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Democratic County Convention

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The Dumnursitio OoiKity Gonvetitinn met at the Coni't Qnone n Iho citv ■( Ann Arbor, on Wednasdny, Oct. 15i(i, at 12 ó'clock. iïnn. A. C. Blodohtt, Ohnirmfln, E. 1?. Uiil and J. H. Maïnard, Secretaries. On Tiotinn of W. S. MatnaÁDj the; convention adjoijrned uutil huif past one P. M On aa-emliiini? in the aftornoon, Mr. Dam-outií, aa uhairmnn on oredontials, ruported Ihe names rif delegates entitled to seats in the conventicm. Om lïiotinn "f Mr. Danforth. and Niiported by Mr. McKehnan, tlio followiiifï proamlile ard resolutions wore uni.'jinioiisly uloptod ; Wterean, The DomocrnMo Slnto Convonïion, huid in the city of' D)tr)t, on the 8th inst., hy h'esrïy a ununimnns vote, n;c.omiH'ifk'il Ihu State Ticket present ed ly tlie Union Oov nlion, held at Jackson n l In; 2d day of Octo liei", ind WherÖM the DtMiioi'ratic Stutc Oonvention adopted ihe iollowing reiolulion : ' Ri'nnlred. Thnt fhis ennvention rncnmmenvl f the Deinoorney of tint sov ernl d Htriotu and oimtieH of ilie State to nr.ite with nnserviiliv men tl nurtinfttinor eandiiiatj fnr JiepresrnintivcK ii) Cnííre-s, RfprepiMHiUiv ín thJB Riato Legisluture, and Üounty OffiCUI'S." Th'refore Retoll'étí, llio Dü. mocranjfpf the (uniy of Wnshtcnnu , hv its fielnsrates in h convunlion, do l)ii-i'bv omloivH tin! ictiiin "f thé State O'ihrenüo, nnd dn hereby nomitiate lh Coiintv Tiiki't reccitly fiominated bv th t; Union Qouvttniion "f tisis ooiintv, :unl pleilgo '.o tlmt ticket i cordial Bupport at tliu er min 'r eleptiob. On motion of W. ?. Mavnard, tlie Secretiiry was requijstefl to fnrnish copies of iho proceedingfi of the vi-nli ih lo ii:e tuverul Deuinuraú: nuil Uiiiiii) papera uí. ilus coimly. Aiijouniöd ánc die. A Q. JíI.ODGETT, Chu. E. !'. Un.,, U , J.I1..M4V.NÍ t:,r,3;


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