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An Indian Princess Dug Up

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Some yonng men in Churlestown, Mass., ruountly explored an Iodian inmind ia that jihicu- the bnriul place if Ninigret, thü hist ot tho Pequot sa chema - uid iound the rèmaina of his duughter, his only unmanied chüd : " They dng hnv foet and came to three very large flat stones, weighing perhups a. ton eaoh Ilaising them out oi tfx way, tboy oontkmed daging four feet dftsper including tlie tiitufeiioits of tlio stonu.s. Tliey tlion struok :i hirge iron pot, filled with smaller pots, ketties and Bkillets. 'l'liov fonnd nlso a krge brnss kettle filled with poningers and Other kitchen ware, nnd bottles. On reraoving these, they found undor thom docayed wood in tha funn of a large log, and an ron chain surrounded it. On ono sido were hinges, and on the opposise sido a pudlouk, nnido fait to the chain. It appgared that tho log liad been split in two. ha!ve8, the naide ofeach half excavated so as to receive tho body of an adult, On removing the upper half, they found a skeletoti enshrouded in a silk robe, and on the liead a cap or bonntt of green silk. Extunding from tho top of the head was a chain like a watühguard down to the solo of the foot, and were lastened to the outside sdIü, neq.r the toe. The leather of ono of tho shoes was decayed the other partly remaio.s, and indica tes a vory delicate foot. Surrounding Ihö waist was a belt made of wampumpeag and covered with silver broachea ts ornaments; around tho neck was a necklace, and at tho wrists were silvor e!eeve buttons. Thoy found also two coins, ono of silvjr dated 1650, and a popper Earthjng; also inside the log was n set of ])utch spoons, some rnetalic Dutch pipen, and ladies' thimblua and other articles."


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