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SAMBUCI WINE, ■ rur.K, asd ïuur. yeabï oí , Of Choiië Ojióro íiult USE, FOH FEMALR3, WrAI-LV PRít"ns & INVALID3 ií . z? II I i I # U TCvory -'i, slioukl use tbe pAMBCCl WINE, C'etebrtp6 ín LreL foriis medición 1 and beneBcug.1 qUnlïtiW iis ;i p-]i','i; . . ■ ■ : : ] il.tir t'.r UT Ú ÖU 1 d rifle, biglilv eptíciDPd bj i nu ci.t pbysieianê, ust-d iu Kuro] pan and A menean íl'spim Is , and by some of tbe ftr&t iaraiifes of Euro] e and Atneifca. A A .ToXJC, II lias no oqual. cau.-in;" un ni rtitc an;l building up of fht pystem beíng eïïtlrcij u pure wine of a most raluubta fui il. AS A mtHKKTIC, irte heilthacflo to the t Hands and KMneys, and I i ,.-. vtrv beneficUUa I'ronsy, Güut,an'i ti ■ aflj &tí i ■ . srEEiwa Wike [s not a iDjïsture nr manufactured article, but is pure, from ■ ■ fttnbücüsgrapBuUivjited ■ u New .N rsty ,:tn tmei ded ly( pemiata nucí Physioiaua na [ ■ uperior l env otlivr Wine In use. . article for all weaïc and j debiiilultd p r-ii:. and t)ie &%! end inftrni, improvinj the app'-tile, Küd lep i md childreu. A LADIIlS WIN'K, Becausr it will not iwtoKieaU as oiher wino, as it conui ■ re'of piriis or Hqviörs. and is admire 1 for its rich, peculiar ftevoi1, anO miUitive proporties, tttipai üup a liealthj tflne to tbe cRgfflttre organs, and a bloomiüg, soit iind healtby skin and 'complexión. i k r.;.; er to A few we11 l:ij'iwn gentlemen and phyaiclans, who have tricd t!ie Wiin :- Üpn Wiii'ieldScntt, V.S.Á. Or. Wilïon, 11 th st.. N. Y. Gnv. Hitnan, N. V.' stato [r. WaH, Newtirk, N. J, Dr. J lï. "'."■■ V.Citv. !'r. Doiijjaerty, " " r. ■ Dr. Parish, l'hilacïelpïna Dra üarcy and N'ic fítítt ;iil , X . .1 An.l m ■ ■-.iiiis t" jmblibl]. i;.. p:gnattlT of "AT.FRFD ■ the eork of eacb bottle. MAJCK OSE TRIAL ÓF THIS WINK. For Pale by iMoynairt, Stebblns & WUson, Ai; ti Albor. Trade supplied in Detroit by II. k L. IMON'EAU. A. SPEER, Pioprietor. VIN lic, N'ew Jery. !■ . ; 08 Broftdway, N. Y. JOHN LA POV, Pa1 is. f-31m6 AgKut fov l'rauceaud Ccrmany. RÏSDON & HEN DERSO.N BUCKLEIYE GRAIN DRILL, nr.d G-rass Se cd Sowcr, Bïanufactured at SpringBe'.d, ühio. THE FEHY L4T1ST I vrr.OVKMiKT, and botter than al! f lüïviiy vVhet, I'.,e, Odis, liaii'-; ■ &od. l.. Aas a Rotary FeeJer. 2d. Will sow all kinds of Gsain and Grass Seed. 3d. Never lunches the Grain 4-tÁ. Never breaks the G-xiin. öth. Som Grass Seed broadcast ' hindthe Drill. 6?h. Kas high toheehand long lio:. Ith. Hm long ai ' ' ttiel-jaointsSth-. J 't has al ■ , , ■ re or Survei,or'. 9tA. It kis üouV.e and tingle rank dr'lls. lOtli. It has a selfafijust-i'.ig s7iut off blidti. If is neatly and substantiully made. Tbrre is harrüy a Driil offeredia the marktt but can boaat of ïiwie tr l&w FIRST rRFMïlQIS." Thov ure nbui au h ■ towe I a-; the tltle of " Profv ■ npplifid o tl e '■jiddltr' or '■ bo,-ü(i-J.'} 'ïn cie to coitvejf tbe idea pf Utertt. 'ilití BuckeyeD:il! has been on übiMtion at quite a numbt-r of btajLeund Cuüiwty l-'uii, nnd witho t 6euking faver nt iliö lian of any Commltteé, hds rpceivd itü f uil sbare of Fremiutqs, TÊsflMOKIAÜ : We glvé tb? FolíoTHng Daroea of ■ few Fürnurs in tb:s vtcioity Wjo have buugüL aiícl difcfl tlieBucUeyuUnll : Guddvy Miller, Öc. pgr, t( ...■-., - "itld. John Brukav, QiitsüuQ li ■ " Ëdwitrd Bqyi Wobsir. ,i tne i ■ ■ ifivytlij Arbor( ii;,r. i1! u":.r ■!-,., " ' John ■ U'KO. A. Man iiii ;' L. Ldni' q r, Saline. Gcurgti (Jrupaoy, Cr íu 0ilc, Liv.Co. Wo are aliso Ageuts Tor Ibe Ghio Beaper &. Mwer, icknowlodged t be the vcry best iu uac. Wo ave just iu receipt of Í00 Gram Oradles Wliirh we will sell chèap. Also alargcas3ortracni ü Grrass Scythes. And the largest a:iJ bost selccled stock üf BENT STUFF FOR CAKiilACE'v. tW nuirket. Wc ais'J kerp :i :tin! l'ull NA1IAGLAS?, rrn'Y,PAIXT(;mUJííSEEDOIL, A complete assortment oí' STOVES, TINWALE, AND EAVE TROÜGIIS always on hand and put up at the 1II.-WH & UBSBER--ON. Ann Arbo, I Howarcl Assoeiation, riIILAUKLI'lllA. Forth'. re'tef of tht Stelt and DUtrateul, nfilcici Kirt y,,.,,! especuillyfor tht Ctn-tof rtt-, "". by the SurIBLE SEPOKT? n8iermiorrhre.nd oiiipr i n r f the ■ ■ I' 'i ' , , . l'io oi r J.SKHXW 110L-GHToN HowarJ Assooiation, Xo S 8. Nitlll) ft., l'bilc-"Üll Dissosutioiï. Vm-iCEishercbygiwi! ' !i' btarthnt i10nt i{oie ■ ■' l)"1'" anrtV.lll.rmV1 birautual S,,n ... n. wh„ U du'y RHEYDEN, r"3l '


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