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Stuart's Raid

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IIeADQUAHTEHS OF Ge.V. ) 1'lkaíam' Vat.ley, Oct. 18. ) The news of the tme.cesa if Stiiaii's raid iiito Pennsylvania, und the rar of this triuy has oeou-ioned nn untiocBusiry e.witement Hiniwig lh Uwip. - Wheii it staken ntu oonxliiei'üÜDii that the river is inade friaVle by h Iow etage ol water hI io iiiuiiv pi'iu's, tbat the Aimv rit i'ic I1 itonitm h:is a line ■ í f ii kei s eïtemlimf Fi'om C'iHfibdrlund to W:islingto!i. ti rii.-tíince of ISO lü'N'-i, ii mitlie it n osmy matter fr i laryn ivdcl forcu of eaya'ry to petietmte it, Ttití monient the lct tint the rehuís at McCoy's Ferry liecamn knovvn, evttry exerticin wan rni le tlrit van dettned nocensiiry. Tho ruWel at tho mmilh (if the Mono:: 'cy at uine n'clwtt J'estérdvy morn'nitf had marcHed 78 niiles W'liin tenty ioiir houi'8 without (i chance if hurses or nest. At-that pnifvt wbile uttüitipling in crona nto Virginia, tru-v wt-re ivpu'seil and nine oí th;-.: fake;; 'Minors. The luss (iri uur .-.Lle iö man woumleil Stuurt, tindinK i'uuselr utirthla to ere-s here, moví d Ihree miles down the piver to Whiie's Ford whertj he made gn id hs exuupu. C,t".:. Pl-.-asat'ton, ivhiie puri'iiing them, (ft tbe use of afnns, his bor.mjs 8Ívll(3í out from exhausli'.Ii. It is In lieved tl;at the marcho 1 th of the ivbels' cnvairy and rjgr pivn are the ITK'St eXtiaoi ilinarv on record, and thev show liit st i.oiiclüt-iv'ely the perfect fully i atteir.ptincr to pnrsuc eavalry th infanti'v- Orders weru sent tha ditfrent rnir.inanrlers to move and OcCiipV tiie poi:ioiis iiaxined, bilt unf ■itunalely at this par irular time the majoiity of the eavaJry Coreo absent i n tajít du'.v at 10 i grcsit n distanca bi be iif tiny ii. -e in ehasinfir S'uurt. On in ouwision of ihw kind ntantry, not bein;; i');i' Co inaku u lengthy rn iruh, i.- of no prnctiijiil use, except n guitrding fords Deur ut Intnl VVbfl Stuurt I crosped :il McOov'h Ferry, ho h;id IVn.ih hnrstjH ttn-v li'avin beun sein to ihat pqiat in ndvnnct) iiis nroveinentn ifler ing wure riiil. He inaruhed hifl foreo ninety two miles in tvventy-fivo li!irs 'I:!plis!i ilii, he li;i( the fresh iornés taken trom the citizan's rf L'onu .vlvani i, IVmn Lhe tiaie Gonwal Plousanton. coni(nind.nj{ a brigade of' jiivalry and u[i buttery k-ft tjis cainp ijntil he crfin'e up


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