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Death From Bullet Wounds

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To be hot de;id is one of tlm easiest modes of terminutkig li!e yet, rapid aa it ia, the body has leisure to feel and refiect. On tbe firsr attempt to nssas sinute Wilüam, Prinoe of Orange, the hall passed through tha bnne of the iaca, and brought him to the grnund. In the instant that preceded etupefnction, ho wa-i uble to frame the notion that the ceiling of the rooti had falien and crushed him. The cannon shot which plnnged into the brain of Charles j the Twelfth did not prevent him from seizing the Bword. From wht is uown ot the first affect of a pun-shot woqnd, it h prob, ible that the iinprnsion is rathar stunninii than acute. Upless daath be immediale, tho pain ia as varied as the nature of the injurie, nd these are past counting up A foot soldier at Vaterloo, pieroed by a rmisket ball in the hip, bei;ged water of a trooper who ohftiioed to posess a canteen of beer. The wonndnd man driinl returned his heaitest thatiks, metitioned that his ragim' nt wps nem]y estermin ated, ard having proceed'd a dozen yards on his way to the reur, feil to the earth, and with one convulsive move meüt of his iirnbs, concluded his career, " Yet h'n voice,"saV8 the trooper who tells the story, "gave scaroely the emnllest sign of vveaknes." An old officer who was shot in thd head, arnVüd pala and iaint at the terr-porary hospital, and beged the surgenntnlnok :it his wound, which was proimunced mortal. "Indeed, I feared so," he re nponded wiih irnpeded utterance, " and yetlshould hke very niuch to live a liltle lonser were it posaible." He laid hig sword upon a stone at hi. eide as gently as if ja steel had been turned to glass and almost imrnediately eank dead upon the turf.


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