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The Rebel Army In Arkansas

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opi ingneia, wio., uci, zx, A prisoner in tlie camp of General liains, and wlio escaped at the timo of the fight at Nawtonia, gives the f'oilowiug account of the condition of tho rebels on tho southwest border. The soldier says MoBride and Pareóos had eight or teu shousand men, aud JRains fifteen thoueand. Ten thousand were effeclive. Cooper had eight thousand, Cofíoo and Shelby four to iiive thousand: besidos these, Standwaite had 911e thousand fjve bundred Indians. The general plan for the invasión of Missouri was that the rebels should march in three colums, under Cooper, Parsons and Knins' 'X he íirst poinls to be taken were Springfieid, Mount Vernon and Kuila. They thought thero were only a1;out 8,000 Federal troops in the State, aud that the ca.p-ure of' .Tefterson Qity und St. Louis would bo ao easy matter. Ilindnian rnade a speech, in vvhich he proniised that the Stara and Bars would Hoat all iIdiiíí the Missigsippi and Missouri Rivers belbru Christmas. The rebel array is represented to be in a lrightful condition. Only abput three-fourtbs of the men are arraed at all; many that are armad are ouly provided with shot guns and tquirrel rifles. Dozens of regimepts are without tents, and the laek of clothing and blankots is generally lelt. Hundredd of' men are barefuoted, bareheaded and bare generalij. Our informant was ainused at scores of cavalry who had -spurs buckled on their bare heels. Provisions aro vei y scarce among them. Biead and water, with an oecasional piece of beef without ealt wns their princip..l diet. Tiiere was no discipline or order with these portions of the rebel anny. Half of them were drunk when whisky was to be had, and for blasphemy and general inmoral conduct their equal was never known.


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