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Bnsiiitss IMrtftDTB. cluíOsTcARDS!' CAVDPÜ! 'Urin? wrclAsed a 'UrooLKi Kotakt PlAKOKI' Card nm"rpr.p.d to print Car,U of 11 ktaê. In tb. nrm-r orlcen.iicladinir lu.iwf W. formra fH .-..ctwii..n1rar-.iion!.. Bal!. Weddinit. nrt VMUrg CHk. te. to. Cali, ,'ivo us roars OTdeXB iixi how itis en AH Losses promplly suljslccï. MERCHANTS' INSURANCE G0,: OF HARTFORD, CONN. Cash Capita], $200,000. Total Awets, Jan. 1.1 , IMS, - % LiabiUties, ... 1 .Bv4.". MARK HÜWARD, PlfsWeLt. E. Taos. Lobdell, Sooy. Tbo unifríri""1 'las ''■o rPrint"1 "'' f"r "" ftbove reliable O.m„a,v. ncj will eBect in-uranc.' g;iiastlosi by flre ut reasonablerates roNr. nn rh,r. I„n". 1"3. ' 8"5'f Agent for the Phcenix Company OF HAKTFOIID CT., AND THE CONWAY INS., COMPANY OF FOTON MASS Losos H.norably anjusted and jm mptly pai.l ai tliis Jigency. Office Corner Man and Huren ötrett, uver ü. Store of Bach fe PWMK.An Albur. Ann Arlii.r.S'T'-l'. 'aB'-' EAYMOBD'S Photogi"iillic allrt l"'e Al Nos. 205 and i7 Jelferson Avenue, DETROIT. rutoerph!,I.ifeSize,folorci or plain, eabinri. lm,.raï g Mela notjpes. -..guerreotypei., Amhrotypw, and. _ Survfyc7& Civil rnghuer. WWEKK, 6-urvor and Civil l T. ntm . uetoSiveimmi:.t.atc at enlion In all ordir-.- Office l I.L t tbc curw ol Catbel.ue and Thayer street. 1 a q Ann Artor, 10, 1862. -.' I. O. O. F. WASKTENAW LUWTE N'o. 9, of thc Independen! ..rïerof Idd r'ellows meet at tbeir Lodg Boom, rerr Fridav evenin, at 7í o'clock. B. BICHAKIWON, N. i. ,s. So.vpnmi, fc y. lTTtübbsT" W Main "t.-ign of '■ B.g ludían." Fr.nkUn Blo., inn Arbor, ■ - " 87"ö SUTIIEUI.aM & S IS. -ITHOLFSALE AVD RETA11. Grocerí and Coiumissioi, lY Mereh'ant, Kast ide Main M'' Apn Arbor J. M. 8C0TT. .■BOTTPE t I'HOTOKPH AKT.HT9 m th. roODls formerlv oecapied by Cordley , over the tore of Sperrj kMoure Perfect satisfaction guarapteert. ' risdoñXheñdeksoñT" DEALERS in Hardware.St.oves, houBt futn;sh.nKg.od.. Tin Ware .te. ix., N Bloek, Main Street. "a. P. MILLS, Djílsb in SUple Dry Goods, Groeerif, Boots and Shue and Keafly -Male Clothing, Hurón trt Ann Irbor . , - HUtAM.JBEAKEí'. ttorneys & Cousselloes JT Ijw, and Si.Iici'orB in Ctiaery. Office in City Hall Block, over Weter tCo'B Boo Store, Ann Vrhor KINCtSLEY & t#CiAN, rroasEVS, CouniseUors, Solicitar, and ( . lie, have Buoks and l'lats .-howlng titles ot all landj h the ,ouaty,andattend tocouveyancinsandcoll. tin ' )mand8, and to paying taxes and ichool interest in fcy rt of the State. Office eMtsüe of the Square. Aon Ar" Wm. LKWITÏ, M. D-, naTSIEly k UWKWr Office at his remenee. Nortl, " de flluron Htreet, rd 2d houe WMlofWTWon (tret, nn Arlxir. O. COLLIKK, liilirFiCTCR and dealer in Boot and Shoe. 1 iVl door West of Ihe l'ost fflee. inn rbor, MicL M OliE & LOOMIS. ixcrACTCRmui an-1 iealer in Boot nd 3hoe, VI Phocnix Block, Main ntreet, oue door Nortli ol Vaftaington. ___ -- M.UITERMAN CO, lïTHOLESüJi and Retail dealers and manufacture of W Keady Made Clothing, Iraporters of dotkl, Casmoere. Doeakins. &c. No. 5, -New Ann Arbor. C. B. POICl'EU, ___ Sckc.kon Dk-vtist. Office corner of Main JE fe and lluron stiuet, over V. Bach'n store, TMB Ann Arbor, Michigan. Auri!,1859, ' Wm. WAGNEU, Dialer in Readv Made Ctothing Cloths. Caasimeres and VoBtings, Hat's, Capa, Truuka, Carpet Bag, o. Jlain 1 , Ann Arbor. BA'Jil HLKSüN. ia Dry üood, Groceries, Hardware, Boot! & Shoes, &c-, Sbin strect, Ann Arbor. 8LAWSON fe (tEEK, ""lÈOCXEa, 1'HovisJON K Cominissiun Merchanls.anddeaj tersin WiimUiK. Land I'laste , and I'labtek or aw.ooa door Kast 'í Co'.k's UutoL 0 PUS, DSALBBinCIocks, Watehes, Jewelry. and Fancy Gnods, st theaign of the lüg Watch, Xo. 27,Phoenlx Block J. O. WATTS. DBALXRinClock.K, Watcbes, Jewelry andSilver Ware No 22. Nw Block, Ann Arbor. T IT. F RE E MAN. Barhkk and Fashiuitble flair Dreucr, Main Street, Aan Arbor, Mirh Haír Frontil and Curls kept oniitantly on mud. SCHOFF & Ml IJLER. Dealers in MUcelta-neous, Schunl. and Blank Ronk Sta tionery, Paper Hangings, &c, Main Stti'ei Ann Irbor. D. DkFOREST. JTTaoLlSALE and Retail IValerin I.nmber, Lath, Phin j?l8, Sash, Doors, Blínds, Water Lime, (rand River Uter, 'laster Pari, and N'ails of nll sizes. A full od perfect aortment of the abnve, and all otImt tind of building matenals conBtAntly on hand nt the toet poisible ratea, on iletrnit treet, a few rnAd frnm the Railroad Depot. AIko ojerating extenhively in the Patent Cement Roofin(E. WASIITESAWCÖlJlSTy BIBLE SOCIETY." lirosilOBY of Bibles ani Testament at the SocieU ' prices atW. C. Tnnrhrt'. CHAPÍN, WOOD & CO., SU'CKSSOBP To MNUFACT"KKBf F XIÍJTLt, IB O Ole, AND - COLOREO MEDIUMS, Wrappins Papor,c. ■ ABUOH MlcH.


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