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The "290."

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Capt. Tilton oí t lio wlvilcr Virginia, dm' uf iliu captures oï tho 20Ö 8js dl at the coiuuiauder of lbo rebel ornft said to liini ; " Ymi Norilierncrd spe 4e8tPOyh)g mr prpcity, and New Jïedford peopic ure having tlieir war meetings, orlbrinjr $400 bouiity to voluntccrs, and sond out tlirir stone fieets to blook up our harbors, and I ani going to retalíate ! Captain Tilton continuos : " I went on til? quarter deok with my snn, wlien tliey ordered me into the lee w.iist, with niy ei tv, and all of us put in ironH, with die exception of two boys, oook and steward. I askod if I was to h put iüiroas? Tho tvply waa itiot liis pursner was put in irons, and liis hoad sfoTod by us, and tliat !)■.) was oi"2 to rctni'mle-. AVc wito put in the leo waist, with au old sail over us and a lew planks t'o lie upon. ' The steatner was cruising to tho west, and the next day they took the Elislm Punhar, her crew receiving the same Wcatfflont as ourselve. Tho steamer's guns beiui; fcept run out, the sido ports Mutóttot bc shul, Dnd whcu ihe sea wns n litllo rouh, or the vessel rolled, the wtcr was oontinually coming in on botli oides, and swashing across tlie deok whcre wo were, so that our feet and clothing were wet all the time, either from the water below, or the rain above. We wcre obhged to sleep io the place where we wero, and often waked up iu the nilit noarly under water. Our fre consistod of beef and pork, rico, beaus, tea and coffee and bread, ünlv onc nf our irons was allowed to be taken oif at a timp, and we had to wnsh in salt water. A 8 werc kept on deck all the time, night and diiy, and a guarcl placed over ua."


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