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New Business For The Corn Exchange

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A good thing cama cift i) iuusday when tiie Corn Exohungie last carpí let't Philatlelphia lr Harriabnrg - Arnong ihe men waa one who liad a young wite. While they were wniting lor tiio order to rnarefa, tlio young w.íe wns takiní{ leave 1' her bueband, in so oenta broken, nnd eyw thut lay bedtiwed in teuií, li'ue violuts ti u HUiomer fihower. Tiio man uurrarad her, bul tha still started ; h told her il iho patrio'.ism and inuniBcttoee of ihu Corn Lxubnnge Absocí ilion, yet lh crystala continuad to full ; hu toKl Wt of ihe oouniry" dunner, tut hí unyuish wornot soothed. At ia.-r, weury of bis cndcavors; be tnedunothvr tnek. "'áally," 8:iiJ he, "qnit nlj'ing. Yon Mfe wh:it ihe Coro Exchnnu him done. They'vo paid you my buuiity, ütu-U me out, nnd everythÍBg." " Yes," the ;irl sobbed, "br.t"- "Büt whiit?" " But if you got killed - whnttbeii?' "Why" - the man beéítatedi lur a ment unül a lccky thought struuk him - "Why ihen thtj Corn Jixoliangu iill find yon another hiisband !" Ibeludicrournesa of' thu telen eb'inged tbe cufrant of tlie giil'n íeelins, uo'd Hiniio reathed her provty motitb und diiri[)l(.'s 'm a rnanner tli..t was pluiisuiit to baliold. Tlie last toar iiilled away, tmd ;.s tho word "foiwuid" wan given, kIiü gave the young rtciiiil a iat ki-s, miel dt'pmtcrl iu good clieer. - Piiadi pitia American. JCfé? A Mrn. Dobh tnndo hvr nppeurünce befnro ihu Drnfiing Ciimmisaioner "t' Polk oonnty, Iówa, reuently, wiili l"0 Bniull in(:iii x ,i her anus, Hiid i'ollowed b3' fuiiitoea uther ohücirtn i variiuis asuH mil .' Slie saitl slie and bei ftUildron huil tiome to jilewd for lier hi)MÍ;u-.'s exemption tnim dralt on account of (üsalllity. The Colurfiiitnioncir bfttshfuly ttigjresled that her lurgo lnmily wo not very good evidenco of dieability, and decDned to grunt !;!■ rrcjne8t


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