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Thoughts For Young Men

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■Uostly appanitim and spiendia eabinet nava no magioul power to rnake scholars. - In ill nccs, a a man ia, under God, tho maker of bis own fortune, o is he the maker of his own mind The oreator has so co:istituted the human intellect Uiat it can grow ooly by its own action, and by its own aetion it must oertainly and necassarily grow.- Every man must, theiefore, in un important gunse, educata himself. HÍ8 booktt and teuchers are but helps - the work is his. A man is not educated iint il he has the abiüty to summon, ia oase of eiiiargency, all his mer.tal power into vigorous exercise, to effaot hii propowed ohject. It is not the man wh" has seon the most, or who has rmd the most, who do this; auch % one is in danger nj being bornn down, üke a beast of burden, by an ovarleaded masa of other mon'e thoughts, Nor is it a man that can boast raerely of native vigor and capaoity. The grontest of all the warriors that went to the niege of Ti'oy bad the pre-eminenc, not becausS nature had giveo hitn strenut.h, and he oanied the hirgest bow, but Helf-discitline had taugbt;


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