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The Democratic State Convention

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The Democratie State Convention was held hi Detroit ou WVdni sday of last weck. Thirty-iwo countie were repre tenU'd by 212 delegates. The coniinittee on ersdentials liaving repnrted the names dt dulcgatcs mtitled to seats. and the report ha' ing bert acci'pttd and adoptcd the conveniinn perniuncntly organized by clecting tho follüíving dfficers. Lymax D. NoitRis.of Va3l1tenaw. Vice Pretidentt-B C. Hatch Samuel Axford, Nathan Earl, S. A. Monïson, O. IÍ Lyon, and Austin Waloa. Fccetarüs- JoLu S. Crelüng, aud A. S Bull'T. In ttl;Vg tl.e cl air. Mr. Norria ad drcfst'd tl.e OOBVttitio as fullows: ÖUNTLEMEN OF THE Co. VENTION- TllO honor ot' prnk}ing over jour deliburations, is uno v.hellv UtiCïrK-cted b) me It 13 an homr of whirli nj f the yuooger detnoerat of our State maj' well be proud Ynu meet again at u fcarlul era. Nevcr belore in the hi-tory of the dtinoonitie pary have such feurful res}:ousibi!itHs reMvd upon thoni ag at tbil liour weijib luivy upon tlm heart and bruin of every tli nking mn. Gentlemen, I love my country ; I lovo this State, vrliere ncar tliiriy ymrs of sunsliine and thadow lias given me a home. Yec, my home, iiüH I bank Q,d it int home. - honored and n nde holv by the heroigm f i's fiallant soldier, by the Kufferiups und ileath of lts deiujoratic gons - a Woodbury a Roberts, a Brodhead, and tho host of other bravi; spirits, Ir88 O'inspicuons, but not loss wor'hy Yes, l thank God thnt us yet [ live in a Mate wliosi: dead héroes, lying on every battle fiuld of this thriou !ifcuisi.'d rebel lion, sluid a h ilo over ils hume ktcping sou and dauliters, in the dazzling ligbt of wliith the good ProviJenee munt gee sud mark for desiruetinn mm u the high places of State 9üd Seuatorial povver, who, " Clothod in i littlo brief authoritv ♦ '♦ ♦ Play sucb iant;istic tricks before high heaven, As makes e'eu arige.s weep." Whether the good Provideiice indicate to usthat he disires the co-operation of the dt'inncratio and Uiiin parti' s to consumuiate bis riirhteous purpose of politjcal dcath to tbc radicáis, or whetlier, like Muses before thfl cuurt of Pharaoh. he will allow these mei to come again, ladet with new plagues for a Huffermg ptople, are quextioim thut th g dny's de liberatiuus will tiettle, ona nay (ir the other. (Jentlemen, the rnuntry is now in the eiglitetmth ïuonth of the mogt g'trintio and terrible in the world g history. Thousiinda of uiillions f dollars are fül lowing in swift procefsion into the horrible gulf of dJüttuion. The coantry ig reeling on t" bankruptcy. Over a large [ortion f this once happy land ' grimvisaged war " sralks tiiuuiplinnt- before hini a blooming paradise, beliind a blackeued desert. Jne hundrrd and fiftv i thousaud dead, who where onee brothers. VOO stood shoulder to s'ioulder i rmind oue coiiBtïtut ion, benea'h tho protecting slidow of one fhi;, now " sleep the sleep th-it know no wakiiig." It iiiut end Mmiewhere. '' Grimvisaged war must smooth liis wrinkled front; iliese bruised anus must be hung up.'1 Mutual fxliiiiistiun. f imuglit elso ciin, must end it. Yet we must tight on, for viotory does not. jet pereh on our banners Ayo, gentleman, for victory, bt'cause we hope peace will fnllow. Gentlemen, I trust your d-lib-rations will keep cvtr ëteadily in view the best good ut our comuioii country; by so doing you will best promote tlio greatest good of tlie j;reat and powerful partv you are liere tliis day to rereseiit. In dischiirging the duties of this eliair, I will endeavor plainly and iinpartiülly ti prside ovir our cnunoiis. Let tliein be united, eariiCHt, tlinuglitful, and the reBult of iliis day's labor will justify the fondent hope i f every lover of couslitu tional Ireedom. [ pp'ausc.] Mr. Lothkop appeaied before the Conveiitioii in beimlf of a cmnmittee appoin'ed the Cnion Conveiitioii held nt Jackson on the 3d inst., and presented the full 'wing address : To the Dmocralic Slatt Cowmtion By the instiuetiong of tho People's [Tiiioa State Conven ion, aesembh-d t Jatkwon. on ilie 2d day of Octobor, and in thpir behalf, we have the honor to lay before you the iction of thit convention. We berewith pluce upon your tabli'8 the address to the pecple of the State, under which the convention as onlled, the resolutions pagsi'd at that conv ntion. and the Stato tiokdt which was noitiioated thereat ; and with the mogt profouLd respect for the great influence and pat riotinn "f liis (frveu(io!i, ns th 'err. seutative of the demócrata of Michigan, we are instiuetcd rrspectfully to nsk your aid and co operaticm in the support üf that Stute ticket t tle appronching ek'Ction. A pmposition in pffeci lik that íiovv luid befure you, w:ig, by üstructiuus of the prelimiuary oonfcrtuce, senibled at Juckpon on the ICth of Septtmber lust, laid beforu the Itepiiblican State Conventiin, latdy assembled in thin city. We are tnortified to say th:il it waj ri'puiliaUd by that büdy. It ptferrtd to Hand by t arrow party creedu. But we tre mtlfid to say that a larga pirlion of tbe republiomi are outraged by (he action. aiéil ejudiatu it as au iu sult tn their patriot isni. Tlie I Vi ple's Unioti StMte ticket bean tiainen which, we boleve, men of all flüides of opinión mny cordially support. It us ni ünnati d by a comvi ntioii cow pused f men iwrmbled wiihnut ïatimi, but of' siit-li persona] weiglit ui to eutille it to ei'fst rtïpect; of wen who representml botli politu-ul parties ; of men who feit !hat all lopl citizens fihould la aftirded tl e oppnrtunitjr to unite ia giviiijr tlioir wuniiHst and nost affectiouate support to the governnii'iit. Tliu People's Unió Convention ainu to fonn no ncw party; t asks uo iuo to give up iiis party convictioi;, but it reoogiiig. s tiltil tlieie areoouimon groundn on wliicli kil 'o-, al ini'ii eau and should unite to ïustuin t'ie poviTiiment against tlio n bullion. The Union ticket is pxeBeiited as the repnsentatiou of thut cuiaiuoii ground. It bc-nrsno flag but the sacred flag of the eouutlj ; it stands on no platform but the eonstitution, aud it has ni end but the defence and inuinteuauoe of the Union. Geohqr V. N. Loturop, C. I. Walkek, Wm. T. Mitcujsix, II. O. Hanpokd, Sylvestkii Lakned, K. IÍ. Thomson, PlIILüTLH IIaïDKN. Detroit, Oot Sth 1862. W hieh was rcftrred to tUe committeo on re8olutions. Tlie Committee on Resol ution, through tla-ir chairman, reportcl the following: Resolved, ïliat the demoeracy of MichL'an, waiving the expre.-sion of their views upon qucBtiong not rendered iraperative by the iinperiled couditiou of tlicir cnuiitry, horeliy declare: F'rst, 'l'liat tliey will continue 'o rondor tbf governinent thoir sineereatid united support in the use of all legitimate metra to suppress tho rt-bellion nud to restore the Utiiun as t wns, and mtii,tain the eonstitution as it is - bclieving tlmt that sacred instiutuent, fouiidfd in widuin by our fither , elothes the oonstitutod autlmritie8 with full puwer to accompliali SU'-I) purpciscs Secotul, That by the following resolution, uiianiinously passed by Cqhgress in July, 1801, the govermneiU wai plidered to the poliey inculeated therein, ai.d whicli eau oo t be depmted from out vii lation of puliüo f'uith, viz : '■ Hcsohed, ïliat the present deplorable civil war luis beu tWeed upon the country by the disunioitista of the Southern States, now in urins against the conwtitutinnal govcrnnient, and in arm round the c;.pitai j that in, this n-itional utergency, Congres.0, banishing :1 fecligs of mere passiou or reaentment, will ecollfct oi:]y its duty to the whola ountiy; that this war g not wagtd, on beir part, in any spirit of opprciwioB or 'or any purpose of conquest or subjugaion, or purpose of overtlirowing or itierfering with the righfs or cstablished isiitulious of th su States, but t'J det'iid and mainiain the supremncy of tlij oiiHtitution nd to preservo the Uniqn, vi li al! the dignity, equality aud rigliti f the several Sta' es uniinpaired, and hat 88 soou as these objucts ara acoQialil:ed tht ar ought to oease." lUtohed, 'J hat the Ilegal and uneontiluüonal airest and iiupriïoiücent Qf c:tizens of this State are without tb,o iistitieation of necessity, and wo delounce any such arrest as a usurpatloti and a crime and that the freedom uf tho prisa equally protectml bv the coustitution, ought to bi' maintaiued Jlesoved, That it is the andent nd constitutionul right of tlie people to canvass public mea uros nd tho m rits of jubilo men ; t is a home-bred right, a iresido privilope; it in undoubted a the rigl't of breutliing the air and walking the earth ; it belongi to private hfu as a r glit., and to publ:c life as a duty Jietohed, That we wil., in gooi fnitb, support the adniinistration in all just and ootiHtitu' anal mea.-ures for the suppression of the present wi'-ked rebeüi'ju and the restoration of ilie Uuion. Resotved, That we tender our heartfclt thanks to our brave, patiiot gojdlera ia the tjeid, for tl)eir toils and ïuffurngs, nnd utbHt diü'inguiiilied service, uii'i our waimest sympuhies to tlje fricud.s of tho-e nuble meu who lmv@ t'alleu iu tho cervico "f tlieir country. Rfsohed ïhat we are wi'ling to aot, at the coming eltotion, with all nion who delire to sustuin the cimstitutio. as t is, and the Union as it was. The re olution wero unanimoaslj adopted. Tlio oanimittea siso reported the followine: That tl) is comiT ittee has considered the propoMtion of tho committeQ on tho part of tho late Uuiou convention at Jaokson, nnd the majority report that they recoy:iiizo in thu iioniinationa mada by tliat convention, men ot ktinwil ability and patriotism, and in the peculiar crisis of tina country believe that tho sima may, with piopriety aud advantage, be re uwninated by this convention as the candidatcs of thu deinocracy ot Michigan. [Prolonged applauso J The report was aocepted and adopted. The uoinniittee on the nominal ion of the State CeLtral Committee reported tho following carnes to constitu'.e such cuiniuittee : For ('liairraan, Levi Bishop, Detroit. First üsirot-. N. Walker, DeUoit; Stephen G. Clark, Monroe.. SeeondBürklr-H. A, Balch, Kakmazoo ; H. C. Lybrook, D 'wagiae. Ihhd Dis' liet - O. M, Barues, Masón ; L D. No ris, Ypsilanti. Fourlhjjittrict" WilliamA Riohmond Grand Hnpids; Adam 8. Roof, Ly ns. tïfth District- A uit in "a'e, Macomb ; H II Harmnn, Livingston. Sxth District - Jabez Suthn-land, Sugitmw ; Joseph Goulter, OntonHgon. AIbo tbbt tho reniaining ineinbers 1 a "e power to appoint in the places of any who do not serve. The report of the oorormtteo tvs then adopted. Th convention then prooeded to nominate by vica voet vote candidatos for State officers and tha candidates on the Jackson Uni'n Tiuket reoeiving a large tuajority of all tho votes wore severally declared unanimously nominated. The foilowing resolutioo wan adopted : BetnhtJ, "i bi th'i (nfwtloa íU'j'.i.l i tlic ik'iivvvu'y of the s (fi.irjpiH !)! L-mn'ies rif thé S::ttu to ui i'o wiili iserval i nbSi'ii :i ting I U ■ ■■:■!:!-, :}: l.(-:ri,latnri! ni'ii i-aut:tj cfnco-s. 'i'll. V. :!:: tllB t : ;:IlJ U dl iuitiutlati


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