer mochatiícíil applíonce?. [tiaoiily by doing bhsine8Brand bftmngr'exteiwívcnianHflictiiring ostal lishmonis, that vood maohinös can by mude at moderatned machines, BAIH.Y MAÜK, are ahrafa 1 1 a ble to gct ont oTVMUl', and aresure lo cost eonsiderable trouble and monejr :i k pp Ibera Id repáin ■ The qualitiea lo be looked for ína Machine ar : csrtaSnty ol' correct action at all rutes vi spoed, siiupliuity uf cmstruction, great durabiUry, audrapidity of opei'ation, wtth the least labor. Machines to cnibine faes1 es.í' qualities, must be madeof tho best me:afí.nd QbtxbÁd to pcrfiction. We bfiÁ'O iluMvuy and inuai3s,oi4 :i grand seale, to d t his. 'lUlQpurcbasersof machines. whoFcíaily bread tmfiy concern, will ftnd that thosc hhvlrtho abovcquiilUiea not only work sfroll at rapWafl woll ;is s!oirrftteof need ijbut last tongcr in tbn Hncs( poasible working order. )■ :■ iiiurliincs, as iy us, n earanwre naoiej with leas labor tb&nany otlicrst whether ín ímitatioti o' oura or not. lu fact, theyarcxUeapeí thnn ;i:iv other machines as a gift. I. U. SÍNGER k CO-, 458 üroadway New York. 8TT Hctroit Oflice. 5S Woodward Avenue, QlfirrlU niock.) siitf M. If. GOODRICH, Agcnt, Ann Arbor. BOOTS fc SHOËS o s 5 MODBE & LOOMIS Aro now rocc'i[: A hir'c (tsOtilBOlt of Boots and Shms and K, XJ B B E K, S 1 Which thoy prnpOKe toflfl] 50 per cent belozv fnnner prices fer canh. Mcn's good Kip Boots, from $1,50 to $3,00 Men's good Tliick BootR, from 2,00 to 3,00 Mcn'a good Cal f Boots, from 2,50 to 3,75 Boy's Cnlf, Kip aml Tliick Boots, 88 to 1,75 Ladies' Gaitci's, froiu 44 to 1,25 Ladk's' Moroeoo Bootces, frora 75 to 1,35 Aivl mi ni'llo.--. v.u-ii'fy uf Smal ëlioesfrom Fíinoy Bnlmoríil.s to Infants' Creeping Sliocs. Wt ave niüoMniinfncfiirliignll Ulmlsof W A RRANTED BOOTS & SHOES. Mens Fine Frcncïv Calf Eoofs Peggcd and SeAveíl. ' So rívo ut & c;Jl beforc ptirchKiDff oíiwhere, as we ?.rc bminil nut to b undorsoM. iárRtíl'Aliilxc DONE ON SUoKTNOTICE MDORE & LOOMIS I ,í., Aun Arbor, Micli . 8'iütf ft.nn Arbor City loe House fúr Sale Cheap. THE .-ubscribov oITovf for ?:ile Itis Ice House, wit] Me Ikndhl ' 'ii ïïwelling Hni t nlld nbMtii 2 ) iteras of lunrt íi(joining, togeiher with IIuim.1.". ; llu..i s:r.all pr'.iportiüii rcciuired dowu aneï tbe balance or.n ic.Tioin on tlin?. I Ü70-.V1 'irNT K. TUOllKSOX.


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