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Chnncerv Sale. TN" Pl'RPCANCË. anrt by virtuo of a rtCrre of tl Orsuit Court for In County of W;.iht(]ifcw ei : Ie ■:! the fourtoentn day ai July, a 'ïÖ : :i eert&in cause thereta pending, whereln Ueorjfc NT. B. Ronwick ia coinp'iiinnnt, and Albor t Y Van Voorheis. ond Rebecca Ii. Van Voorheb bh wij Febrah Pernios, Lorento D. Ferkinu and Melia ÏVrkin bia wifp, Orange Woodworíh, Israel I, Pncknrd, Alfxi Fackard, Jobn Peebles :ni Tnomai F. I.ponnr.l arr d. fendaoU: jXolice herebj givcn that I sh.Vil ell t public aun ion to ii;:rhe?t bidder at the Svuth (loot of tbe Court Hottxe in ihe city of Ann Arbor, Wa-hteiiitw County, hii'1 State of Michigan, on '.ny the 24tbdayof Oetuber ten o'clock in th fortnoon cl' suiil day, the foiluwing describud parcfl of l;iinl to. Wit: AU that oartnin tract or pHrcel of Und known and deseribed a. follow, to-wit; Riteen acres fromihs sou west corner of t ho esst hall' of the houthakt rjuarter Rcctfon fifteen, the tast half of the nortli east quarter of Keel ion No .twenty two, and tho eatrt half of soutli-u-fKt qi1rfor of the north eaut quarter of , section Iwenty-two, and the wexfhalf of the northvrogt quarter of section No. twenty-three in Town ote soutuof evrn ttvH in thf State of Michigan enntatning un hundred and ninety-five aeren, be the n-n.' moro or ïesw, or so much thftreof as may be nece. s:ry to Hatiofy the ducree in this cause trith iuter-est .:;v! ■ I). S. TW1TCHKU,, Circuit Court Conimis.-ioner Wnsht'-iiaw Co., Mich II. .!. RRAKBx.Sollcitor for Complainaut. Dated,Sepl 9,lSGa. Mortgagc Sale. WIIKliEAS di-fault has bren inndc in the conÜtloas ij( -i certain ndentare o 1 mrigag execu" : lv ];iyM p. Uivw.M.] and Hope Kaywood,of caíne Washtcn.iw Oounty, Michigun, on thr? tir-H dayuf JylvJ A. I' 1Í55, to th'J :i ü ■IT-ifhil, wliioh aiortyitge wrs iuly recordcd on tin? öth liy of, A. i. ■ii.tJ. in, I.ibcr .'. IS -i' StnrtasccH on pi?! 44.'I in 'J ftvjlisliy of DeudM uu 1 ilortgnjfc.-i, in and lor the said cwiuly n Washtenaw; and wrliereaa the re is oow duc and unpaid upos s:iiil moiteiize and boni accornpanylng the the sum oi (6ur thotrsand an1 iifty five dollar-i tnt) twenty nine cents (l$470&5,29), Including ronODWi charge toron ;i't'Tn IVc.and no suit at law or in eqult; haviaa boen instituted to recover the ríame orfiny .trt thtjroof, now Iberefbro, tmtico !s hfreby Rirciit thatny virtueof a pmwrof sale contained in frwlfaortga, I siiull sel! ut puolic auttion to the higlievf biUiitr on Sftturdny the sixth day ol D-cember next, at U al nooii of satd day.nt the front doiir of tb,o County Court House n tiif City of Ann Arbor hj %(4 Coutity and rftto, thw prermacj dcRcribe.1 in said njóftgage, ti) wit: AH that part of t"..e norihwest quaritr f nection me in tnwnship four south of rnnjre flveesAt, ndod as follows, to-wit : On the soutta bv tho s.ilt S r.n.; rcSpnre, on the wesï anr] north by lanü&aw el by 11 iseU Rriggs, on the oaüt by landn otrned br Tliron Ford, suppel to oontain thïrty two acrJ of 1, in bcing tlio property on trhich the Schurltr Milla are located. CVLK1J VAN HUÍAN', Mortgagco. Wit. A. ÜfooRit, Att'y for Hortgagee. JiiKi. Detroit, Hflpt. t, 1HÖ2. Mortgagc Sale. DEFAULT having been irade in tho payment of m ni ui ni.ini'v Fecured by a mor'gajfe execuled by John W. Mayaardand Mary J hin wile, to Charle Sx Cutter, dated the ninth d;iy of Uocmber, A. I). I$b9% and recordod in the ofllc9 of the Regifiter of Deeds of theCountyof WAhicnaMi in tbe istattf of Michigan, is Líber No. 26 of Moitgüged t page 792, on the elevi-nth f April. A. IK 1SGÖ at twenty minuten pait oim Vloek. 1'. M., by which default tle power 1 snle cm■ n saiii mortgagn becaroeoperative; nnd no snit or {irocecdiqg hertog been intituted at taw to rt-cover Ihcdebt secut'vd thereby, or any part thr-renf; and the sura of ftve thouin"l and thirty-e"n(ht dollurA bciojf now cliiiined to be due thernon. Xotice i theiefuro horebv given Ihat said mortüage will be forectosed bya ák of Ihemortgaged pn-miaífl, vii : "All tliose ceriaí:. piecoa oí parcela ot Innd sitúate lying and bcing in the City oí Ann Arbor, County of Washtfnaw and l Siitif ó'f Michigan, b-'Uiided and dpKcribed a ollowj, j to-wit: Coramencirtg onehundred sixteen ftft and on iialf nonh FrODi tbfl couth-e8t corner of block No. odo (1) north oi" range three -3J vast thence west one hun■ .red an two f et, themA north fifvtn and a half fitt, to the south line of iot No, eight (8) in said block thence west thirty feet to the west line of satd lot thence north nine'and a half feet, ihence eat along tb Bouth line of Charles Thayer's land, and along th% south line of Churlos Thayer'a store in Mundy'.s btock to M:iin strect, thi-noft the place of beginning .ss floscribed hv deed fromJuhn I.ockwood and wife to John W. Maynard ; also the followfng decrtbd parctl of lnd : BeguinlDfl t4 the cenire of the highway which rutiH on ihy eA&t line of the first laid out vJJjg of Ann Arbor, nt th north-west corner of the home Int lormeriy occvipicd hv George W. Jewett ail now owned by K. Vellaand thenconotth to tlif Bouthwest corner of a lot. of land behmging to Tan ü. Millerntne roda f9) thence Ütstvrly on Bfeïd Milk-r's linetwPnty-lwo roila (3), thonc eoutherly parallel with snid higiinay níhe roils (9J , thence westt-rly parallel to said Hifíem line twenty two rtx! (Í2). containing one acre of iandf being the üme lot of lanl coayyed by tieoige W. Je pU and wife to John V. Mayn;.rl by beed hearing ilatft 2dj Iö:i7." or pome puit tht-reof, . t public renduft it Hie Court Houein the '.ity of Ann Arbor in Kiitf couaty.on the eighth d.iy of November next at noon. CHAHLES CUTTKR.Mortgftgee. CEO.r.WFORTH, Atty, Dated, August 14,18f-S.865td Mortgage Sale. DEFAtTT havinff been rmic in the condition of A ■■■■■■ r_' .;.: , - ■ ■; : ■ ' t y James HatTey , of Freedom, ia thè Coutity ;f Washtenaw. and State of Hicnig'aD, to Daniel F. Koyes, of I.imat County aforesaid. bearing date the ÏÖth day of Match. A. 1. 1S52, nd recorded the same "uy in the Register's Office of said county, at 2'i o'cloct, 1. M., in Liber 18 of Mortgagès, page 265, which Baid mortpitti wns (iuly assigned by the Raid [i&nlei P. Kcvcs to Tlmmas lUÏÏ;v on the 18th day of Febrttarj.3. D.,1853, nul rt-corded on tbe 2Sth day of May, 1857. at H K 'dock, A. M , in l.iber 18 of .io? i I .", and altprwBTds asnigned bj Ihomas Haffey to .Mrtrgaret HatTey, on theUtb day oí Jl. l-."is, and rscoriiéd in the Register' offici of Wa-shtennw Couuty aforesaid, on titr Tth day of April, 1862, at 10vlá o'clocb, A.M., in T.iber 18 "t Mörtgftgès, page 2E5, on hielt said Diorlgfige tberu i.í cUumed to bt due at the daté her-of, three hundred .and tliirry-öne dollirs und een Ia, and n suit or proceedingsat law havIng boon infltttuted to recover the debt now due or anv paft theronf. and the power of sal; id id níf3rt(tEfr liarittp bécome opcratWe, Notice is hereby ixw that n the SS'.h day of OcVober, 1 Si Si, t '-' o'cluck m th afti-rnoonof sáid day, at the front doi.r of the Court House, ín Ihe County óf Washtenaw, ard State oí Mfohignn, tbere wil! bu boM at public vendue to tb higheftt bbïdpr, tho landsdepcnbed n iaid morigage, ot .so much tberejf as may bi ncc#-aary to MiUfy the amtiuntduc at thedate of this notice, witb the expen■ ■.r sal4f viz: AH that certain o!ece or parcel of land ving in the town of Frecdom aforesaid, and describí! a's followp, viz: The west half cf the north-west quarter of sec t ion Numfn-r live towosliip thrce south rangefoor oa?t. enntaininír fifty-six acres and thirty slffht hundredths of an aere. MARGARET HAFFEY, Aïsfgote. ■ Jonr, ::.■ Ati-noy. Dated, Julv '-", !'i2Cbancery Sale. RYVIIïTUEof a decretal orde? mat!e m the (.'irc-nit Gumt for the County of Washtenaw, aiUwg I ■ ' cause irherefn Ira Fbrker in ccnipltiDChancery, ui ... ■ .__. c iusinugh, Chnriea rit and Henry Bautlaugh, v.. . ■ i fcllll] 5ti Kitcben, en i 0 '"■ Avery me defendenia. ,.t public auctlon at the troul door of the Court üourr, in tbe city 01 Ann Arbor, ïn the county ftiywaïd. on tKe teuth day of November. A. V. eighleen hundred ani tnrty-two, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of thai dy, all Ihat certaiu tract or parcel of land drscribeu in said decretal order as fb'llcfWir: "All thfit ceitJ'in partor tract of land, to-wit_, tituate in the coui.ty of Mnsh'inawand State of Michigan, known anJ descrïbcd hi to!lowri, to wil: beginning at tlie q,uarter post betwwn eclinns No. five and six, tlience north Q (ïerers eaM fie chainn and eightoen (18) links, thence north fifty thm.{51) di-grees nd Bfteen mnutes eaët eigbtcen chains, thence north three chaina and sixty links, tbf-nce wV-ot live oliains anJ thn ty two links (32j thence tmuih fo'lybtven drgrefs nnd forty-flve ni'tmtes west nioeuen (19) chama and twelve (la) linies, thence soulb two and i.n halt' (2H) degrees cast one tbain and eeventy iluo hnks to the place of begioníng, being a part of the southwost qnaficr of the north-west quarter of sïction No. five [ó] in township No, one south of range No. six [6] èasti and exceptinr and renerving tlmrefrom about one fifth of an aere of land heretofore decded by Albert S.ephens to Jctsepb Marenas top ft her with tbe hcrofiitMiTH'iits and appurtetiances thereuuio bclonglng or ia any arpertaiuiug. r.mi ' P. S.TWITCHri-I-, Circuit Court Commtalonöt fcr the Connty ot Waashtenaw. Michigan O. Hawkimí, Solicitor fir Complaiuant. Ann Arlkr,MptVniberz2'. 186&: 871td ANOTHER & A AREIVAL AT THE ÍW0LI) AND HELIA BLE wP CLOTHINC EMPOEIUMÜ fcigfc'JE3sr O. Q] PH:cB]srix bh,ock:, MAIN STREET. hasjust returnedfrim the Eustern Citics, with a laíg and de4Írabl stock "f FALL AND WINTER E3r OODS! wfcicb hu 1 now offering at unusually LOTV PRIOESÍ Among his Assortment may be found BROADCLOTIIS, CASSIMERES, DOESKINS, & VESTIKGS, of aM descriptiouo, espccially for FALL AND WINTER WE AR I which he is cutting and making to order, in thelatestaaí beststylcs, togttlu-r wiih a superior ahsortment oí RE AD Y MADE CLOTEINQ! TRU.VKS CARPET BAGS, UMB;:KI.I.AS, and Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, with niinnM-nus otbi:r ariicles usually found in similar eKtablishmehtfe. Au ANEMPOKIÜM OFFASHIOW, the svibscribcr flattrrs himself, that hislong etperienO and gonera. succciw,wiH enubiu him to pive tho greatt Batisfnction toall who may trust him in the way of m'anUfaeturlng garments to order. 769tf VM. VTAÖNER. Howard üssociationy PIÍILADELPIIIA. Fnrthr. rc'irf of tu S' and Distrcsfted, ajlietfd ?.' V'TiiWnl and Cironic, and csptcially for'tki f Ditttnsts fJ Iht Sciual Orgjn, MEDICAL ADVÍUE givca gralis, by tho Acting Sar. VAI.UABLK KKFORTS on Si.crm.i'orrhaa, and otb I)i -iws ■ .f SCMialdrRaiis.nnd nn tilt NEW BEUKI-'iKS rmiiluvcd in the Qifcpepsaryj SPnt in scalod lpttT pnvclopcs, froft of charge. Two or thret htampyi tor iconptable. Addrcss, Dr. J. SKILllN' Il'X'tiUTON', Howard Awiation, Ne 2 B. N.oth St.. l'hil■ , I1. ''■


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