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Í I;S, '6 pi Jíí! ' ! ■ ;.M-.' I -g ■ L M B ' M g ■ a O ,q H ?c ft j g & 5 III gl S li1!9! h fc?. 1. .J H c; -- CC ! j THE KBBELÏiïOiNi 0X HIGH PRICES POE CltJTHiNQ. HAS CUMMENCEÜ AT TBS 0LO & RELIABLE CLOTHI ÏM C EMPOEIUM ! No.3-PHCENIX BLOCS, MAIN St. r Wnoir opcnln? alargo nnd variwl i t 3,p,igndSannnerUood3, o l ín vicn' ol S iiteHOD i n bigh.rici ' r them tulnv and ourtom. at the v.ry lnvosi fl?urea f..r fasli.- in waul ui ;i huperio arLi-le ol Cloths, Cossi tntres. isr Beady-Made Olothing, -will oull tnWSVI. WAGNER, Who bas ju-t returnol from the Eat, Ift a large as4orti&tit of SPRiNG & SU MM LR QOGDS vliidl liavcbton rurcbaswl nt the late ,■■ thaa cv(r before. Anioiigmy Aasoriment u:ay bt' fouad imOADOLOTHS, (JASSIMERES, YKSÏINQS cf all describióos, togetli' r witl) a nuperlor nssnvtmenl ui Ueady-Mude Ctotlllng, WíVTXK UMBRELI.A?, sSBüciiiIcincn's Furiiishiiig w!th numcioui othcr art!;:les usuallj fum.d iu fiimilnr BitaUishmeiitt. Áa H KMPOKIUM OF FVSIIIÜN, thr ufenirnier (latkrsliimsrtf, that hia lors; espértenos ana aeiiMalsq ■■ ■ , f'U onublehiiq to giw tbo ertwt satis"uc;liontoa!iuhoniay lust lupi utln-v.aj 1 Ü3 Mauufacturing Garments t.o order. WM. WAGN'KK. Ann. Arbor, Apl il 9tl. 1S62. SMt GLOBIOXJS News from "Dixieï" The Rebeliion about Crushed ! A. % O, LOEB, CF TUIS CLEVELAND CLOTHING HÖÜSE Kcuni thcif sincere lhaT)k3 tu their nunierous IIIIENDS AND PATRONS, For the liberal BJMKMï in wliich they have hereiotui'uru patcooiiol tl 'e:,!, a ml beg Ipave tu iinuuuiico that tUe iu e AGAIK ON IIANÜ With a Large and well solectd Stock of SPRING & SU MM ER CLOTHING! GEiNTS' FURMS11ING GOODS, Hals, Caps & ïninks, lïhich thoy will .'11 at Astonishing Low Piïces ! Fpr fuither pnrtipulars Oall o,xxc3L Soe fqr vourselves, and yon will uot goaway dissatisfied. A. & C. LOEB, Buron Streot, a few doorn west "f Cuok'a Hotel. Ann Atbor. May, 1869. imSSi DISSOLUTION NOTICE. TUK F1RM HF C. II. MïfXEN fc ''O., ii this day dia solved by motnal oojient. C.H. Millón is aathoriied to si ttlt all businsM rtlaiiiw i wid V''-w.c. H. Mri.i.iv. C. B. THOMPSON. Ann Arbor, September 1.". NOTIOR. HK VINft purebase c the ntws1 of C. Ti. Tlv t. In the lat Bim of C.H. Milten & Co., t hll contilmo it I o old -l ü"l i ali ■ i, m ni a iinp busii es. Tnankfnl Tot pa i hope t.i meril a continúanoe oi the palnuiiff" herjíto i r be '. ■ lAed to tUo old liiin will i.lwise cali anfl SOUle imriedlatf tjr. tqone c ii mii.i.en. Oval Picture Frariies II 'IZBS TVl.rES jnst eceited ana Ar'"l"'t0U0FP& MILLER'S. 180.c. 7S"'f _ Demand Treasury Notes For whïcb wo pay M. GUITEHMAN fc Co, Ann Ar'i'H OttobW 3, 13 2, Ayer's Agüe Cure,


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