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3 noT.v rea ■-'- of Oiocks, Wateho., E : ;, , . ■" ' .-. f ; :;■- 1 i ' 'i .-'■■-■.,-'-; ■ ■ ■ . . -■'-■ 'r -'■ ":■.'" :' er SÍlver and Pluted Ware, TABLE AND POCKET es tkT -" ir -ma .se. -w i a, RAZ011S asd SHEAUS, ÖOLD PENS, Musical Enstruments, ! j cl, Strhigi if Bnokt for Instrument), 'I SHEET MUSIG, f o CC'MBá. and a Rreat varx-ty of YANKEE 3STOT1OKTS, &CI. ü ti He would cali particular attentiou to his large 1 f ,, íSIIJP'ESOT.A.OIjíISíE, tl o' Gold, Sllner, Slecl, and Pla'.al, whh ' PERISCOPE GLASS, L a i i superior art iele. Also Huntington & PIatt ','' coltbrated CALENDAR CLOCK! iuitch!o for Offices, Counftfig Rooms. Halls or Dwellings. l'licst cloek are rel'abln tiiuü keepers and Cale ;ombined, and roquiie the wiDding of' the time movfl nnls onlj, to epure all the n angea at in id ving the ];iy of tli' wi-ek the munt): and iJïij f til. nrtntii, incki'liii tüe 2Jth OA I-a t'ear. llis gooda are niu-tly of recent purchase froni S'cw York and the m;iiiuiflctuv(;i s, íumI wil] be solt! to i'jit the thnuii. Persons b ivisg ctifficult watchea to fi1 rwith glasseg cim be accomudatcd, as mj stook id - uu' C'ii.pU'tu. P. S. Particular altentíon to the )f all kfnda of fine Watchea, sucb as Mak ing and ketting new Je.wete, Pinion, Sinjfs, and Cyiindsrê. Also CLOCKS, Lc TJE"WrjEIJXr ieatly repaïred and warranted, at his old. stand êasl ir ;iüe of Main Strest. 9 C, BLISS. Aún vhoT, N'ov. 15,1301 826ti c , a "Próvido for Yo r Family." UFE INSURANCE CGMPANY, ííestcpn afllce,irig8b'arj' lïlock, Randolph Bt.,Ch . .. , ii1 Assets Jan. 1b4, 1802, $270,223.44. _____ it are ilansd upon the lives cf .i..-1-'.or, and Tor [r ill business pi'ifposes, clthéf fer lite or C-t a term i ' .'■ aru, nn ad fiivorublíj ter IQ a as by any r Companj. il Marri3 U Ui ■■ ■■- ■ f huaband?, o lècordtng to a íaw of the State', si curing the araouu o) u . nee to them iel ves tr their childn n, fres hu claims df their liasbands' creditürs : !o m Aaien cao lB8ur thir on lives for the WaeÖt ;f their ibildryn or trustees, ! I'olicit-h on liver. ai e issued for aay sum noí escccGin ■ 0 0. 'By the tena pf the charter, thls Coropapy is prohibíted paying mo.irtlfaA Tjitr ceat anpjalJy in Sividends n its capital to stbCKliólderP ; anl it i eceives t!iat aui n nteiest foy tlie use of it.s capital, tlie surplus b Ijvlded aniong the Mutual lanurera ; henee it will ap tear that ii combine th -■ of a Mutual irith .In HeCiirity nf a Stock Córofwny. hfo the premium nmounts to $40 or OTer ft noie aty be giveo lr four tentha of thtí ain.uut. Batea .. ow aa aaj oihergoud eompany. B Nnw is' the timo nf s.'íure a cmpeteney for toui 1. ainii.v should deutfa ftnd yuur homastejid eacumber ind buöiaesf inrulved Li SftASTÜS LV'IAN, Prealdent. h Gi'o F. S".irFKN.S-cy ai B. F. JoliSrann, Vee PmWfent and Mauagcr of West „ ■rn Branch oüice. Chicago U E. B. POND, Agent. WJ[. LEWrrr.M. O-, Medical Exammer. ;J, Dr. Wm. B. SZurd's DENTAL REMEDIES, ! ■ it THE BEST IN THE WORLD, ; FIXE TEETU & A SWEET BREATI1, Curing Toothache & Neuralgia. ti . Do rfu xv-isll to bc blessq'i witb and ftdmired Piarly WHiTKand Soqnd Tl Jr. w. B. HDRD'S G lN .IVlLLLD 'lU'j.'H POWCER, n-mranled free from ■' jciJ.iilfcili, or auyinjunuiss! " tlnji . l'ricu,?5cent " Jp box. Q%. Beware of the ordinary cheap Tootb PowÜKrs ; ivluch whiten bat dostrajr. i Do you wiah to be certaïq that yöur Breath is pure, rf sweet au airrce.ible to husbulM nr viio, lpvtl' fi " ríOdaí ü Dr. HUIÏÜ'i L'KLEIlIiAllO) MUUIIJ " WASli. lVice, 33 cents ïjerbotUe. ' Tilia astrin-ífnt wasb is nis" Ihc bost remedy in the Hurldfor Caskk, tíH !i:]:.r. i:i:::dm GuUS, Sont Mouru, et.'. It bas oured buudrcOd Doynu, or yor.r d.iUron siiüfr f:om Toothacuk? Cl ! Dr HURO'ü HAGIO TOuTHACHB DKOl'S. Priee, U f cents i.ti buult. . f. u Areyouaffl'ctPrt with NEURALGIA? Get Dr. W. B. C Ijrj .in'' M-.UUALUIA l'HTi.Itó, ïhe most eücctive iiud dvliglitiul ruitdy knvn. L They do not aaherc nor blisler, but sopthc oud cfitLrm g puin iin-ay. Tjy them. Price, i iiud 37 ctnls.- h Muiit-d on recent ol í rice. 1 Doyouwish a completo net of DF.XTAL EKMI :in i' l'KLAii i: on i cüiinuo TEiïbV UetDr. HUBD'S DKSTAL IREA UKY ilu' neateft and rost v.ilu.. ir.,suui t, :- l'rice, SI irte. j Fot srjs at all ilit bsst storos tliröufliout the coi: - I Oabtio.- A thoro are desleí who tke idranl ■ ■Uafioent to impose npin ilieir castomm fírioiorm ÍÍ preiuirêii by an expenenred nnd bcí Bic n trcanurw J tb New York State Lwtwt'i ' sotiution, aud Vioe Pretident of tho Hw ïurk Oor Dental Society. AJdresa WM. B. HIÍRD & CO , Kew York. i O Dr.Ilnrd's Dmta! RcmediiS are for fule in Aan Arbuf. by ïTUmws s WlLso.1, El.EhUAi.u i; Co,, u:n'. (;::i:.vilu: - 1'fiiEU. f6''11 a .____- . ■ -i-nl I'N' FF'CM the sutucrfbpr on i-uaiy Hip 17 b ,t,a liglit-bny maro, ;■' ut 14 '.: baftls Iiigli. all fou Icgs wit . whittstiipv in the tice, 10 or 11 ■ e.H head v. r, lo wíien tr.ivi ack t .p yv., íloseVi sea I mnied vritb ;rorn i snlnllv ciishiq and saat trimt,oJ mlh ini rj-a oolurda enamnl6 'rhe nian caito WWelf Jan" ' cZ'. '"" '' nb"l:f :T onlO vir old.wiih li . iv„mia. o ,11 and sinall ; riïiUtiepii 't t I on tbit will k-ad to Ann Albor. 162. miïK nnrtolgfiS "H I ; farr.i o' H ■ I ilü:,! ' acres im.ieriMM". „,r Wit, fbare. a fiui houo. ,; ,. uuüi 1 rchnr.t, ' 'cvi■WTAnnCTAir.- . A of p'oasilini Sjtti;"' "rl)c iorejbi inOclOlCiT'wVrf ) 'J' I


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