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ÏIIK (U UmUNEU TC EIST K WED! WÜll isrE'W stock:, NEW GOODS, &E. FARMERS' Éf CMII STORE (At tlie uld stmid of Thompson Jb Milieu.) I ain uow opening a curefully SELECTEP STOCK OF STAPLE DRY SOEPS CO.NRlSIiNü OF I PRESS GOODS, PRINTS,' BROWN A BLEACXIED 3HEET1KQS, OASSI.MEKES, FLANNELS, &o. and ever) thing that is kept in a a!so ;i fiue assortment of BOOTS SHOES! YANKEE JNOTIONS, A ful] stook of GEOCERIES constantly ou hand. FAIÏMER'S PBODUCE ! Bouglit and löold. Thankful to old friends and oustomers for pist favors, I hope to mcrit a ?bare of t-lieir patronage, bj denlmg justly with all. C. B. THOMPSON, (formorly with Ü. H. Mill.n & Co) Arbur, Oct. 1, ÍS62. 872tf I am B;ui:d for H GUITERMAN & CCTSJ Dispute the faot if yon can. It tak-s the TA ll.OÏi ifter all to gire apjioaiaiice to tliu ontef nian. If you wi1l to njipeav irell Y"U must accui (Jingly Utfgi VVel!, Go t II. Gu termen & Co's, Tlicru ytill will ü id üiings exnctly Sü. ÜONDHEIM alwi.ys ruady to take your meiiKUfe, GTJITERMAN will sell you Goodí vit) gie:it plöiijiire, At figures L0WER tban you will find ih he Suite, 'J'ilktJ lltH'd CALL EARLY, ekö VOU Q.Tt too LATE. The INDÚCEMENOS are dow greater than ever, Our Clerks you will find obliging and dever. We will show you good CLOTHING of our on oetti.N'Q L'P, Filling our Stoie iWian IÍottom to top. STÜDENTS especiully will find to THKIK ADVASTAGE, For it tafcefl but LITTLE MONEY to repltjniah. 1500 0VERC:ATSof Cloth, Bwivor, ind Jiuar, Warrabted for altnpst ever to wear. COATS of Cloth and Cussimerc of our OH I) IMPORT AT1ON. Forwai-ded ihrough our New York relatiQPd, From Eiiglimd, Belgium, Germany and Franco, Suoti íis you cïin stanb up jh, qr ',vear, at the dance. Fáúié ] Pants ! ! Pants ! ! ! Fancy OASSOIERES and DOESKIN oí every grade, We sell thern Iroin ONE DOLLAR up lo EIGHT. VETS, &C. of every description, You will tind it so without fiction, Púrnirihing APPAftKi.s Erom SHIRTS to UMBRELLAB. Thi is all we sa 7 now, ïherefore vre make our bow. Yours truH", over go, il G'JITLIíMaN. fe Co , 150 BUSHELS TIMOTH1T SEEQ Jar Sale "fcy B C11 ás 1'iEKftON. Ann ArbopOctober 1,1 62 JP-IAiMOS. IERiOXS whü wuiii to buy a.Fiiinb óf Hio bost rnnlior I Lic;; can :■ ica Eum ;o ,-.;.. ■■ tt I Li v aöd] ■ r.'-iM', caru Jüy ( i


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