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The Situation Of Gen. Buell's And Bragg's Armies

The Situation Of Gen. Buell's And Bragg's Armies image
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From Dio Tjouhvillc Journal, Oct. 21. Wc get aothing i-'urthor Irom Uuell a.d Brügg. Próbftbly we may henr of pie or bothof them in a few days. - Évidontly. a deal o( di;s;;tisf;ction qxis s among our punple, and wo are not surprised atit. Confident expcotation $re disappointed; High hopes aria blastcd. Every one feuls that things have occurred hich thure were meanq to prevent, and which should have been previ n'.ed. But bo patiënt, he;.r and ecnitiüizö all the lacts bearing up.. on thg oase ind tlien pronounce tho judgnient that shall Reem to be deej-ved. We still hope to find that no oon-, fidence bas been misplaced. Bragg is by this time, we prcsumev n Tennessee. We are anxions to know uiiüther he is followed across the lina by Bnell. If ho is not, we shall soon, hear of his striking a heavy blow sorneA'here. Ilis army ounnot affurd Iq Yt& idle. It is far too graat fbr that. Bu,t where it will go is the quoslon. Ona. of the Allanta papers saya the Chatta-, nooga iïailroad is in full running ordaiv tn witfain fifteen miles of Nashville. I( this is truu, is there not dangor thii firngg may ffet to Nashvillo and capture t viü i(n overwhelrning force tyj,foro tho neuossary reinl'oroemnts vti bo sent forward tp tho gallaqt Jiegley'n support?


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