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The Battle Of Perryville

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i a i cw. i KLp Oï P eii i: y vi lli;, Ky.,. ) Octóber 9, 1862. $ On tile niarch i' Loui.svillo iiot. m -í pusscd without a skíctaisji, in wliicti portions of' our iulvanee were ebgagud witl; MU-'ill partios of t lio eini,:v'ó ugvulry, ruil í aiu iuciioed -o thiuk tlutt these re ueuted skuiuÍíIks iinluced our leudéis to tielicve lbat tiify rere closclj prci--iuj; (lie cutiio rebol army. ' THE blSPOSITIOX Oí' Oflt TR10PS. On ToQSdny aftornnon. Oon. Shcridnií'.s Pivision hüd' the advnncé'in (!om. (jilbert's Corps, Uoussenu'a and Jacks "m's Divigions 'inving picviouíly advancod b_v w;.y rf Tavl'irsville and fbrmed in order of' lat:ie; .!;■!;:= {a DivifliöD somewhat-to tiie rear oí' Rousseau', and íbrming the exlienic lft of onr ïine. Attwo o'elock on Weunosday morniíiír. Col. McOook bct;an to move forward witli !;is brigade, Dcéoinpaniëd by l?;uBet's battciy frora Illinoia. It wasnear-. ly d;iwi wlien they arrived ■v.'iíhin sight of t lio posiion théy woro to ocoupy. biu. thc bioob ' .,díi] brightlv, a:id an ihey nrfiproaohed thc bottoni of' tlio )':iii, they couki distimotly seo the rebol pioketa upou I he urest. TUS BniLLIAXT iOTIOS WÍTII Willen T111-: t)AY OPEND. Our sliiiniishors liad hardly takon iffttivals btíftu-o the enciny's picket opened a sharp fire, especial ly upon tbo 85th Illinois Altliough the fiist figbt in wliicii tliey had ever been engaged, the j moved forwaid at thu word of eonrii.'Hi.l, au 1 foníinúeÜ to ndyanqe firtnly and steadily up the liill until ihey had diiven tln? rebela from th'o érese, in Hicting upon them n loss so sevoru that in thcir irrkation they determined at 'all lia.:i:iis to recover the position. The peaceful moónfílit was still slumbering upon the Lili when t he rebels appeared bóth apon tiic right a:id ki't in gre&l numberá, pláiUed a baltery o front, ana ebranicnced pouring a shower, of schrapnel upon l'ie T'iirly sixlh. For na bour the shot won; v.hizzing qyer bead and oráshing tbrbuh the Ifce, bat nat aman. Bin oh ed fro:.i lii.s post. As soon as the nosition of tho rebel báttery was ascertaiued, i seetipn of Gapt. Barnets Artijlery, consisting of two 10 pounder Parrotts, was brouirht to t lio ln) of (hu liill, and by a few wcll íírci:ted shofa ihu rebel pattery v. leneed. The silencing of the rïb-'l batte-y seemcd to check (he ardor of the bútfernufs, and tlicy fetired into woods frohting the po-itio, tjic 36tli remainiiig in unáisputed possession of tlie cjute-t.-d ground. Brig. Ücü. Gay, inspector of c?vIr; i]iin Gea. Üuoü's s't-iff, carne upafter tlic iremv had coased effjrts to jislftdgú tho SGth brigado, a;i.! aJvaiiciux wj oavalry ;'■.: ea ííj tl ■ iFreojion ti bni takcu, vns soo'n í'uri.'y aüaoked. A battalion of tho 2 ni eavalry. Col. A. P. Oañipbe!l, was at opeo, dia inouhted, wliile tho tv,o wera tbrown undor . iver of thu woods. Tho l?:noi;nt.'d bat'aÜon adVaucod upjn t lie oneniy, a' listed by the skii-mishers of tlie 52d O! i .. ahd ufter n aiiarp skirminh Jrove I hcfin from tho woods. They soon rail el. liowevcr, aud recciying so rao reinforccnisiiti, tlioy forceii our Bfeirnii ú and civajry to retire, ooocstjng ei noli of gr ■nul. Tlie fir!;t iiow béearae deeply interestiiiLr- ');i c&mc t!iü eiioiny, pouring Fioavy votleysrinto tho raaks of thc -2i! Michigan and otlipr (jsvalry, and puhiü it radpaTly báck untü t ocoupiod thc position ft-otn wliicb it fiwt advaucpd townn.1 thd voo'h. Thc situati'iu ivas eritiehl. It wasjüít t!ien tliafc tho Second M!.: souri, Captuiü W alter lloppa cominandiiig. a regiment which di-stinguislied itself ut I'ea liuljie, enrae gallan Üy up u tho rescue, and wit:, dosfeoiug cliecrs adranóed upon tFio cuemj. Tlic Second Michigan cavalryu:n, reanimated by (bis nasistauoe, advancod as ikirniieliers beforo the So'coiid Missouri, and the Fiitoentli Missouri canje. as i support. I:i Vaiii tho eneinv opeued upun tha advanoing Une a niurdoroua iré. A coptiaual sbrrin of leadeú bail raged round their ear; thc Soopod Missouri gtoadily moved forward, nntil tho dismayed and eonquered rebels broke and ran like üheop. Tluis ciule.l, at about ten A. M., the prcliminary b.iítlo of this eveutful day, and even at early hour niany a brave snd nolile spirit hud taken its departure to another world. Tha 37th Urigade Ijad more tliau a buudred killed and wounded, wliilo thc 2d Missouri alose hád lost tiearly a bundred more. The 2d Michigan cavalry h:d also suftored enn Hiderahly, and tho batteries engaged liad met witli soine slight loss. But at least thrcu hundred rebuls liad bit tbe dust, ana we remáined masters of tho field. At about 11 o'clock A. M., artillery firing commonced. int ar.Eí-.Y í'iarrr ox the i,kft. Capt. hoomis' Michigan battery posteil on a bilí wliieh Qveríookod thu wbole gpaca between our adfuaoe bodioe And t!is vpoodtd billa wbere tbe eaamj'i legioaa lay inassíd, alao threw a few nhells Lowar la llioso bights, and Onptnin Simónson (-')t'i Indiana battery.) did the samo. Bul tbe enemy gave no siprn. I was tftlkiag with Uapt. Loomis, who Btood bdíldo hU gun, just previous to thc -oment of tho terrible strugg!o vvhiohw.i3 to dronch tho gromid Olí wbiíh I stood wiíh blood. Personallj aujuaíntod wit'.i overy ollieer, and alinost ovory üinii in both these batteries, baving gone wi th thcm tbrough Gl-d. O. M. Mítoliell's lo:ig carapaitrn in Tonnc-seo and Alabatna, I could notavoid a feeling of iadnoss as I looked around upon íl; and reílected that porhaps, ero tho set,ting of the sun, tha mungled corpses of orne of thein would bo tretched beside iijiiip gun?. Yot no gadnoss waa visible upoa their eountenances. No! They liad ioiig uriieiitly wi.shed tho lime 'o come when tlioy niigbt measure strength with tho robel bordes; and now, as there seeined an ifiir.icdiate prospect that their wisbtfí laiglit be gnrffied their honrte leaped jojfuüy tn their bosoms. and thoir countenances beamed with animation. Thcsc Wfio :: I once ordered up, tlie ot and sliull of the enmy's guns meanfimo eontiniiivig to plough up tlie ground ni our vicinity and to èrash througb the '.üriiiiivici of somo iinlf dozen tflOel '.vhicb wero grouped together on tho Iiill ini meiüutuly to tho right of Loomis' posi (ion. " Oitpt. Iíbotnisy' said I, a ho was viiüng back towaid tbe main portion of LU battery on the bilí befiind, "dou't yn intend to rt-ply to that lire." "Yes," fluid he, ''.ni fetch 'em ! " .Simonsou's battery oponed in tlio meantiine, ar.d , way oü' to tbe right of the ■■i, i All LfOomitf' piccís ere no'.v in po-itiun autl tliut;doring away witn ihesharp, quick, dourily ri p.n whicli r;!lcil i'.:irut( - nlway malte. To tho oxt.roi:ie left, unother b-r: rv jnediately opuucd, i:td Ihoi-ncniy replied f'roiii at le:ist h-ilf a doacu tlifforont pot-inns, and shot ir.d i 'scripiicu flcw in all dircctiotiB. 1' tillery seeined very badly maijaged. - Their inissiles struck Bvcrywhcrtí cxeopt wllcro llioy iu!cídel them tr s!rikj, aini I -u-tiiai !_v pecincd that the safegt pointe vvhtól eotful lio sèleéted for a circuit nf t;vo oi' ihrce miles w.cre in tbu voxy ui dat (f pur batte ftlol iclicd, Iiowcvl'p, until the e.itriiiy's batteriea opposite LooSlis' lijd Siinonsou's ceasvd BrinJ entiroly. lt wag netWly iwu u'rloik hen t!'.': cnniionadiiiji coiiimcnccd yi'Úa teccific fin v alnng tlie line. In hiilf an liüur aftorwuid the discharges of unisk.'try ucro sliarp, quick and tcniiic fioiu our liglit tu our l'.'fi, wliere JitokaoiiTs (livisii)n, iiow fully in positiuii, was gall.milv sastain'ing the battle. lt was Ü M wlion t':e relwls, hitherto unable ti oausc even i mverin'g n :uv porfían f our line nf bafflo, ooilectud his c'iosen bands uud, ubdej' the Kiiui]iip of Brage hiinsi-if, advand d de'ennnicdly toward our center, in ordqr to lin-ak, if possiblo, the line vtjtioh our gallïnt soldtcrs éverywhore so stubboroly niaintnincd. In vnin tho artillcvy thundehed within n bonrfred yards of u?; in v:ii:i their iofantrj poured vollcy iiftor volloy iüto our ranlc ; in' vain !ieir alry nimc fovvvard wilh loud houts md in maginfioent order. Tliuir artülery Stqa sDLocd by tlic niurdorous firo of our oiv.i batteriee, and their cavalry ftdvarioed onty to strow tlie ground witli tluur eprpses, and then retire iu cor.fusion. THE ATTACK ITON JACKïin's DI VI.-ION. Bat tho attack whicli bögan upon Jackson's división about twunty minutes after upou Roussouu's, was mam Puecessfid, . Bare tbn infimoug Buckner br iugh an iiumsDso force te bear against the t.vro brigades of whiuh Jacksop.'a división ia eoiriposcd. The soldiers of tho Union fouebt witb courage never surpn.ssed, and again and agaiñ vïéré the advanoing rebels elipuked and thrown iuto CQufusion. Iïut with ev-er-iiicrftasing strength tho eneiny oon tinued tho assault. lie placed Bi lines pon èl'iping greund, in Pucb a yay th:it tho uhnle coold iiü at onoe, nnd alriiough tkis armugoiiient enabl.-d bur battcries to opsraie with mote deadlv effeet, it prestcd such liavoo in our single ÜUtJ of battlo is no suidiers could endu' o. A port-ion of tlie 2!st VTisoúhain, sup porddg vtotie'.s battery, broke tfnd flud. Our line being tlms brokén, en tire división t ei, pajlinps a (uarter of a MIK!, where it Ik. lied, and held its ground until the b.tll'' cea!::''!. The partial gaecess of tho rebels updn this división, Pi]pour;igod t'iem to ree nuiiienoi' tiie ajttífk upen Flmi3sauj and iiow began one of the b.loodiest pa8s(gefl ai anus whicli bas occurred dunng the iv ar. THE ATTACK ON LYTLB's CilMMAM). The l?th Brizado Col. W. II Lyile of lbo lOtb Ohio coinurradihg, fe'rmed, as I have said, the ri.irht ot K-mssiviu's 11, a:id !t a;r ii:i-it this tliat the rebel 4ea4ure direoted their fiorsest as.iult, The Third Ohie, Ooi. John Bealty, sustained the heaviest lire, and as long as it reinained upon the hill ils runk uere continua! I y plowed bv the lo uióehargei from tlie enemy's artilh'ry. l.'-it while it reniaincd thero. (mr! ! remained u:i'i: a tlrird of its rminber atrewo ! the ii-h:.) :r, oorei fcw an iiiitint 1 to bcUh fcorih a vollcy of flame 1 i'iti. !i ■■! few, nor 00 rilt) tbc ri'bcl Icginns, vcith ill iholr daspet. ition n ui cow.iaa to charge it. Liveiy r ofiioar stood like a rooli to liia post., and I tlie gallnnt Col. IJeatty, d ièiDöwïtin L ! fioni bis uninanagoa'nlo horso, plaöed 1 lii-rpscy f (ioo)ly and oalmly in iln ooatfr ■ of l.i regimant, oheored biith by voico 5 and expropie bis d'iinlles men, and seemed' tot;üly unconseious tli:it dcath was pyerjwhere, iifound a.d abii.ut him; At last a shdl frons t!io rebel cannon f set íí to íi pile of stra-.v, the flame of ■ which i n tan tl y eommr.nicated to a lar; b;ini upon whieh the rrsht wing of i U ' Thi'd Oliio roatcl. In a moment tlio rhole vfas in a blaap; the heat beoame intense and tmondurublc and tliniiuli f. the I stood im til their faöea 1 waio bülcred ratlför tffau break ih ir ranlis, tlii'V wcro eompclled at lenlli to 1 retire ia confusión upan tliè canter and left of tbe reginiünt, vliih tlicy also tlsruw into disorder. Slowly and ruluctl antly tho olliuers bogan to follow their 1 men (lowrt the hill, at the font of whicb they mmediatelj reformed the toni a;d 1 bleedin raoks. All this time tho lOth Oliio wcn-e ; lying Opon tho:r faeos to tho Icfi "f thu ' .'ii!, deAt th i snmniit of tho samo liil!. ' And npon tho otluT sidu of a lane as [ ' have btífore injiitioncd. i Therntreat of thö 3d Ohio aml 15th Kenlueky, h:id left iberight wing of th n lOth uncovsred, and a wbole briga Ie of the enomy, Porra f tig in maïs, ndvanced ■ toward them over g''ound of such a nai turo, that if the lOth did uot reeeiva warning froni some sourco, the rebol column wmild be upon i hem and iinnihilato tliem bofore thoy could riso froni tbèir faces and chango front Col. Lytje was expecting the enemy to appear in bis front, over tho crest of the hili, and hid icttonded to have the gallaiit lOth charge them wiih tho bajonet. An.i they stilt lay apon tiifc'r faces, trhile the enemy was advancing jipon their flank, stcaltliüy as a nat steais upon her prej . Nakrer and negror tiiey coie! Great. lleivensí will no oi:e teil the lOth of their feferfal pei-il ? VV'hero is the englö 6} ö wllioh ought to overlook tho field and send éwift-footed doariers to savo this illusirious band from destruoi tion ? Alas, there is none! The héroes of' ('arnifox are doorned ! The mass of rebelR, whieh a t ising ground just to the right f thu lOth has hitlierto ooncealed fröm view, rush upOD the hapless regiment, aod from the distanee of a hun' dreil yards pour into it an nnnihilating (ir(i, even while the men are at il 1 upou their! Orerwhclmcd ana confouu ded, thoy loap to their fuut and yainly ei il.'.-i vor to chango front and meet tlic oiu'iny. It is impossiblti to do it beneath that murderoufi lïro ; and for tho first tiinu in its history the 10'h regiment turns its back upon the enemy. Tliey will nol run ; thoy only walk :iway, and thoy are mowcd down by scores as they do ao. TUE ATTACK ON StlERIDAN's DIVISIÓN Whilo the lOth Olro was being so i terribl1 out np, annther immense body of I rebels filed off to the lult. disappearod behind the woods fronting öén. SheridanV división, and aonn afrer cnminenoéd a desperate assnult upon our right and right center. But Mitchell and Sheridan von! ii ;uly to reócivö tlicm, and the 11 to the righc of tbc ro id, occu pied by the ltter in the tnorning, instant!v boCatne :x btige volcano, belt-hing forth from evcry qnarter volumej of firu und MBoke. and Üinging the nridst of thu dismnyed and staggci-ing traitors, teu thoniUDd projectil'-, doadly s a volluy moa s'.iut frnm tho cráter of JE'n. ! Aíti.T vailily c 'I' :t ■■ utÍ-iií :.i 8'orill thu i lül!, tlie sh.ití rcii iiusi:rt ni' iu c:if'.i!v : '■■■- ' i iieral 'M.tdjull'bVun.l Í abiiüt. ;-ü . íniv.i a l.:t J. ■.-]! ili'ing cíi'nrcof tli o 'i t!;-i.l f'ix.', ,'.■■.■'j i:puu inij. Ou,lo in :i!I ;ír.s i i ílelit, liad iidw eo iiolütalj' rrliLingod dirCAtioi), ij from Nnrtb to South, inetead fio:, i tllü I) t U) iVöJit :is a lln bt'giliniü;; of the dav. A butt.iiy jrbicli ! - ffas Ciptiiin l,')i!iis', r.rpiils'.id Uiia Last ;iüsu.iU. jiut ;liu tiring of u'tillury, i O iiilinfvci] i):!]l" ;'.:i li nr ín o tli'ü niglit., I friuiug n sceuu awl'uily sublimo, At hisl its tjiu'.tdcr ! used aa ly mu nal ouuj íent, ai;d ! li''.V l.iy down apon w.'AH. w hardos silejuJl and rupidly rt'sfliiiud tUeir rtjtreat, leavuig i'i piKÍSoíaipM f t!ní ÍL-ld tíf b Ule, uid larga numbura oL tliuir litad and; wounded in oúr li:unís. I do not belicvo tln? enemv's loss was grciitei', but T thiuk it was 9qua!ly severe. ! A few Imndivd prisoilers wore taken by j each side. Wo lost seven pieoca of caunon, :ind oaptured a uuuibor of' wagons ni; ti ambulaiioes. Sevral cf tli-o rcbel guns wqító JUíibled, aud maj iiüw bu iu our possqsion.


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