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P WJIlsKERSí DO TiOUWANTA MOVSTACHE t 3j, purchkse ooe I Me of E, E, ChmploB' ;XCELSIOF KÍVIGORATOR nrüali of the kind tit.s. Ti uliot tUe t'rourt i m Loudoa . : ut?. TÏIE EXCELSIOR WHISKER INYIUORATOR! ! a Beautiful, i ■■ un . . i .■ ... ,. i .-Tmuiatlnf n-"?""i: ■ o l ... root, e i l.uxuriunt Beatd. If ■ üii i!-), t w.(l eqn Uíidxms, and if a pulled Í . rito directiva,., it nrtli cause to nrlnr im n biM !oUfiia8Mt!j of s-,n iia.Li] luni VXCELSWIi INVIGOE+TOR ■ponsjb'o Artlcl in tvcM Ocntlopiao's Toll t 's usu t :..;,- nould uot, lor any conaid' ratio,,, Ije with:,ut it. The abovo artlela wlU.ta ir uur to tight Week-,,.bcingouia thick set of Wmiiit. Ite bsoribar aro tha only Agents for Mie abone os. clein tbu LiiiudStatcf. TIspt wr.uldalso nacouncc '.-. tiw puWl tkal thor re agenls for ' Napolcon's Hair Toilet! i tlieFrench ncople Toilol ueinif muMiBto 1...UÍ., N:n,o!eooi which in. lint tliia Toilet must llotliers tv,p ofn-red tu i s tin.ii coonít; :t i:; the artii , from praetietl use L'IIE NAPOLEON IÍAIR TOILET 'l!l c:riI' U en, Phmint Curl ! roueday or une uirk ir ,le' lr,"ri lh dircctioaa are trictly t'hich al . ■ v .. mple un I - "iv mamWitc-rfere witk, lie Natural Sjfinp$ r.f ík,. Háit. It neither eorch Oi-.djesit; butgivea ihe Luii a soft, ihrillv appearn'-í- ''■ '■■. tic hair fr m falliiie olí aud uvninggray. CHE NAPOLEON HATR TOTLET [as been bcforetlie pulilo buta sh. rtthoo, an4 lina aieañy been Lestcü bj over onc Ihousanl peraoM 1 a-Ji iiey tostify thut the Napoleon Hair Toilet is the great■ rioap peapfe. Toiirevi . fom being coustcsftitad w lm:ate1by unprir..v . ... du not offtrlt for sale t_any Dn: h Btate. 'llieri-fore anr .ady or Gentleman u;, uft, I.uxurJant Hair or lloiiHtaclie, can rooure tho Invigaratot or t'ilet, elthr one.for sne ■jlUr caclosed in u letter, ith. addreas. Adcees, G . F. í PEKY & CO., Bos le3,Co!liiisville, ... .... Hartford Co., Con? And it will M carcfullj' sent hy return mail. DR. IIOüFLAND'S 3ALSAMIC CORDIAL, For tlio ppeedy cure of Joughê, ColJs. Influenza, roup, Hoursenesê, Bronchitis, Pneumonía, Discases of the Dowels, arisincfrum Cold, Incipient Consumptwn,andfor the relief and i,if at allpossible) cure of Patiënt in adranced stages of tiis latter diseasu. IlflEBalsamic Cordial ís entirdy a Vegetable produc■ tion, oombii , lii g propertiei o( the Balamj wlth es of i Cordial, proaciögacümbiD . i to the purposea trtended, ■ . ,s of disearte hich :itl not, at an öarïy period, eucpunb to iis healiMgau I eeatment of pulmnnary diienso portion of the attentfoa of the cieaiiüc of the p , hut none acquired mor minenct; n i íhése díseftse, thañ the PïPÊSian, ir. ñoofiapd, the orlgnato( í iaUaiftic Cordial. Uislife was devoted to tiie iirducion of rei ivould stand ufarivallêd. ÖoW olí (o has Huoceededj the American peopleare able to 3 as : t, that no pvoparationa Uem, have conferre ■ D sutïering humanity, or a'e elici( . ing trom all classo i society, a rlie reftiedles of Dr. Hoofland, prepared, bj ■ . Jai koon . Co., of riiih.dt-lphiu. T The Cordial i% desigaed for a d td(t86l ma)4 tjuvfaJ and more fatal than auy ether to which the ■eipie of tl iis Country ;u e suljject - .those spi inging rbm a iíslight cot&." That eminent authority. Dr. I notaay that Colas are to our inhablants ïïhjat the Plagas and Ydlow F ener are to thosa i other euuntrk-s; but I can aver coniïdeu-tly that they sher iri diseastí of greaterTcomplicity and mortivlitT han thwelattsf.11 Entirely Vegetable. No Alcolwlic Preparation. DPt. II JOFLANP'S ce!.::üraïed Prej iired by DS C M. JACKSON & CU., Philddelphïa, P4. VJXT, DYSPKPSIA, aCNIiK 'E,Croaic or Netvoua Dcbility., Diseaass of tha , ■■iid uil diaeased Rriáng ímin a disordered ,ivr or tó'iomach. Such as Conitípation, Jnward Piles. Fulnesa or Blood; . the St mael . ■ , ikfirtp the Ston. . tittefiné at the Pit '. ii ad, Hurried and itlicult Ün-iiihing H il ibe íeíLit, Choking . ó in a t)'ing p.'sture, lMiuEvt, l'c er and ull Pain " l'erspiratiün, Yel. ' ■ ■ Pain in thei-'ile, Back, :hest.Li "f H-at, Bui-ningin . _ oí eví), and great f)e-t;!v prevent YEL V&A, BILLItirsrKVl.U,:;c. ] pielor in iliiiig the attefttion of the public rparation, doeí so wtth a feelittg cf tho utmost ■ '.' adftDtatioo o the dUMM . rüclo, bot one that ha ■ : ■'■■ Xhe Ainprin p--npU-(:)ui! I ■ I ■-_■ ; imrivfiHe'ti y u:;y biiiiJar . ■ ■ ■, ïhe testisaosjr ii i'.s lai'or givci' ■ t :.;'ikhi and wcil-knowq nis f li all partpof fiie country iy i peruwtl of the Alipanfic, BVih:-A by the Proprietors, aud to be had gratfs f ftny oi ■ ■ cannot Dut sntisly the most n ing the great elfbrity it has obtaïned Rcnd tlie Evlïïenr 7rom J. yctfion Broten IK D. , Kditor of the Encydopeiim Kncaclectfe. Althpngi ycror rocommend Patent Hst of their ingre reaspa why . ea bi'nsolf p paration, itijip ■ ■ ■■ tl -.Ll;'juU' ïo X'i.ti bcneftt ( ■-■the raoro re ■ilooflandla . :i. .;,r.:;;son, ot this ity, 1 was pi ' hem for yeara, 1 j an alcohol 1 ara uvUM'jü tu myJTrieifd Etobert Shoe ■val of tliia prejudice by proper to icy ttnin, tvhen t;utTerci otin'jed dbtlíty. Tho use of . at the beginniog of the ireseutysar, wat i vld at relief, und restoition tu a dígreci tbodiïyanc! mental vigor hiclilhad sixmonths befum,and hadalmoqt despairc f regaiixi n-ethauk God md tuv friendfwj lirtctingïneto tha u íeofthem. J. NEWTON HKUyVÑ' 5ea4 wbftt fche cminsnt Gte turer, JO( H. WHITAI.L, saya üf the CALSAM1C CUKDIAL. DR. C M. J.r: '; ': llaving for a od 'itno been aoq a int e rirtnes of tliy Bal!il to Cou. hjS. l,M8, lnti;iroma.tion of the, juags't frc. Itl'i'testimony to Ets eflieacy. 'or veralyewfa i b r oeveï beéis wittíout it in my amily Italáogives me pleaaure to state that I ha. ■ auccesa m the tfeatment of 3oi?e 'pniphiint-i, iliyfritnJ trUW. JOir,X M. WHTTJ1X, "ifth Ivío. 27, 13&S, ■ ' . aboví 4th, Fhíp,. Thefip mefllctösa nr? r sale by all respectable Dr-upjists and dealers in mtHl'cines i, Britah Provinc-i. and Weat Indiea, at 70 cents per bottle - 'a' UrftAQ ' ■ I P1"C Oi C M. U( K3OH on the wrapper ol aach botth;; all other s ax% Office and Mjiiufactory,4l Arcfe irct, lliiaaclchia, P, ö30yl fjnn nftn MALE or ÍEMALE Agent ■IOYLVS NKW ri..Vf:-: COUNTY CLOREI ■ AS, AND NEW BRVN&tfli KFriTii r , cumplcteii Anfr. 10. 1?62 ; coat lini". tïuijorior to any $Í0.nj ibj Col ton or Mitchüy cents; dOOft . , f engraved on thi map. II is nottiuly & Cotinty Map, hut it i:; Md a '. 'f ANj: KAIEOAD MAP ftae Unííod States and Cañadas combinefl iüac,giving ;.V FILROAÜ ST.ÏIOK t ani (Mstenies between. GuT3t fcW per day, and; hCk all m i] that cuiinot oe aold n rcTuud :ha mi r SI wdrth to try. Printed InstrucÜona how to canvass veil, furnishedj WUolpaale Ajeotfl for our vpi ;a erory franco an l Cubaï tai tuno m be made muí a few huudred dollara capital, ■■■'i'nJ. T. LLOVÍ', No. 161 Brodwaj, Newf(tf%. ■ r ilap of Virginia. Mirv-. , ['ennsytvania, coat SIOO.O(K). 00 which is. unipartFerrx, land'a t"or ï,i '■■ on the i'oioKic, nn ! evevy ifl Warytantlj írg uta, T,nd l'i-nu.vlYuniu, ut raJLey r ft; LLOYD'S rOPOGRAniirAL MAP OF KKNTUCKY, ÓfllO, INIiiANA, and ILLINOIS, stnèonty ftufhorïty for Gen. Buell and the War De; o aay one indiug an erior ■ ! ' LT.OYD'S MAlJ ÖV VH;.j[.. MAHYlAlfTï AXfl larc ; ïtf cosí i ■ ■ ■ ■ ■■ i r nivER- i . l'owin, h iw oveiy '■'■ ner's arm i rovi sv ■■ ■ m th ■, , . . ■...,.:.::.■ 0 on limen, witb r.'vr-. . 17, 182 th'fl W !ioitr-Afïir:, Hisfjisippi ma '..] M aro ro I72wj OU'! f ihoXavT.


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