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It wil! be recollected that on Jhe 5th of Dec. 1842 there was published in the Signa] rf Liberty an article respectin? Enos Dutton, of Albion,. in which certain unfavornble refleetions were made respecting him and his family, growing out of a difficulty respecting certain Liberiy tickets which were left in his house. The substance of what T published was communicated me by Messrs. Johnson, Child, and Taylor, residing in Albion. Since the publication referred to, an investí gation of the subject has been had, and it turn6 out that the representations mnde to me were in part false, and that Mr. Dutton was eensured beyond what he deserved. One of the gentlemen (Mr. Johnson) has sinee eonossed to Mr. D. and family tha he wos wrong inrepresenting to me the mat ter as he did. Therefore as it respeets the reflections un wittingly cast upon MY D's. family and house ihey being without foundation are most cheer fully retracted . G. BECKLEY. Ann Arbor, Feb. 184&. {17= The inteilligence from Mexico is o such a nature that it connot be entirely relie on. But the civil war Herrera an Santa Anna stitl coniinues. Tlie forcee o the lat ter are much reduccd, and bis cnptur is considered very probable. It issaid heha mtde orertures by way of negotiation, eithe in earnest or from motives of policy. Havin a large amount of wcalth England, it i thought thala liberal U6eof K will at all event sa ve his life. 05a There has been great abund anee of snow through New York and th New England States. In the vicinity o Boston the drifts ofsno-w were so grea that the running of the cars was tempo rarily stopped


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