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SCHOFF "& Ml LI, EU l i RKSTII.l. ONlI.VNDill theifuldSíanil, No. 2, Franklin Block, writb the. moat complet e assortir.f-nl ol ■ Books and Stationery, PERFUMEUIES, FANCY GÜODS, WALL AND WINDOW PAPERS, S II A DES, KOLLEKSl CORDS, TASSELS, GIJr 00RN1CES, 0UKTA1N8, . IIOOKS AND PINS, I STEREOSCOPES & VIEWS &c. í í Ever oflered in this Market ! a V--V' would suggesl iuthosu ni nirsirt if anythingin I. SANTA CIA FS' UNE tliat they can secure a '' i Doublé Christmas Present ! X hv puroialng ffcom fchts'Mock,a .ich purchaser gt-tr an additiumii present ol Juwelr) ■ - o Rangtng invalue trom 50 ets. to $50. Cl O Tlipytrut tliat tiieirlnng experiO'ice in sflcctii-i; .f uil-t forthia markft nnd sti-ict JitiontM-n to the warfft Otutomersmaj entlUe ifbeni t a liberal liare , n 'atrmiage. v Aun Arbor, Dec. 5. 1SG0 777tf j 'hfc Cönfieoticufe IWutual Life Insuranco Company. ;s Vccumulated Capital, - J VIU.IN.SIRK UVES Coi any aniaani nol oxoeedïnp y $.'..".■ the whole Utmi ofLify or fur ;i term ot &n, (ui theroost favorable ternift. Ci X. lï The Oompanv li pun-ly mutual anl the pol ie y -a loldi-rs gat all thb surplus ovei;ict cost f Insurn nee It aocomodate tUe ínanred in tbe settlemenl i eir premiumn ÜS 1 POMCIBS if lcsirel, l.v laking Cl noteftirone half the umouat, bwnog Infórast at tix ier ceut, per nnnuin. s Dipidemh are Declared Annvaiiy! ld ,-ince tbf y now ftraount to kiktv per cent on the jirev ir;i sash and note, km4 nre incraabig they m;y be ' n plie . '.o cancel the noten. e 4è Tbo raten t pterntanM nnraslow as any bther relonsitle Conpanj andtbelnrge nccumulaUM fun"l of a J,5u0,000 ís st'curt'ly invested, aR mav le wen hy referq Ui tbe ft ftiemenl malèccortliilgtn law, dn tiie in leurtico ufthe County CIerK,at Ann Aibor.-gJd n JAMES GÜODWIK, l'rest. t: Güy K. riiwi.PíjÍH'cy. a FoTiiUottlippljto JAWEfl C. WATSOX, 7631 Agent at Ann Arbot, Mlch. M i J 5reat Reduction inthe Priceof e SINGKLI & COAS Standard Machines, i Well known to be the Best for jtfanujacturing Purpoe. No. 1, 8lundard Shuttle Machine," v nierly sold at 890, reiluouil to S70. No. 2. f samo kind of Maohint, for tnt-M-ly sold in 100, raduced to $75. J SINÜEU'S LETTER A MACH INE J ïs the beat Maotahw in tlie world for Family Sejrtog and l Lililí Mánufaeturing PurpOMftJ (tcitn Hernnerj and f bi'Hutifully urnamented tSO. - s The No. 1 auil ii Maclitof are of great capacity and g appiloatíOD fur minfiicturinp pnrpotéli. Öur No. 8 Machi nes art especU'.lly jidftpted toall ki.tds I 1 of Hglit and Ik-hv; Lt-ither Vork, ín ChirrUbce lriiuf ïning, BoM anrt Shoe Making Baraeaa Makiiiií.etc, etc. ■ i Tbey areof ex'ra stee, and nith n arm lonff BDougb to ■ cake under it and stitch tbe Largem slie duahea. Thero ' is ücarcely any part ol a Trimmers' Stltcbing tfaái caunot 4 bd bitter dme wilb them than by hand ; so, too. the 1 Baring of time arn) tabur i -y fv.i!. tíibleof s these mach nes is 21 mches Long, and the.shuttle will j hold six tiiuetli(; usual quantitv'ol thryad. Thelargu ui:ici.i.if wolks MfMtftfl sinall anfl8. i We woald ask for our J--itcr A Uaohioes, the 1 ciaLatteiition of 7eit Maken and Dtjbm Makers and all thoee who want Machino tor ltgltraniifaciuringpur. pose. They einbody the pridefples if the éfanüard maoblaea, making like tht-m theinteilckd alteh.and are destined to be asc?lebrnted for Famii.y Skwixo atd iigki manufact uring purpoaes as our standard macDlnenarofuT maliutaotartogpurpost in generui We have aïwaynon hand, hkmmim; OAVOKs.SILXTYIflT Ll.N'KN AND OlTTOX THKKAD, OW Kl'OO), ítKST MACIMNK OIL 111 bottles,etc.,eU. We manufacture our wn N'eedles.aiid wouM wnrn all i penionx u-siog our machines nottubny anyotbef. We ' know that there are needles sold of thé most inferior ' qualiiy at higher pricea than wechaot ï for tlie best. ' The needlefi sold by un are manufacture mprialV foi ur ma 1 in eí. A bad needie may raider tht btii machine almost ueeUs. tur cuslomer may rest a-sired tliatal. "ur Hninch OfllceM ai e tuniished with tbe ' genuino ucii ji " lo of nuil purohases, the ni'-uev inay be st-nt iu PUtfyV tunips or batik notes. Corresjjonamn will pleaae write thoir name distlnetly. It k all mp'rtant tint we shoaM, in eacn cast-, knnn tlu; lVsl Uflice, CimhiIv, aitd ttatfi, ií A.l persons roquiring informaiktn abimt ewing Machines thei" slee, pncefl. vrorkfng cBpacilies, and the best methodsof purebasing, canobtalD it by .sending to u8f uf ny oí our BpanchOtVicesfor acpy of I. M. Singer Et Co V Gazette, Whicb i a OA'uutiiul Plotorfal I'aper efltirely devotedto tht; subject- 2t vUl hesent gratis. We have made the ih.,ve RFDITCTION IN PRTí"8í wiih the two-fuld view oí bvnefltlug the publioasdoui sclves. The public have been iwiodledb} puriona machines made m imitatiou of ourf. T e metal in them, fnun the iion castiníí to tbe mallest peico, It Oi .poor qurtlity. Tlu-ir maken bave nol the meana lo do their wurk weil. They arehid awajr in secret piules, wheie it Duld be ImpÓUfbTÚ to have at their command t'ie proper mcchanical ajipliancos. It 1P oolj by doing a prt-at businesf-.iitid haring exteaam in-.ii'ifacturing Mtabllshments, that cood machitu-s .,iiii be made al moderatprices. The beti dwigned machines, BADLY MA1K, are always hable to got out ol' ordor, and aresitr.' lo cost imuble and moriev t kcepibcni in rt-paire The qualities to, be looked for m a Mach me are : c-rtainty of correct actinn at all t-ates ot ApeedTsimplicity of cnstructioQ, great diirabijtv, andrapidlly ui ope ratlon, with he h-ast labor. Mni'hines to cniline thftftf esspiitial qualftlea, must be Dadvof tl.e bent me .al ünd linili d to perfi ctton. We have the way and means, on M grand scuie, tn dn this. Th purcliasers of maebtnea, whoe-laily brPRd it m;:y concern, will find tha.1 ttuM' hftvÏDKthe iilutvciiuaiitie not only work -'M at npM au well n BlowrtMcl speed ,but last longer in li Onesi pntwlblfl vrorkhig order. Our machine, as made by us, will earn mnn mnney with leus labor fllHD ntiy othi-i s vrfaptlier m iiniialiiMi o nurs or not . In fact, they arecheVifeT tlinn miv nther machintsasagift. l. M. INCKK R 00., 458 üroadwav Nw York. Petroit Office, 58 Woodward Avenue, (Merrill BIocU.) 81 Hf M. II. GOOTïRICH, Agent, Aun Albor, BOOTS SHOES Ú Í$É& MOU'KE & LOOMIS Are now receiving a litrge asBortmcnt of Bcots and Shoc-B aud s, TJ B B E R s I Which tliey propose to sell 60 per cent btlowformer pricetfor cash. Men' good Kip Boots, frora $l,r0 to $3,00 Men's good Thiok Boots, frora 2 00 to 3,00 Men' good Calf Boot, from 8,50 to 3.75 Boy's Calf, Kip and Thick Boots, 88 to 1,T5 Ladie' Gaitcrs, from 44 to 125 Ladies' Moroceo Bootees, frora 75 to 1,25 Aüd au enlless varicty of Sir.-il Hhoes from Faney Biilinoraln to Infiinta' Crebping Shoos. We nlsoülniinfactnrlng all kld of WARRANTED BOOTS & SIIOES. Mens Fine French Calf Boots Pfgrged and Sewed. So c;ivc n A ohll befare purflhaslnp elswhoro. ns wt nre bounfl nol t.. nntanoM. iJltUl'AIIUXG dunk ON" SHuRT NOIICE.JB9T militie & loomis Main St., Ann Arbor, Hioh. 820tf Ana Arbor City Ine House for Sale Cheap. THE RubKCribor oiïerK for (tale bis Toe House, wtb Sta ble n he'l :tltnclifd, his Iwc!!iti Hous. huil ubout 2 ' cro of Innd hdjoniiny, tcgetUer witli Bonte, Vjiji4inn, Toolti, A:c ,ycT} ch;ip. Bula sn:ll proportiun rqurel díiwn and t! Salanee can rercaio on timo. 67OWS CLTilESI Xi. mOMl'ïO.V.


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