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The Rebel General Stuart

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The dashing rebel General James E. B. Stuart, whose startling raids on the Península and in Maryland give hira uch markcd prominenco, is a nalive of Virginia and a young man. He graduated at West Point as late as 1854, entering the Mouuted llifles. When the rcbellion broke out he-was simply a First Lieutenant in the Hecond Cavalry, the "crack" regiment organized by Jeff. Pavis while Seeretary of W&r, and of which the loyal Gen. Suinncr was Colonel and the rebel Gen. Hardee Lieut. Colonel, Stuart reaigned May 1-lth 18G1, about three ïnontlis after Tremain made hrs Tweddle IIa!l speech ju.-tifying tho rebellion and opposing the war "now, hereafter and forever, and if that be treason mako the most of it." Stuart immediately pntdred tho rebel service and has since been the atar of its cavalry. While in the United States army lio niarned a daagíiter of the loyul Virginian, now Brigadier Gonorul Philip 8t. Georgo Cooke, then Colonol of the Efirst Cavalry. One of Stuart 's ohjoets in liis Poniusular raid was to capturo Lis futherin -uw. 1-efore the rebfllion broke out Stunrt was an officer at Garlisle Barraoka, for voai'.s the reudezvous of the United States oavalry, only tliirty miles from ('lininbersburg. Several of his field officers were also stationod there at different tiniC3 when in the Federal service, and all wero thoroughly familiar with the wholo couutiy. In addvtion they were of course gnided by robel sympatliiscrs residing along tho whole route. - Taking everytliing into coi:sideration, the fact that Stuart sueeessfully made the circuit of our army on iho banks of the Potomac is not so reinarkablo as the rapidity with whioh ho cüd it.


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