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The Blacks And Mulattoes

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A Wil ofportance, concernió the interests of thig clflBs, has just passed both branches of th Marylnnd Legislatnre. By the act of ïsSl chnp. S22, 2d eection, they were allowed tá leave the State lor an unlimited period ond return ngain, upon filing with theclerk of tht connty of their íesidence a bilí, 8tntin thV reasons of thpir deparlure, nnd their intcntion to return. The clause of the bilJ, making thin provisión was stncken out - whereby, under no circumstances, wil] they be allowed to otnrn tolhe State, ofter obsented tbemselves for thirty days.-Bultimorc Clipper. Cxth auy act of the Autocrat of Russia respncting any portion of his subjects, be cited thtrt is more unrcasonnble, crue), or barbarous? Under thiuact, a cilizen of Maryland, frea born, may be baniahed from his nalive Sute if he leave it even to attend the burial of a beloved wife or mother, and through sickrcs, or any olher fata)ity, he shonld be onable to return in SO days! What is the reason of this law? Because the proscribed man is black? No; because some black men in Marylond are hiwhly valued. But the man is a fiee black, and he may whisper in tbe car of the bondman some tales of freedom elsewherc which will render him no longer a trilling slave. Th SlaveholderB find all the free Wacks to bo dangerous to their interest, and in Maryland, they are legislating for their expulsión f rom the Stafe, by heaping occumulated oppresions upon thrm. To na this is convincing vidince that they feel the anti-slavery influnce whjch begins to roll in upon them.- ad all things coniinned as they were, thin dditional act of republican tyranny would lave been necessary.(t5 That veteran in the Anti-Slavery ause, William Goodell, has published ft arge pamphlet on the connection of the J. S. Constitution with Slavery. So wo re informed by our eastern exchanges: br we have had as yet no visible demontration of it. The work is highly spo en of. We learn from the Patriot that second edition of 10,000 is now in the ress. We trust that we shall be favord with a copy. ff?" The petition for the Annexation f Canada, first circulated in Detroit, was onsidered an admirable device fbr buresquing the reasons assigned for the admission of Texas. As such, it was well nough for those who chose to expresa ïeir views in that way. But the Detroit Advertiser now gravely insists that the cheme is to be regarded soberly, as a eal project, and not a tem pora ry antiexns argument. Wonder what they xpect to make out of it? ff8 The Jackson Gazette, in its noce of the late Anniversary, says that Mr. Birney took the ground that slaveïolding and allegiance to the code of hon r, as manifested by repeated duels, wera jroper disqualifications for office. Does ie Gazette agree or disagree to these )ösitions? Yea or nay? Qr The Michigan Christian HeraM, the aptist pn per at Detroit, is publishing the orrespondence bet ween Dr. Wyland and Dr Guller of South Carolina upon slavery. They re both able writeisand leading men in tbaff enomination, and the consideration of the" many great and prominent truths brought to icw in that discnssion cannot fail to be high y beneficial. We had thonght of publishing )r. Way'and's lellers, bnt their great length vould infringe too mnch upon that varietj ïat we deern necessary in our paper.(t5 Our eastern exchanges bring ac ounts of numerous fires. By one of hese the Tribune office was partially detroyed. The loss was partly covered"1 by insurance, and the publication of thflf aper was not suspended. We have received the first number of he "St. Joseph County Advertiser,'1 pob- ished weekiy at Centerville, by M. Metcalf and A. E. Massey at $1,50 a yearvt is Whig in its politics, and containr a arge amount of reading matter. (XT3 The Liberty ConveDtion. of Western Jennsy]vania hp)d a spiiited meeting at PUt burgh on the 22d. Tlie establishment of three more Liberty papers are contemplated, tö-beocated in the eoonties of Bèaver, Washington and Crawford. A resolution exprewinp not only undimiDished but increased confidenea n the abilities and integrity of the James G Birney unanimously adopted.ttAn Anti-Texas convention wa recently held in Faneuil Hall, Boston. A very laTg number of dèlegates was present frem all' fee tions of Massa chusetls. Tbe prooeeding and disciissions are represented as having been animated and spirited; : (L? The Ohio American of Feb. 13', publishes a letter from E.. Roberts dated Dec. 10, 1844, in which there ia tfci statement: "At a Whig Meeting, held. on the eva. before the Election, while Mr. Gidding was making a speech in this place, he in troduced and read the Garland letter, and said, "he had no doubta as to its genuineness, for he had recelved a letter, prom Mr. Howard, which substantiated it in his mind that iv could nou be a korgery." The Mr. Howard here referred to we learn from the American is Hom J. M1., Howard of Detroit. We have no conv mentstomake. We only mention thi as another evidence of the industry manifested by that celebrated traveller, Major Roorback, just before election. Ann Arbor, Feb. 21, M Davmg the last week, the weathr hasbee moderate for the season. The frot s parüally out of theground, and mud aboundt ev# ry whee. Tne markets are without altr' tion. Whcal selis from 72 to 75 cent


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