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Address Of The Democratic State Central Committee

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Betroit, Oct. 21, 1802. Dr.moerafe of Michigan - A gieat polit ical baüle i. ai hand; your country and your counlry's glory cali you to arras - - Your fortncr reuown, aud the traditions of the old democratie family uvokü your iction. The dtadsB of Jackson and Jcffacgoq and Washington cali on you f rom tho toinb to step forward aud savo the country b) thi.s ts hour of pcril. The eonstitution of your country iá assailed by au arnicd rebt-Hion on the one hand aud hy a vebdment sectional fncHtticism on the other. J?alls and powdcr are the weapons of tho ono olass of assailuuts, while papor tuanil'estoes are the weapons of the other ]5oih strike at tho ntegrity aud existcuco of tho governinent. of your futhers. Both are revolutionary. - The one requires you to put down, with kindrod wcapoarmcd traitors in the lield, wtrila tho other calla you to action with no loss eficetive weapons - tho vote and tho ballot box. Your sous, your brothom and your ucighbors have uobly responded to the one cali, as ;i country in inourning aud each battle field in ihis most deplorable civil war can testify; rn= spond yourselves to the other at the pojlg ou the fourth of November next, Palrios af Michigan - JIdw can you save your country from the daugers tliat beetitV Yoa cannot and you will not do it by afiiliation or syuipathy wuh thoèe in arms agaiust it at the South, You cannot savo itby acting wit!) tlje oanting, radical faction at the JSTorth, whi'cb did muoh, very rauch to product! tho pivsent war, which did nothing nnd would do nothing to avert it, and which has done much to aargravate the condition of af iairs anu io ruuucr üJtm ceuny doserate. We are fallen upon glooiny tiiucs, such as are likely to continue so loug as extreme couusels shall dictate affairs at Washington. Tlien come to the polls and cast your ballota for domocrats, and conservatives, and modorato men, and reasonable men, aud Uuionloviug men, and national men, and patriotic men, now nominated in opposition to tha radical tickot. Drive the radicáis from tho places they occupy, abuse and disgrace. Take the rcins of governmeut from men who have shown thcmsulves uuqualilied to hold them, and place theni in tho hands of men thoroughly true to the constitutioa and goveruiueut. A chango cannot be íur the worse. It may be of infinite advantage to you aud to your posterity. People of Michigan - Remcmbcr that eterual vigilance is the pnee of liberty The patriota of the Itevolution and the {bandera of the goyerötnent hedged the personal liberty of the citizen ïbout with he atrongeat ataránteos of whioh fuuda mental law and national compaets were capable. They transmitted theso guaraiitees to you for safe keeping, and you are oharged to preserve them for yuursclves, and triuisniit them miimpaired'to your postei ity. The diolatorial spirit of abolitioüism, without even the excuse of an overruling necessity, has assumed to suspond and nullify theso guarantees. - The eitizen, without a complaiut, without being allowed counsel, without being confronted with bis aceusers, without testimony against hiin, without the forms of civil law, and against all law, has been seizcd, overpowcred, munacled, and secretly dragged off to distant military prisons, thero to remain t il 1 the pleasure of bis aceusera should see fit to set him at liberty, denying all explanatiou of the cause of arrest. All this has boon done in States and communities thoroughly loyal, whero judges and jurors and offi eer of the law wero ready and anxious to do their wholeduty. These are evils too grievous to bo borne. A blow aiuicd at the liberty of one eitizen is a blow leveled at the liberty of all. A blow struok at the liberty of one man is a blow struck at the canstitutton aud governinent of the land. Citizen af Michigan--Your liberties are in your own hand. lf you, do uut preserve them history will denounoe you as üt only for a couditiun of slavery. - Future rulew may acquire boldness from your forbearance aud rob you of all that remaius. A gonerous and patriotic people should and will sustain the exeeutive authority and all departments of tho government, aud iuake auy sacrifices consistent with the preaei'vatiQQ of tho oonsfitution, in their support, for the }tter overthrow of tho rebellion. To dustioy the constitutioo under the pretence oï saving it, ia an intolerable doctrine. - It is the usurper's plea the WQild over. If the men at the hoad of the government could ouly be permitted to aot upon their owu sober judgraent, aud upou their own convictious of duty, thore would probably be no grounds for alarm; but those men, we foar, are uuder the influence of a faction of uncompromising and iuexorable fanática, aud therefore the surest and bost, if not the only way to gave tho constitution from overthrow, the government from revolntion, and thu country ('roin irrctrievable ruin, is to hurl the radioals themselvcs froin placo and power, and thus relieve the administratiou from thfiir violeut and destruotive policy. Old Men of Michigan - Itoll back the wheels of time to the political campaigus of Jefferson, Madison, Mciuroe, Jaokaou and Van Uuren. Drink in tho nspiration which a reeollection of those glorious campaigus is calculated to impart. The review will again renew your strength and your dovotion to country. - Tlicn, partios were led by patriots. - i Theq, administrations were conducted by statesmen. " Thero were giauts in thoso days." Thank God their histories ace fully writton, and their uames aro held in grateful remembraiioe.- Thank God, they rost from their labors, and do not live to sco their worlj do ' atroyed hj unhallowed hands. Theu, to susiain the charter of American liberty was not accounted treagon. Thon, freedom of speech and of the press, and tho riglit of trial by jury, aiui to the writ of habeos corpus, were home chcrished rights, and ho was a traitor who dared to viólate tliem. Theu, wise, patriotic and. conserviitivo men ru'.cd in the public councils. Then, wo as a nation were feared by tyrauts, loved by thü lovers of liberty cvorywhcro. and respectod and honored by all. Then, you gloried íd tlie proud titlc AJKR1CAN CITIZEN. How is all changed now ! What a brood has thisanti slavery agitatjon throwu up into public life ? liut " pigijiios are pigmies still, tbough pcrched ou Alps." Como out, tben, to the polls onco more, and restore your couatry to its forraer reorown. Yowvj Menof Michigan - Wo rito to you, young men, beoause ye are stroüg and are ablo to uvurcome tbo evil one, who secms to be now holding high carnival amid the disasters and ruin of a distracted country. You are just entering upon t!ie greát battlo of lite. Many of you will cast your fitst vo!e at the approacbing election. In tlio namo of our coininon country, by t hu proud recollections of the past and by all your hopen of the future, we ask you to cast that voto for the constitutiou and the Union. Should the coun.selors who now sit in high places, be continued in thoso places, you will soou have üo uouutry to love, uo propcrty to i'iijoy, and life tself will not compénsate for is burji'iis. Thick dalkucss hniiga over tho futuro. A radical factiou bas drivcu ihc good tiJ ship ot' Statu iiiKing the roeland i}n]íks:ii)üs.- üur anehoragu lm fa led ; lije is ovi rl o.ird ; the c,i))u.-s i.s diyangiJ the i helm is useless ; tlic pilol is uslounded and bewijdered, and an utifacnf fied crow is robbing and plundering on every hand. Those gentío winds that iiiled t h u sails in foraier days, and brought peaeu and plenty, havo been succeeded by fieruo g:ikn imd a raiug tempest. Thon, a!l hand-, STioy ! You jouug men. o.m savo the s ip if' y )U will Stand up and do it. Atlnpiri Cilizvii nf Mitiliigun - Fcr what did vou COiiit to ihis country? Why did you Küiv(j tliojic boautiful plains, that imrivalcd s-cerory, that garden culturo, tliose vineyard.i nud valleys and miuntain3, those monumento and old castles and old c:ithedrals and gallones of art, eli.-it civilization a thousand years old, ' sweet scènes of your childuootl and those soo al rolatitins of maturcr years? Wliy did you leavc them il! and oress tho occun fora distai)t and uutricd, country? Ah' yq'i h4 rüfttl t!)o Declaration o( Independence and the constitution QÍ thu United. Sfates. 5Tou had rpad af American liberty and of our materia] and national prospenty. You had learnpd tl} at labor was reasonably oompensatcd I)iTe. You saw tlip Stars and Stripcs - tho evor honored omblem of American liucrty, gleainiiig front mast heads in the ports of Europo. You oarae. You have anjoyed froedoui, been reasunably paid for labor, been protocted by tija ooniitltution and laws, aud havo participated in the general prosperity of the country. Would you enjoy then) till? WoulJ vfiii savn labor froui boÍD2 i degradod to a level with the servile labor of the Africau ? Would ynu savu the constitution aud froodom of the oountrv from the hand of the destróyer ? Would you perpetúate what you have fouud our coun'ry to be - the hoiuu of the free and tho assylum of the oppressed ? Thon rally to tho polls aud vote the Uuiou aud democratie ticket. Conservativos of Michigan - Roniembor how your orators, your state.sman and your pross, predicted tliat the extreme polioy ff the abolitionists, if carried into practico, would array the North and the South against each othtT, would overthrow the constitution and plunge the nation in civil war. Remeiuber how i Cass, a Douglaa, a Clay, á Webster, and a whole of wise and conserva tive men, predicted just what we now sujfer and are yet to, sut{br. How they cautioned us of tho coming danger. How their addresses burn with noble words of training of what is now upun us, and what they foresaw as clcarly as the sun at mid'day. lload over once again, beforo eleetiüii, their patriotic lessous. - Remeiuber how tho great niaster of Ameriean oratory was hunted dowo to his grave by maügnant partisans, who have succeeded to his place, and who pollute, with their pestileutial breath, the vcry places whcra charmed assemblies once hung upon his words of experiqqce and of admonitioa. Reniumber how the kites pecked at the noble eaglc, and how they have siuce pecked at his memory. - llt'uiember it all, and go and vindícate that memory at the polls. Union men of Michigan - You have steped out af your party linea and your party disoipline. You have boldly incurred whatever of praise or hatred tnay, justly or unjustly, attach to such a step. ï ou have doubtless dono it deliberately, and democratie conventions have accepted your assurances that you did it patriotieally. Wc strike hands with you, then. ! Shoukler to shouldor we stand by the constitution and govornment. Ho! for our country, now, hencuforth aud forevermore ! Let us striko homo aud strike all together. Let the shout of victory follow the roar of battle aad be heard above it. Let the old flag of the Union once more wave victorious over a unitcd, happy and prosperous people. JSlecton of Michigan - Have yon not soen er.ough, heard onough, fblt onough and suffered enough, irom tho extreme factions- the extreme pro slavery faction at the South, and the extreme anti-slavery factioa at tho North ? Then strike both ways. The armed enetny has feit the weight of your blows on the one hand; let tho Northern enemy now feel the we'ght of yemr mirqben?, and the extent and strength of your patriotio dotorminationa. Iet the eneniy North a.u4 South see, and lot the world sec, that you uiean to preserve aud raaintain the constitution and governinent as their founders Jeft them. 'To one and all - Let the good rnan come from his altar and closet; the man of philanthropy from his homo of kindness and charity ; tho man of letters, science and taste from his study and place of art, aud rctinement ; the mau of toil from his shop and his farm, and whilo tha mau of prowcss is fighting the enemies of our country on the inartial field, let us one and. all, without regard to birth or rank, without regard to former party relations and ties, CQme all together to the ballot bqx on. tho h'rst Tuesday of November nest nnd fight a less bloody, but no less important battle against the political foes of our country, and tbere and then demónstrate to each othar and to the world that wo prize our country above a[l price, aud that no enemy ou eartb, political or martial, shall ever wrest fronj our uuited grasp the constitution aud tho Umon, framed and establinhed by tho united aud common efforts of o, conimou ancestry. To the polls, then, every man, and let the ballot box do its work. Let Michigan whcol into the line of thoso gallant Ötates, PuqpflylvBnia, Ohio, and Iudiaua, that have already spoken in thunder toues of rebqke to the radical and revojutiouary spirit of abolitiouism. The f' bleod letters " sec the storm about fo brak. upou them. They doolare themselves "ready for their doom." To the polls, then, and let that doom bo reaüzed Let the State be purged of the gbaino aud roproach they havo brqught upou it. To tho polls, on Noyeuaber fourih, cvery inan, to tho polls ! LEVI BISHOP, W. A. RJCHMONP, H.N. WALKER, ADAM L. HOOF.' S. G. CLAÜK, AUST1N WALES, N A. BALCH, II. H. H ARM ON, J. COULTEIl, C. LYBROOK, O. RL BARNES, L. D. NORRIS, J. G, SUT1ÍÜKLAXD, Demoprfttip ötafe Central Committep.


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