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FARMER'S PliODUCE ! Bouglat and Sold. Thankful to old friends and custotners foi pasj; favors, I hope to merit a share of their patronage, by deaiing justly with alj. C. B. THOMPSON, (formerly with C. H. Millen & Co.) Arbor, Oot. 1, 1862. 872tf L am Bound for M. GÜITERMÁN CO'S ! Dispute the fact if yon can, It takes the TALLO 11 after all to givc appearance to the on ter man. If jou wish to appear well You must accordiugly Presi Well. Go to M. Guiterman h Co's,, There you will find things exactly SO. SONDHEIM always ready to tako your measure, GÜITERMAN wjll sell you Goods with great pleasure, At figures L0WEÍJ. than you will find in the State, Take heed - call eauly, else you are too LATE. The inducemenis are now greater than ever, Our Clerks you will find pbliging and cleveF. Wo will ehpw ycm good CLOTHING of our pwn oettino üp, Filling our Store from Botiom to top. STUDENTS especially will find it to THEIR ABVAKTAOE, For t takes but LIÏÏLE MONEY to replenish. 1500 0VERC3ATS of Cloth, Beaver, and Bear, Warranted for ahpot ever to wear. COATS of Cloth and (Jassimere of our OWil IMBORTATIOK, Forwarded through our New York relations. From England, Belgium, Germany and France, Suoh as you can stand up in. or wkar, at the dance. Ffints ! Pants ! ! Pauts ! ! ! Fancy OASSIMERES and DOESKIN of everv grade, Wo iall them from ONE DOLLAR up tP EIGIIT. VESTS, &C. fif every c]escrjptjqn, You will fin cl it so without fiction, Furnitíhing apparels From SHIRTS to TJMBRELLAS. This is all vye say noy, Therefor ve make our bow. Yours truly, ever 80, M. GÜITERMAN. & Co., 150 BUSHELS OF TIMOTHY SEEB For Sale lay BACII & PIEItöOIT. Ann ArbiirOctolior 1. Ig62. PIAKTOS. 1)ERS0N8 whowíghto buy a Piano of thebosi -llMl p . will be shown li')u they cansiïcj liiinilsoinc na o the purtliase f thi'y a'l.lrfss PMÜrn ,-,1rc Jot CokJ & Co PubliíbiTj' Agenta, Nw Yc-rk l'.O, 8tl tl


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