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In this city on ïlnirsday, Oclobor Ktv 1662, by the Rev. L. D. Chapin, Joh ï. Fctllek, of the firm of Grenville & Fuller. of this city, and Miss Lumïa E. JIowrï, of Ann Arbor town. Hangsterfer's Hall.7 SOLOMON'S TEMPLE f Cummencing on, SatwAay cvEni!Lt Oftt,. 2bth. li62. ThU is a house built of Cedar, ornamented with carviugs of ccdar, overlaïQ vith pure California (ofct II was built in California at a coat ot w,, tj b& ttyfbnffd dollars, lt is -J-i by 36 fee and 15 fo$;t lil. it 'ocppies tbt'cntire body of iho ball. It is UumJoated with 20J gas ligUts, also 600 Baures checked with sik anc] lim-n representiiitj all thajr wor&bij Uoiiof thaïem; ple by KiogSoloiuÓo, as to its nrctiïlectural beaaties wc clialleage tlie wrl 1 for ita eqiuü. Open everj Say and evenlng from 2 to 5 an'l 7 to W P. M, Lecture at Z% and I'. M. Admíflsíon 26 cnt. ( hiV.ivn 15 cents. " Liberal arrangemcnts made with Sabbath aud day Schools. iiuctioneers Notice. "OYRON CREEN, havn oplid for a lícense, ypw IJ holds bimsélf ii. twwiftik 'to atteml to all calis.- Uaviiic; lia'l uxjjoiienco, htis positivo be can gíve Kpo$l satfafactíon. All calis prompUj attendd to. 'Chries leanonablo. Apply at the Kniiiklui House. BYRO.V GRKEN'. Ann Arbor, Oct. 34, 1863, 875tf Estáte of Ebcn Ï. Whittelsey. STATE Ob' MlCHJlíAX, Cnunty of :-- At a ms' n of tbo Proba to (-ourt fr tlie Countjr o? WiisMeimv. . hl'U-n üt I'rubute Office, in the Cit ii" Aun Arbur, on Wedneíwiay, tho tilieciitli dav nf. October, in tïie yoar one ihouBavd iht luinc'.rcdand íixty-two. Vi-L'pont, Thomas Ninde, Judge of Probate. " In the matter of tbfl Cítate of EÍen T. Whltteleoy, doceag. 0;i reádingftnd Öting the pctítion, duly veriflod, of Pranklin W Wiiittelsey, prayiog that admiDistnijoii of ftald Estáte, may b granted to íarah S. Wbittolse, c tome otilar suitable pepsoQ, Tiierenpon it is Orl red, That ifoñd'ay, thesr-v-niei k (íay of nexf ,ftt ten o'c'ock in the foi be ussijfoed forthe hearing of said pctition, aodthat the heirsat lawof said decíase!, and all othur praoiu iutric-tv i in said estáte are reijuircd to appe&r t ;i HA sionof saiil Oourt, then to be hoosnat thj Prubate tíllice, iu thc City of Ann Arbor, in sai-i íírí())tiT. an'o Bnow cause, il un thero be, why the prayer of the peUtionor should lot be prahted . Andit is further Ordfred, that said petitioner jfív notlce to tho persona lateñsttf tesara estáte, ( the peudeney of said petiti', n, .u.i'l the bjearmff thereof by causlng a copy of this ótder to bp pnVlishdJ o tke Michigan Argut, n nftwsnftpér printed aad circuíitiníj in said Connty of Waslitehaw, thrce iU(tOll wn-kn previous to said tyj o,f hearinff. (A tcue copy. ' TIQMAS NIN'jp, Judgc of Probóte. A. TJ C T I O IST'I Auctiou Sale of BLOOöED CATTLE I IIORSE8, SHEEP & HOGS. The fluhscribcrs bcinabouc 10 lea ve. the ir Farm wïll sell at Public Auctioiiat their farm IN THE TOWN OF SCIO! 4 '_. miles west of Ano, Abor, on Wednesdny the 2th tajr uf Octobor, 18C2. Tbef"i]ló-in'üescribd propect: ITJLXl3.Lt333. CXttlO' ?: milch covr. all with Ofclf by the the tboaonghbrbd IJurliam bulï, 'Howfard,' two 2 year old liüifeis, four y cari qg heilera, four betfers calves, two teers, nll sircd by Ho"vnrd,' OXKX, Uao pair red working Oxen, 7 years old HORSES. Onp work horse 7 years old, one 4 vear old reare, sicd by hnporteQ ' Slone riovci "■ 'in fimi'W '.ftrx aVéy,' two 2 vo;irs old burse colts, lire] by 'Hark-nway.í SHEEI.- One. Hübdred Shcop 'in smalt m.- HOCS.- Á lot of Il' field :iU'l (irats-bred hgsr souie of tlifcin fijjc breoaers, aUo a íot of Household fürntpre. nd F ARM1NG UTENSUS too nnmerous to awnttoo. &ST ï5:!? to cummftnee at 10 o'clcck A. M. preciscly.- .Li.l:MS. - A loug credit will bo ptiven on all aiima ovei; i.'L'd by approvt'd uolu witii interest. Al] sumí uDiler $5 l'.i.-t. HA VIP M. FINI.KV. BYROJf GREKN. Auctioncer. HKN'BY H. PINLEY. UOMEK 1'. Fi.NLEY, Scln,Octobar2p(hilSg3. Jiow is tlie Time. I say, üow is the time to settle Accounts. IA1I ik'ternrneil for tho nox! i r-ki to brin 'tb'? UQitettlci) HOGOttnts ou nxy boobs to a As my HxütitM muet bo paid, aud all business men aro makiog slor( creditof :uid short SL-Uk-uit-ata, I au eomplled tti MIok suit. It you can't pny the money iïnn, jou iniii pau your note vvith interest on short timo, as I have t'odo. Nu ii:in is su poor tbut [iü caB't settle any ; i i ■. Durtxi; the neason, 1 nade t tinu' for p lynonu ■ ' Iho örst of Octobr, tliat time ii;is souo by, auil but luw havo respoink'ii. Kow, iu conclusión I sjiy 'to :ill 'i' i oquents ;it, tito ex pi rat ton of tlio above BMfll&ftd 4 nutst expeot a yialt frQni a proper oü .ill. M. KOÜERS. Aun Arbor.Octoberp, 1862, 2ni874.' Strayed or Stolen. F ROM the promises of Judge Ktngslcy, in Ihe lown of Piltsfibld, on Wejncsday, Oct. lst, 1S62, A S0RREL MARE, Fourycnre old, bad u white alr!ve in the faca Any pi rson giving inlormation wlicre snii ruare muy be fuund will cqnfci' t great fnvor on the uwncr, and be 'lihcraily rewardcd for tbe trotiblc. JuHN JOHNSOK. Ann Arbor, Oct. S, V ■ .'. 813W.Í rAUWü FOB S ALE, The aadi i ill, on i.'u yert time if .!■ b á 80 Acres of Land la Webster, i i "I I.. Boyden. TIk' fann i-i UU' of CUlttV&tioH, 1i;ls ;l rrutiO'l tíome.n foum? thdnivriftjr orchard, and is convenient t. 'itTuis giveu uu appliontion, D. HENNIKO. Aun Albor, Si pt. l:-i',i, lfu'J. 870n3 TT SN? JES E M P I 1Í E W A T E R FOR . ii (ir Pjrspepsi} poHf(lpaJim, Xcrrous Debility, Loss of Appetlte, Comraon CoKg, dlsi-a im of the Lung, Hatóacúe, raí Keverisb Bfateol tlio svstctn . s.l.l lv At.VNKD, 6TKRBIN3 í; WILS0N and EBERBACH t CO., Aan Arboi. l1-'.


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