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The Michigan Argus

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PüaUUUED i:vmrDU MoR-vivu, in t!ie Third . Slo.y uf tilo J.iok liljjE.üurner of Miu jud Uurunj Streel ". Urn Brtor, fctato Co., VieKgn Katrfcaeeoa Umou atreel, ojiositi the Fiaukbn. ELITÏI B. :POIsrJD ü;iitor and Iiibli#Her. rSSRMS, jljSO A VB4R ISi AUVANCE, ADVKli'J'lSINf) . One square (12 lins orlöi).1) one week, ÖU cents : and !fr oots for crery insertioí tlierulter, leas tbaii thrce ,,„ Htut S montUa 3 Quartercol. 1 jrear t'Jt r do do 6 Hall cul'mn 6 mus 18 n do 1 yor H.lf do ljoar 36 r.f, sa're mos 8 I One do 6 mos 35 v tvertlsementfi unaccompanied by written oiverWl lirections will be puMtohwS unlil ordercd out, and hrged iccordingly. Le'al aivertUcmonts, first insertion, 60 cpnts jcr fit !5centler f.ilio for eacli suWquMii insetticn. ffhen a n tponement i addcd tuan advprtis, ment thf hole will be shard the "■■ as f'" insei ti..n. job ïRi5rTi3src3-. PimnWetB.Hanl-billa, roulars, Card. r.,11 Tickfta. V ..her rirtiw of 1 . .r, and F.noj Joh I'.mting. riaeatwl tl.proMPme. .id in the bkst stïlï. POOK TRINTTKO. Connecte.d with OHW i n Bnik Bindprv in chnrfre .f a ompeten. workman. ComiT Kecord. . ldteri.. fnarmST, nd all kinds of Blm.k T!..oks mndo o or.l.r „d nftlx-W -tnck. Pmphletandl'enoni...l1.boiinl n aneat and du -ahl manner. t Detroit pnce I.n. rncotoTiindirvtlironeh vriüs


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