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Now Or Never

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Listón young héroes ! your country is callin?! Time strikes the bour for the brave and tlie trae ! , Kow while the foremost are fighting and lallhiff Fill uphe ranks that they have opened for you ! You whom the fathers made free and defended, Stain net the scroll that emblazons their lame ! , you whose fair heritage spotless descended, Leave not your cbildren a birthnght of shame ! 8tay not for questions while Freedom stands gaspinr, , .. ,i Wait not till Honor lies wrapped !n his pall, Brief the lips i.ieeiing be, swilt the hiinds clasping - "Off for the wars" is enough for them all ! Break from the arras that would fondly caress you, Hark ! 'tis the bugle blast I sabres are drawn ! Mothers shall pray for you, fathers shall bless you, Maidens shall weep for yoa when you are goiie ! Never or now ! cries the blood of a nation, Poured on the turf where the red rose should bloom Now s the day and the hour of salvation; Never or uow ! penis the trumpet of doom ! Never or now ! roars the hoarse-throated oannon Tlirougli the black canopy blotting the skies Never or now ! flaps the shell-blasted pennon, O'er tt)e deep ooase where the Cumberland lies! Fromthe foul dens where our brotliers are dyÍBg, Aliens" and foes in the land of their birth ; Trom the rank swamps wjjere our martyrs are lying, Pleading in vain for a handful of earth. Frojii tlie bot plains where they outnumbered, Furrowedand ridged with the battle fleld's plww, Comes the loud sumraons, too long you have slumbered Here the last never or now !


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