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General Progress Of The Antislavery Movements

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A eummary of the recent advances made y Liberty upon Slavery in our nation, v?e ee in some of the Antislavery prints of tbis ort: "Every thing indicntes the rapid1 piegress of our cnuse. Many religious associations jave lately been formed, on the basis of no compromise with the sin of Slavery. Synods, nd other churclï organizaiions have acted )o!dly against it- politicians gave it great protninence in the recent canvass - belween sixty andeeventy thousand voters maintained at the polls their fidelity to the cause of the slave - the Supreme Court has published its decisión, freehig slaves taken from one county to the other in the District of Colombia- the odioua Gag rule has been repealed- our pelitions have been referred to the proper committees - in Congress, slaveholding politicians iave lowered their tone - in the Slave States, theyshow in every way a con"ciousnefis of their weaknes8. Abohtionists are multiplying in Kentucky, Virginia, and Maryland, as wei! as in the Free States. Our past efforte have been signnlly useful aleo, in multiplying the number of private emancipations. These are now much more numerous than at any fonner time, except immediately after the rovolution." - Oberlin Evangelist.Or We noticed last week that the colored man in Pontinc who had been sentenced to death for the murder of anolher man, has had bis punishmeni commuted by the Governor to imprisonment for life in the Penitentiary. As the sentence of several other crimináis in lite circumstances has been commuted in a similar manner, and as v.o execution has taken place since Michigan was admitted to the Union, it mny be said that the punishment of death is virtually abolished in this State. A respectable minority of the people are much opposed to hanging, and while imprisonment fbr life gives general satisfaction to the majority, the Executive acts wiselv in thus adapting the execution oí the laws to the state of public feeliïig


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